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Non-resolution update

Well, it’s been almost a month since I made my new year’s non-resolution, a.k.a. bet with the hubs that will hopefully win both of us an amazing sushi dinner in April.

I am happy to report that I’ve lost…maybe 2-3 lbs?  Depending on what scale I use?  Not exactly a dramatic change, but honestly, I do feel like I’m getting in to better shape, and that’s encouraging.

Sure, I could tackle the project more aggressively, but at the end of the day, I’m pretty happy with where I am…at least, enough so that I’m not hugely motivated to take drastic measures, such as giving up wine with dinner (blasphemy!) and weekend splurges.

Not entirely sure how the hubs is doing.  He claims to have lost like 9 lbs.  I am skeptical.  Or perhaps just envious.

So we’ll keep doing what we’ve been doing…trying to eat healthier home-cooked meals and keeping a watchful eye on the alcohol calories.  I’m confident that we’ll both make our goals!

Today’s EAT: Had a lunch meeting at Crosby Connection in NoHo and was so excited to find this place.  Delicious sandwiches and free wifi!  I highly recommend the turkey sandwich with pear and brie.  It was delightful (and not too unhealthy…it was relatively heavy on the turkey with just a little of the creamy brie).

For dinner, I cooked a small hunk of wild salmon with a dijon mustard and brown sugar crust.  (I’m not sure who originally told me this simple preparation for salmon, but it’s delicious and so incredibly easy!)  Served with curried yam oven fries and a salad.  (No picture because I was a bit ravenous and tore into it before I even thought about the camera…)

Today’s DRINK: Mount Fishtail Marlborough Pinot Noir, 2008:

Once again, I was tempted by the clearance rack at the discount liquor store.  But instead of going for the bargain-basement $3 bottle, I picked up this $10 bottle, which was originally $19.  It’s pretty good for $10 and even wouldn’t be bad at $19!

Today’s RUN:  I didn’t get around to doing my run until 5 PM, and not wanting to brave the gym crowds I decided to hit the pavement rather than the treadmill, even though it is crazy windy and pretty cold here today.  In keeping somewhat with the interval workout I’d planned, I did a fartlek thing – 2 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy – along my normal 5-mile route.  The wind was gusting all around; one second I’d be fighting a 30 MPH headwind and practically standing still, and the next second a tailwind would push me into an unwitting sprint.  It was fun though, even with having to fight the winds and dodge icy spray coming off the river!

Craving bar food

As much as I like to think of myself as a wanna-be foodie, I have a very soft spot in my heart (and also, unfortunately, on my ass) for bar food.  Chicken fingers, french fries, buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks….if it is salty and/or cheesy and/or fried, and can be dipped in some sort of calorie-laden sauce, it is heaven to me.

This is sort of challenging when you’re trying to cook at home and eat healthy.  (Especially when you live within walking distance of about 300 bars.  All of which offer fantastic happy hour specials.  Believe me, every evening is a battle!)

So I am always on the hunt for ways to make reasonably-healthy knockoffs of bar food at home.  Tonight’s dinner did the trick:

Baked chicken strips, parmesan-garlic zucchini “fries” (recipes below).

Served, of course, with a big salad.  Since I’ve been trying to eat healthier, one trick I’ve used is making sure that half of my plate is loaded up with something green and leafy before I even think about putting the main course on it.

Today’s EAT:  My faux-bar-food feast: baked chicken strips prepared pretty much in line with this recipe for Baked Chicken Nuggets, except that I used thinly-sliced breast tenders and cut them as strips instead of chunks.

Served with Parmesan-Garlic Zucchini “Fries” that were inspired by this recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything (moved just a tad toward the less healthy side by adding some real cheese and frying them in a bit of olive oil before baking them).

Today’s DRINK: It’s a beer week around here, apparently.  Fits with the bar-food theme though!  The hubs and I sipped some Magic Hat #9 (which claims to be a “Not Quite Pale Ale”) with dinner tonight.  It’s a very tasty beer – pretty complex, moderately hoppy and little sweet.

Today’s RUN: An easy 7-ish miles, uptown on the Hudson River Park bike path.  Bleh, I kind of dislike going uptown on that path.  Downtown is so much better: you get parks, riverfront, nice sunsets over the Statue of Liberty.  Uptown you get the Chelsea Piers along with heliports, ferry ports, bus terminals and other such river-view-blocking structures.

Alas, though, I can only get about 6 miles in, round trip, if I head downtown, as things sort of peter out at Battery Park.  Going uptown I can go forever, but it doesn’t really get to be a nice place to run again until the mid-50s – which is about a 7-mile round trip from my apartment.  So that is what I did today.  My normal 5-6 mile downtown route is great, but I have a half-marathon in a few weeks and should probably get some more miles in, huh?

I suppose I shouldn’t complain and just be grateful that I live within a few blocks of a place that I can run uninterrupted by traffic for miles on end!

California Love

The hubs and I rolled in to our apartment at 3:30 AM this morning, off of a (delayed of course) flight from LAX and a whirlwind weekend in Southern California.

The main attraction was the wedding of a friend from college.  It was fabulous – we saw so many people we hadn’t seen in several years.  Somehow though, once the open bar got going, it was just like 2002 all over again.  Except with a much worse hangover the next morning!

Along the way we also got to hang out with this handsome little guy…

…also known at Jinx, my sister-in-law’s adorable and incredibly high-energy doxie.  And also spent a wonderful afternoon with this beautiful little girl….

…also known as Calla, whose precious little face might be the most expressive thing I’ve ever seen!  And of course she has her mom’s cheeks and big blue eyes. :)

Along with lots of friends and family time, no trip to the west coast would be complete without some excellent seafood.  Fortunately our trip coincided with the first day of Restaurant Week in LA, and we took advantage with an awesome dinner at The Lobster in Santa Monica.  (Not surprisingly, I had the lobster.)

We also managed to squeeze in a sushi lunch at a little strip-mall sushi joint called Irori Sushi that was near my sister-in-law’s apartment.  It was fan-freaking-tastic.  Sushi is just so much better in LA than NYC….it really is.  And all of the good places are always in random strip malls.  (I’m looking at you, Hamasaku.)

And of course we had to make a stop at the king of all California institutions: In-n-Out Burger.  Honestly, I don’t even go for the Animal Style (although I know many people love it…it’s pickle/relish content is a dealbreaker for me).  And it’s still by far the best fast food burger I’ve ever had.

Over the weekend, a lot of people asked me which city I liked better, having lived now in both: New York or LA.  As a city, I’ve gotta go with NYC.  There really is no place on earth like NYC.  Buuuut….LA definitely has the sunshine, the beautiful coastline, the awesome sushi joints in random strip malls and the best burger on the planet.  (Shake Shack, while delicious, is no In-n-Out.  Not even close.)

At the end of the day, it’s a close call.  I love NYC, but I’ll take a LA getaway in a heartbeat.

Today’s EAT: Well, as you can see we pretty much ate our way through the weekend.  Trying to be a little good this week.  For lunch I had a Chicken “Club” Sandwich from Energy Kitchen, whose shtick is that nothing on their menu is over 500 calories.  And for under 500 calories, I’d have to say this sammy is pretty darn tasty.

Then this evening, I pulled some frozen dumplings from Vanessa’s Dumplings out of the freezer, then boiled and seared ’em up for a quick and (relatively) healthy dinner.

These dumplings might be the best food value in all of NYC.  You can buy a bag of 50 frozen dumplings at the restaurant for like $8.  And they’re pretty hearty…6-8 is definitely a full meal.  And a delicious one too.

Today’s DRINK:  Sipping on a Blue Moon.  I am sure that true beer snobs chortle at the popularity of this beer, but I find it a great everyday drinking beer.  It’s nice and flavorful without being too heavy.

Today’s RUN: A somewhat-planned rest day.  I am absolutely beat – not getting to sleep until 4 AM does that to me, these days.  So even though I just had a rest day on Sunday, I made today my rest day for the week.  I’ll pay for it this weekend, I am sure, when I just want to be a lazy slob!


I admit, still pretty inept at many aspects of NYC life.  For instance, ordering groceries from FreshDirect.

Something about ordering meat and produce on the web is just weird to me.  Although everything I’ve ever gotten from there has been great, the process is challenging at times.

Like this week, when I unwittingly ended up with a giant tub of arugula.  Because, seriously?  I don’t know what 14.5 ounces of arugula looks like when I see it described on a website.  Be more specific please, FreshDirect.  Say something like, “enough arugula to feed a family of six for two weeks.”

So anyway…we’ve got some arugula to use up around these parts.  Especially since we’re going out of town this weekend.  I tried to do my part today at lunch, by whipping up a delicious sandwich with thinly sliced beef leftover from yesterday’s roast, sauteed onions, shaved parm, a little safflower mayo and lots and lots of arugula.  Served, of course, with a big arugula salad.

It’s a damn good thing I love arugula.

Today’s EAT: Taking a break from the roughage to meet up with some girlfriends at Sushi Samba tonight.  I was not kidding when I said I could eat sushi every day!

Today’s DRINK: I’m kind of hoping they have Kirin Light at this joint!  Alcohol is definitely the area that I struggle with most in terms of limiting my calorie intake.

Today’s RUN: An easy-peasy lunchtime run.  The sun was out and it felt so nice!   I didn’t do any specific route, just trotted leisurely around the many piers and paths of the Hudson River Park, burning time until I hit 35:00.  Probably did about 4 miles.  Everyone needs a nice easy jog once in a while.  And I definitely needed one today, being sore from lifting the last two days.

13 going on 30

It’s hard to lace up the ole running shoes and get out the door sometimes.  Especially recently, for me.  Since I work from home, I am frequently in my pajamas until an embarrassingly late hour of the afternoon.  As much as I know I should work out in the morning, when I get up…I don’t.  I almost always wait until the late afternoon.  And as the afternoon progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult to swap those PJ pants for running shorts.

However, I am also pretty easily bribed.  New shoes, a new shirt, a new route, new music….sometimes it’s just enough to get me off the couch, away from the computer, and out the door.

After my craptastic run on Monday, I was in definitely need of a little motivation.  So I decided to revamp iPod a bit and make a new running playlist – a mix of older songs I already had but hadn’t put on the workout rotation in a while, and some new songs.  I went on to iTunes, poked around, downloaded….and when I was done, I looked at my handiwork and came to a depressing conclusion:

I apparently have the musical taste of a teenager.

I mean, really?  I am almost 30 and downloading trashy singers who use “$ymbol$” in their name?  And Ludacris?  Shouldn’t he be in his 40s by now?

A bit cringe-worthy.  And to think that a couple of years ago, I had a certain amount of pride in my indie-heavy iPod.  Sigh.

But maybe it worked!  I had a fantastic run yesterday.  I went out and did my normal 5-mile route and felt great…and was shocked to see the time on my watch when I finished in 38 minutes and change!  I wasn’t even trying to run quick, and that’s quite a bit quicker than my normal pace.  Sometimes you just feel good, I guess!

Or maybe it was the Shakira.

Today’s EAT:  A great eating day all around.  I grabbed lunch out, at the Whole Foods sushi counter, after my shift at the rescue this morning.  A $10 salmon box with whole grain rice makes for a delicious and healthy lunch:

Mmmm….I could eat sushi every. Single. Day.

For dinner, I cooked up a Tri Tip Roast that I got from Trader Joe’s a while back.  The meat was just okay; I don’t cook steak or steak-like things all that often because it’s just not the same without a grill.  Oh, how I miss having a deck/yard and a grill.

I was, however, very pleased with how the Curried Yam Home Fries turned out (cubed yam tossed in olive oil with salt, garlic powder and curry powder and then baked until tender and golden – YUM).  And of course I served everything with a big salad with homemade vinegartte.

I’ve been doing so well with cooking at home lately, instead of going out or ordering in.  I’m quite proud of myself!

Today’s DRINK: Just sipping a nice red from the wine rack that we had open from yesterday….EB Foote Syrah.  A nice rich sipping wine for a weeknight when I just want to have one glass!

Today’s RUN: Lifting day today…upper body.  5 sets X 8-10 reps of bench, lat pull down, and shoulder press.  3 sets X 8-10 reps of lat raise, tricep press, bicep curl and low row.  Pushup ladder 10 down to 1 (made it through the 8 set with “real” pushups before I had to drop to my knees….)

Demanding beasts

Well, well, well.  Hungry, are we?

This is what I am confronted with pretty much any time I step in to the kitchen during the morning or evening hours.  They totally crack me  up with this mirror-image thing, which they do often.  Sitting or laying in the same exact position, down to the curl in the tail.

It’s a good thing I have these furry faces to come home to on a grumpy day.

Emmy's Blue Steel pose

Parker loooooves an unmade bed.

Today was a grumpy day indeed.  It was just full of fail at every turn.

After getting some work done this morning, I decided to take advantage of the continued heat wave – sunny and 50, again! – with a run in Central Park this afternoon.  For whatever reason, it was totally one of those bleh runs, and I ended up cutting it short.  I blame too many clothes.  I wanted to make a couple of stops on the way home, so I wore pants and a long sleeved tee.  If there is ONE thing that ruins a run for me, it’s being too hot.  Ugh.  I shoulda stuck with shorts and just toughed it out on the post-run errands.

Cut to the errands.  The apartment was grocery-barren, so I planned a Trader Joe’s trip after my run.  I’m not sure if I’ve blogged about this before, but TJ’s in Manhattan can be a stressful and time-consuming experience.  There is a whole team of TJ’s employees whose sole responsibility it is to direct people into the appropriate lines (which wrap around the whole store).  I’ve waited for up to 45 minutes in line.  As long as you expect it, it’s not so bad…and you can do half of your shopping while in line, if you plan it well.

Well today, there was a line outside the door, just to get in.  With a Hawaiian-shirted TJ’s bouncer at the front and everything.  The line was at least 100 people deep.

Umm…  I love TJ’s, but NO.

So home I headed, frustrated and grocery-less, having completed half of my intended workout.

Two minutes of cuddling with some cute kitty faces made it almost better, though.

Today’s EAT: Given my grocery situation, exacerbated by the lack of a dinner companion, I flip-flopped between ordering something in, or heating up a frozen pizza-thingy that had been in the freezer for a while.  I figured the pizza-thingy was probably a little healthier.  It was rich, but the crust was paper thin:

Ham, caramelized onions and gruyere cheese on a super thin pastry crust.  Delicious, and 600 calories for the whole thing.  (And duh, I ate the whole thing.)

Today’s DRINK: I’ve had a bottle of this year’s Georges Dubeouf Beaujolais Nouveau sitting around for a few weeks; I decided tonight was the night to try it.

I had never really heard of this wine or thought much of it’s role until my awesome wine-blogger friend Allison mentioned it a while back.  It is tasty and very different from other reds…it’s very, very fruity (because it’s so young, I guess) and just a tiny bit sweet.  You can get much more thorough explanation of what this wine is about over at Allison’s blog.  I’ll just say that it’s yummy.

Today’s RUN: I probably made it about 4 miles.  I had planned to do a 6-7 mile tempo run.  Ugh.  Oh well.  There’s always tomorrow.

Adventures in Queens

Living in Manhattan, your feet are your primary mode of transportation.  As a runner, I often kill two birds with one stone when I have an annoying errand to do by running the errand, literally, as my workout for the day.

And so yesterday, when I had a particularly annoying errand to do – a trip to our storage unit to retrieve a pair of crutches for the hubs and his mysteriously gimpy foot – I sucked it up and laced up my running shoes rather than wasting an hour on various subways or $25 on a cab.  Besides, it was a gorgeous day out – a great day for a 6-mile running adventure across the Queensboro Bridge and into Long Island City.

Heading crosstown and up 2nd Av was pretty uneventful.  I basked in the sun and chuckled at a handful of hardy East Village brunchers dining alfresco; 45 degrees in January is amazing, but I still think I’d be sitting inside!

After a bit of confusion over how to get on to the bridge, and a hop over a short fence, I crossed over the East River.  (And guess what – I could have even ridden the gondola, had I been so inclined!  Although I suppose that would have only taken me halfway across the river to Roosevelt Island.  I’m still confused by the gondola – is it a tourist thing, or do people who live on RI use it to commute?  So strange.)

Once I hit the streets of Long Island City in Queens I got all sorts of confuzzled.  Giant intersections with no pedestrian crossings.  Train tracks going every-which-way.  Streets with confusingly similar names (Queens Plaza versus Queens Blvd).  Um…Google Maps didn’t mention any of this!

Finally I ducked into a subway station to look at the map and figured out which way I needed to go.  Just as I got myself  headed in the correct direction, I looked over to see a dude popping a squat and…pooping?   Behind a car?  Really?!

Way to keep it classy, Queens.

Got to storage, snagged the crutches, and headed back out toward the 7 train.  I was hungry and anxious to get home, having wasted so much time getting lost and dodging covert crappers.  So I broke into a light jog for the half-mile trek to the subway station.

And then realized I must look like a total nutcase – running down the street carrying a pair of crutches.

So if you see me on pictureisunrelated….show me some compassion.  There was a guy crapping on the street, for the love of god.  I just wanted to get home.

Today’s EAT:  The hubs is out of town tonight*, and I was so very tempted to order delivery.  However, I was a good girl.  I scavenged in the freezer and managed to whip up a tasty little concoction: Sausage and Shallot Pasta with Browned Butter.

And yes, it was relatively healthy!  With whole wheat pasta and a pretty tiny amount of butter, given how I named it.  Looking forward to the leftovers tomorrow for lunch!

Today’s DRINK: It is actually really nice to have some alone time!  I’m relaxing with a glass of good red wine – E.B. Foote Northwest Duet:

Good red wine, football, and snuggling with my kitties.  A great Sunday, if you ask me!

Today’s RUN:  Continued my recent Sunday tradition of taking the day off running and going to a 90-minute yoga class instead.  Which was just as well, as it was raining and icky.  I actually don’t mind running in the rain, but it can be a little challenging in NYC – at least, in my neighborhood.  Dodging umbrellas while running is not fun.  Between that and the nasty puddles that form on the sidewalks – I mean, I see how many dogs pee and poo on them every day…

Not to mention the people who do.  HA.  Kidding….?

*Yes….he is traveling while on crutches.  His doctor told him to call the airport to request a wheelchair to get him on the plane – which I found quite amusing.  I am a terrible wife.

Running gear rave – Lululemon Key Cuff

How has no one thought of this before?

A tube of stretchy fabric with a pocket that you can put on your arm.  Genius!  No more messing with those stupid little pockets in my shorts (too small) or the zipper pocket on the back of my tights (keys bouncing on my ass?  No thanks!).

I can actually get my keys, iPod nano, Metrocard and a little cash into this small stretchy wonder.  Everything is totally secure, and there is no bouncing.  Seriously, genius.  And only $8!

However, making it OUT of the Lulu store without a pair of those amazing $100 pants is always a challenge!

Today’s EAT: Chicken, chicken, and more leftover chicken!  Lunch was open-faced chicken salad sandwiches with a green salad.  Dinner was chicken in tomato sauce over whole-wheat pasta, with some green beans and bell peppers on the side.  The good news?  We have officially finished the chicken, so tomorrow’s meals will be more interesting!

Today’s DRINK: Relaxing with a glass of Lindeman’s Chardonnay after dinner.

Today’s RUN: I am really enjoying the “heat wave” here: temps in the upper 30s, clear skies, no wind…that’s about as good as anyone could ask for in January!  Today I celebrated by heading to the track on the East River for some repeats: 12 X 400M with one minute recovery bouncing between 1:35 and 1:40 pace (6:20 to 6:40 pace).  Adding the two miles each way there and back, it’s a 7-mile day…not too shabby!  One of the reasons I love running on that track is that it forces me to cool down properly.  I’m easily swayed into a “well I jogged for a couple of minutes, that’s good enough” type of warm down, so it’s helpful that I am forced to run the two miles home.

WTF NYC Moment of the Week

Walking down 3 St in the East Village, 2:30PM.

I hear loud music that can only be described as….porny.  Approach the source of this music – an instrumental, cheesy-1970’s-R&B type of music.

It’s coming from a first floor apartment.  The window is open, only the security bars cover the frame.  Inside sits a creepy looking man.  The music is ear-splitting – it’s obviously being broadcast to the neighborhood.  His chair is pulled right up to the windowsill and he’s leaning on it, watching the passerby.  And a table is pulled up next to him, window-height, displaying about a dozen half-consumed bottles of liquor – stacked in an artful pyramid.

Was he selling the booze?  Unlikely, given that most of the bottles were partially emptied.  Selling shots? – playing bartender to the afternoon pedestrian crowd?  Or just showing off his….collection?

So bizarre.  NYC never fails to amaze me.

Today’s EAT: I had grand leftover-healthy-chicken plans for the evening, but I got home late and the hubs implored me to fetch McDonald’s.  Sigh.  Although, while I would never attempt to argue that Mickey D’s is healthy, my dinner of a cheeseburger (300 calories) and small fries (230 calories) isn’t as terrible as it could be, at least not calorie-wise.

Today’s DRINK: Found a great new wine bar today – Vintry Wine and Whiskey on Stone St in the Financial District.  I met a friend from undergrad there to catch up – hadn’t seen her in years, and it was awesome!  The bar was fantastic too – a little pricy, but a great wine selection and cool theme (they literally serve only wine and whiskey).

Today’s RUN: A semi-intentional day off.  I’m still a little sore from lifting on Monday (still – ugh) and had a pretty packed schedule today, so I figured it would be OK if I didn’t make it out to run or to the gym.  Tomorrow will be a double-up day though, with yoga in the morning and either running or lifting in the afternoon.

Plain old boring chicken?

Last week, I picked up a whole chicken from Trader Joe’s.  (Side note: LOVE Trader Joe’s.  It’s the only grocery store in Manhattan that doesn’t seem to be way more expensive than its suburban counterparts.  Definitely the cheapest place to pick up groceries in the city, if you can brave the 45-minute checkout line.)

Anyway.  I had a whole chicken to cook for dinner…and wanted to make it healthy.

My usual whole-roast-bird preparation involves a whole lot of butter (mmmmm….butter).  But, that is not healthy, and not in line with my non-resolution.  So I went looking on the internet for a some chicken cooking wisdom that didn’t involve sticks of butter or cups of olive oil.  I came up with this.  It seemed French, which is usually a good thing when it comes to cooking, so I decided to give it a shot.

Except rather than the 3-4 pound bird that the recipe suggested, mine was  a hefty 6-pounder.  Le poulet francais, American-style.

At first I was skeptical, as the recipe basically calls for pepper and coarse salt and that’s it.  As my bird was about to go into the oven, however, I gained some hope.  It had promise:

As you can see, I was not shy with the salt.  Not at all.  Perhaps to super-healthy-people I am trading one vice for another, but shush.  One step at a time for me, ok?

One hour and 20 minutes later, I had a beautiful looking bird.  I added a pinch of dried rosemary, basted a little of the juices over the top, let it sit under foil for quite a while – about 45 minutes* – then set it out to carve:

I have to say…for a recipe with zero added oil/fat, this chicken was AMAZING.  Juicy and so flavorful…I could not believe the only added ingredients were salt, pepper and a little rosemary.  Birdie was carved up and served with baby yams (which are adorable** – also from Trader Joe’s) and a salad.

A nice healthy dinner – number two this week.  I am on a roll!  And now we have enough chicken to last alllllll week.

*Confession: I am not actually patient enough to let my food sit for 45 minutes, although in the end I think it actually made the meat juicier!  We had a minor pilot light/carbon-monoxide-detector issue in the apartment here.  Everything is fine now, but I was a bit distracted trying to determine whether or not we were in fact going to drop dead from carbon monoxide poisoning.  It turns out, we were not.  Which was welcome news.

**The hubs insists that cuteness is not a criterion by which he assesses food.  I completely disagree.  With the exception of baby corn, which is super creepy, the baby version of anything is totally cute, and hence more appetizing than its “adult” version.

Today’s EAT: Chicken dinner aside, today’s lunch was also noteworthy.  The hubs was also working from home today (and completely cramping my style by hogging my couch space, I might add) so we ordered lunch in.  Sushi sounded good, and I insisted on ordering from Aja Sushi again, even though I just had it last Friday!  Their lunch specials are amazing though.  A three-roll combo and a sashimi platter for $11 each, and both came with miso soup and salad!  And it was more than enough food for the two of us.  Yum.

Today’s DRINK: We had a bottle of red open, so I had some with dinner. Purple Moon Merlot, from Trader Joe’s (of course), around $7 and pretty tasty.  I will say that it tasted better today than it did a couple of days ago when I first opened it…I guess it needs to breathe a bit.

Today’s RUN: Three cheers for milder weather and sunshine!  And for me having an awesome flexible work schedule which allows me to run during the day!

I did an easy 6 miles (~53:00) which was something of a recovery run, as my legs were pretty trashed from lifting yesterday (I did squats, deadlifts, lunges, ham curls and quad presses).  My hams were protesting vehemently the first couple of miles of the run.

It was so nice to run outside though.  There is something so great about being able to get out and get some sunshine on your face during the winter months, even if it’s just for an hour.  I am so lucky that  my schedule lets me do it.