iPod, Revived

I am notoriously bad with small electronics.  Let’s look at my history of iPod ownership:

iPod One – Mysteriously died after 13 months of use

iPod Two – Left in a bar*

iPod Three – Swallowed by the sea during an unfortunate beach incident in the Dominican Republic.  Rescued but presumed dead.

iPod Four – Left unattended on the treadmill at the gym for approximately seven seconds.  Which is apparently enough time for someone to steal an iPod.

The infuriating loss of Four (which was all the more infuriating because it happened on my first day as a menber at that gym) happened just about two months ago.  This means that for the majority of my marathon training, I’ve been musicless.

I actually have sort of mixed feelings on the whole music-while-running thing.  On the treadmill?  Hell yes.  Anything to distract me from the urge to jump out the nearest window while running on that thing.  Ugh, treadmill = HATE.  But outside, there is something very appealing about listening to the sounds of the city, or the woods, or the river, or whatever is around.  About actually enjoying the experience of running instead of trying to distract myself from it.  About hearing my lungs and legs working with each footfall. 

All of that is amazing and wonderful until about mile 14.  Then I need some Britney to get through the rest of my run.

So after one horrible music-free 18-miler, I pulled out ol’ Three and stuck her in my purse.  The plan was to stop by an Apple store and bat my eyelashes until they made her work again.  Imagine my surprise when, seven months after her swim in the Caribbean, she fired right up!  Nice work, Apple.

The only problem now is that I desperately need to update my playlist before next week’s race.  Oh, and clean the sand out of the trackwheel.  Any suggestions for great running music would be most welcome!

Today’s EAT: Whipping up a lil’ pasta creation: no formal recipe, just tossing chicken-apple sausage, carmelized onions, granny smith apples and some yummy spices over fresh linguine.  It’s thunderstorming tonight, and a perfect night to stay in!

Today’s DRINK: *cough* twobuckchuck *cough* 

Today’s RUN: None – day off!  Did a 90-minute Vinyasa yoga class though.

*Other items I have lost at the bar include, but are not limited to: a laptop computer, running shoes, a cell phone, my car keys (thank goodness I wasn’t driving anyway!), an entire suitcase full of clothing….

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