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This is NOT a resolution

But….I am trying to eat a bit healthier in the new year.

This is one thing about having been a runner for the last 15+ years.  I have never really needed to worry about what was going into my mouth.  Within reason, if I want it, I eat it.  And I love food and love eating!

However, as the big 3-0 approaches, I fear that I may have less latitude with my free-wheeling culinary tendencies.  I have certainly put on a few pounds in the last couple of years.  And while I wish I could just hire a personal trainer to whip me back in to shape, it ain’t gonna happen at NYC rates.

So, the hubs and I have launched something of a joint contest/bet.  If we can both drop a few pounds by our third anniversary, April 29, 2010, and weigh in at our April 29, 2007 weight, we’ll treat ourselves to a ridiculous sushi dinner, omakase-style, at one of the insanely expensive sushi places in NYC – something on which we would never otherwise drop coin!

10 pounds – that’s what I need to lose.  In 13 weeks.  Totally do-able, right?  Well, you may underestimate how much I enjoy cooking with things like bacon and butter.  And drinking wine.  It’s only been one week, and already I have complained like 17 times about how un-fun it is to cook healthy and how much I’d rather be frying pancetta than baking chicken.

So if you have tasty, healthy recipes to get this calorie-loving aspiring foodie through the next three months, feel free to share!  Otherwise, I might drive myself crazy.  Or to the BBQ wings at the bar downstairs (DROOL).

Today’s EAT: I made a healthy dinner.  Really.  Turkey sausage in a sauce of tomato sauce, garlic and onions.  Over a bit of whole wheat pasta.  It was….good.  Not crispy-duck-good, but good.

Today’s DRINK: A nice E.B. Foote red.  While I will attempt to moderate, I will NOT give up my wine entirely. :)

Today’s RUN: No running…just a 90-minute Vinyasa yoga class at the gym.  It kind of kicked my butt.  90 minutes is a long time to spend in utter humiliation over your lack of flexibility.

It’s 10 PM and…

I am still in my pajamas.  Kind of pathetic?  Yes…although in my defense I did drag my butt out of bed at 6:30 this morning to run in the freaking freezing cold.  I got up, did the race, came home, showered, went straight for the PJs and bed and haven’t looked back since!

This was the NYRR Fred Lebow Classic – 5 miles.  Basically an abbreviated loop around Central Park.  It’s a good thing it wasn’t any longer than five miles, or I don’t think I would have made it out of bed!  I’ve been kind of under the weather the last couple of days and seriously the only thing that separated me from the covers this morning was telling myself that it was only five miles.

Like the race I did in December, I was kind of shocked at how many people were there.  I know NYC is a huge city and NYRR is a huge organization, but it still floors me when I see thousands of people show up in 15 degree weather at 8 AM on a Saturday to run a race!  Actually aside from being bone-chilling cold, it was a beautiful morning – crisp and clear.  I am NOT a morning person AT ALL, but I have to admit there is something wonderful about being up to see the sun rise on a clear morning.  (Not so wonderful that I’m willing to do it more than, say, once a month.  But still.)

All things considered, I’m happy with how I ran.  Feeling as crappy as I was, I really thought I might be literally jogging it, but after the first mile I managed to settle into a decent tempo pace and get a pretty good workout in.  Once again, crowding at the start was a major pain in the ass and the first mile of the race was a frustrating mess of trying to get around people.  I don’t know if this is just an inevitability of running races here – I guess the only thing I can really do about it is get faster so that I can get a better start position, huh? :)

Since it was a short race, I was home by 9:30 and showered, re-pajama’d and back in bed by 10.  The rest of my day has been a glorious hodgepodge of napping, reading, snuggling with the kitties and watching football.

Race Stats:
Race: Fred Lebow Classic 5M
: January 9, 2010
Conditions: Cold (15F), clear and sunny
Time: 39:03
Mile Pace: 7:48
Overall place (all): 772 /3,370
Overall place (females): 117/1,511
Age group place (F 25-29): 32/372

Today’s EAT: Hubs and I ordered a large pie from Joe’s Pizza for dinner.  Pizza and football go together so well!

Today’s DRINK: I’m sipping on a Heiniken Light, because beer and football also go together so well….but probably just one for me.  Still feeling kinda crappy.

Today’s RUN: Between the race and an extended cool-down jog, which was mostly me searching (unsuccessfully) for a place to buy a cup of hot tea for the subway ride home, I covered about 7 miles today.  Taking tomorrow off of running and going to yoga at my gym!

WTF NYC moment of the week

There’s a gondola in NYC?  Really??

Apparently so.

The other day, I had an errand to do: I needed to pick up my race number from NYRR HQ on the Upper East Side.  I also needed to go for a run so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone.  It was actually quite lovely; I got to see parts of the city that I hadn’t really paid attention to before (at least not on foot).  Crosstown to 1st Ave, uptown past the medical centers, the UN, and Trump Tower, and then west toward Central Park….

…and that is where I saw the gondola.  Honestly, nothing really surprises me in this city anymore, but if I had to name something that I thought I’d see on 60th St, “a gondola” wouldn’t have cracked the top thousand.

(This gondola – which apparently is called the Roosevelt Island Tram, but make no mistake, it’s a freakin’ gondola – apparently shuttles pedestrians across the Queensboro Bridge.  Kind of bizarre.)

Anyway, it was a lovely run.  Up to E 89th, pick up my stuff, then across the park to the C train back home.  Probably about 7-7.5 miles?  And it was great to get out and run in sunny, 35-degree weather before this whole cold/snowy thing hit last night.

Central Park was particularly lovely:

Taken with my brand new iPod!  It has a video function, so I snapped a short video then captured a still from it in Quicktime.  Just lovely.  This was looking south over the reservoir.

Today’s EAT: Lunch.  I woke up feeling kind of crappy and laid in bed all morning.  (This is a major benefit of working from home…my laptop moves to my bed if necessary!)  By lunchtime, I was starving and craving miso soup, so I poked around on seamlessweb for a sushi restaurant and found Aja Sushi.  Well, I couldn’t order JUST the soup, so I ended up with soup, two rolls, and a couple of pieces of sushi.  I have to say, it was pretty decent.  LOTS of fish in the rolls, and the pieces of sushi were very generously cut – so while it wasn’t the best sushi I’ve had ever, it was a great value.  Will order it again for sure.

Today’s DRINK: My throat was sore this morning, but not too sore for happy hour tonight!  I met some friends at The Library in the East Village, which is a total dive (my favorite) and has a fantastic happy hour.

Today’s RUN: Nada – tomorrow is race day.  Or, rather, drag-my-ass-out-of-bed-for-five-miles day.  Honestly, I don’t have huge expectations for my five-miler tomorrow, given that I’m semi-sick and it’s like 12 degrees outside.  But at least I’ll get out there and do it – better than nothing!

These long distances…

…I just can’t escape ’em.  Lottery results for the 2010 NYC Half Marathon came out tonight and I got in!

I’m excited!  It’s nice to have something “big” to train for.  Even though I don’t think 13.1 is my favorite or best distance, I’m sure it will be a great race, and I won’t have to modify my training all that much….just throw in a few 10-12 milers between now and March 21.

Today’s EAT: My attempt at a “healthy” dinner: a Butternut Squash, Chicken and Black Bean Baked Thing.  Actually, I guess this might be my first-ever “cassarole.”   Which, honestly, is a word that I associate with 1950s housewives and church potlucks.  But, really?  It was delicious and healthy!  Will definitely make it again, and refine the “recipe” a bit next time!

Today’s DRINK: I was planning to stick to water and tea tonight, but in the course of cleaning up the kitchen while the purported “cassarole” was baking I came across a half-consumed bottle of red wine from before we left for the holidays (two weeks ago).  I took a little sip to determine whether it was even worth keeping for cooking and such, and you know what?  It tasted great.  So I had a glass with dinner.  So much for dry weeknights!

Today’s RUN:  Easy five miles, my usual Hudson River route.  Didn’t take a watch, just enjoyed having the place to myself (it was cold tonight) and taking in the crisp air and lovely views. :)

I am an IDIOT.

Back in November, I booked a round trip ticket to come west for the holidays – returning on Monday, January 4.

Or so I thought.

As I went to check in for my flight this morning, I realized I had actually booked a flight for Wednesday, January 6.

Seriously?!  Who does that?  Apparently, me.  And, honestly, this is not the first time this has happened. (In my defense, until I quit my job last spring I was on a plane at least twice a week, so my chances of screwing up like that were pretty high based on sheer volume of transactions….but still.)

After a phone call to Continental, I got things straightened out and am, at least, on a Tuesday flight.  It’s a good thing I don’t have an office expecting my attendance, huh?  And an extra night in the hometown isn’t the worst thing in the world.  I took the opportunity to catch up on a bunch of work and emails and stuff that I would have had to do tomorrow anyhow.

At least I discovered my mistake before heading to the airport…thank you, online check in.  And was able to change my flight with no additional cost and minimal hassle….thank you, Continental Platinum status.

Here’s to 10 hours of travel tomorrow to get back east.  I guess I can’t complain too much…I deserve it.  I am a total idiot.

Today’s EAT: I made a modified version of these steak tacos for dinner.

Today’s DRINK: Just a glass of white wine.  I’m in detox mode after Christmas festivities and our NYE trip!

Today’s RUN: Made it out for 30 minutes in the afternoon drizzle.  I really don’t mind running in the rain, as long as it’s not a total downpour.  And the 50 degree temps were nice too.  Not particularly looking forward to returning to East coast snow and ice.

New Years Eve in numbers

The hubs and I just got back from a wild and wonderful week in Whistler BC.  Here are some fun stats:

SEVENTEEN friends crammed into the Westin Whistler.  Plus a few assorted family members of the group in the area.  Watch out, Whistler Village.

FORTY-NINE centimeters of new snow.  That’s like 20″!  Most of it fell on New Year’s Eve, which made for an amazing New Year’s Day, which was even more amazing considering that I actually made it out of bed and was on the gondola at 8:30 after staying out pretty late the night before.

FOUR ski days – two of them with fresh powder.  Incredible.

FIFTY pitchers consumed apres-ski.  That’s my best guess, anyway!  I figure 10-15 pitchers a day, over four days.  We logged some serious time at Black’s Pub!

THREE reasons to celebrate – other than the New Year, that is!  One engagement, one baby on the way, and one wedding anniversary.  What a great excuse for lots of bubbly and toasting – not like we really need one!  Congrats to all three couples!

ONE coat thief.  SO weird – this random chick who was trying to steal our jackets from the table we’d bought at the bar on NYE.  Needless to say, she was not so sly – we kept catching her.  Apparently we weren’t her only targets.  According to credible witnesses, she was spotted tottering around in the snow in her little mini-skirt later that night….only to be stopped by the police with a purse and jacket that weren’t hers!  Very strange.

TWO exhausted but happy New Yorkers, getting ready to leave the beautiful Pacific Northwest and head back to NYC tomorrow.

I’m so glad that we made such excellent friends during the hubs’ two years at business school.  It was SO good to see everyone – and can’t wait to do it again!!

Today’s EAT: Um….perhaps a salad with low-cal dressing?  This last week has been a whirlwind of amazing but not-so-healthy Canadian delicacies.  Check out some of the awesome places we ate.  But yeah…I need a little detox now!

Today’s DRINK: Tonight’s the last night of drinking the parental wine.  So sad.  Tomorrow it’s back to two-buck-chuck.  Boo.

Today’s RUN: Are you kidding me?  I can barely move after three straight days of skiing.  I’ll have to get back on the horse at some point this week though….I have a 5-mile race next weekend!