WTF NYC Moment of the Week

Walking down 3 St in the East Village, 2:30PM.

I hear loud music that can only be described as….porny.  Approach the source of this music – an instrumental, cheesy-1970’s-R&B type of music.

It’s coming from a first floor apartment.  The window is open, only the security bars cover the frame.  Inside sits a creepy looking man.  The music is ear-splitting – it’s obviously being broadcast to the neighborhood.  His chair is pulled right up to the windowsill and he’s leaning on it, watching the passerby.  And a table is pulled up next to him, window-height, displaying about a dozen half-consumed bottles of liquor – stacked in an artful pyramid.

Was he selling the booze?  Unlikely, given that most of the bottles were partially emptied.  Selling shots? – playing bartender to the afternoon pedestrian crowd?  Or just showing off his….collection?

So bizarre.  NYC never fails to amaze me.

Today’s EAT: I had grand leftover-healthy-chicken plans for the evening, but I got home late and the hubs implored me to fetch McDonald’s.  Sigh.  Although, while I would never attempt to argue that Mickey D’s is healthy, my dinner of a cheeseburger (300 calories) and small fries (230 calories) isn’t as terrible as it could be, at least not calorie-wise.

Today’s DRINK: Found a great new wine bar today – Vintry Wine and Whiskey on Stone St in the Financial District.  I met a friend from undergrad there to catch up – hadn’t seen her in years, and it was awesome!  The bar was fantastic too – a little pricy, but a great wine selection and cool theme (they literally serve only wine and whiskey).

Today’s RUN: A semi-intentional day off.  I’m still a little sore from lifting on Monday (still – ugh) and had a pretty packed schedule today, so I figured it would be OK if I didn’t make it out to run or to the gym.  Tomorrow will be a double-up day though, with yoga in the morning and either running or lifting in the afternoon.

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  1. WTF NYC moment of the week made me laugh out loud. I miss living in Manhattan and these are the things that I miss. Only in NYC do you see such things.