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Champagne and bacon

Thanks so much for the anniversary well wishes yesterday!

I swear, we had plans for a somewhat-classy evening.  But, well…

Here’s what happened.  We had planned to partake in some bubbly and appetizers at home, pre-dinner.  (This is a common tactic around here, both a strategy for lowering dinner costs and extending our evening out.  If you go to dinner totally starving and stone-cold-sober, you’re more likely to overindulge.  It’s pretty much the grown-up version of pre-gaming before a kegger.)

Anyway.  As the hubs walked in the door last night, I was casually preparing some tasteful goodies for us to munch: sliced pears and plums, goat cheese drizzled with honey and rosemary, crackers…classy, right?

Just as I was presenting my pretty plate of fruit and fromage, I hear the hubs rooting around in the fridge.  And then: “Hey, we have bacon!”

Um, well…yes, I picked up a small package of thick-cut bacon from the store last week, with a decadent weekend brunch in mind.

Hubs: “We should have bacon with our appetizers.”

Say what?  I love bacon as much as the next girl, but I hadn’t exactly envisioned munching on bacon strips as part of our classy h’ors d’oeuvres.

Before I could object, it was too late.  Hubs had the frying pan out and was cooking up a bacon feast.  But my favorite part about the whole thing?  Was when we got home from dinner to an apartment that absolutely reeked of bacon.  And sayeth the hubs:

“Wow.  That smells amazing.”

And it still smells like bacon in here!

(Also, in the spirit of plans going astray, I must sadly report that we did not eat at Minetta Tavern for dinner.  Two steps in the door of that place and we saw that it was an absolute tool factory.  Seriously, packed with dozens of douchy guys who looked like they were all on the same expense account.  Ugh.  So we wandered down to SoHo and had a lovely dinner at Shorty’s 32, which was probably better than the stupid Black Label Burger anyway.  Hrmph.)

Today’s EAT: That eating out budget?  Way blown this week.  Time for a Friday night dinner at home, which isn’t a bad thing.

A super simple – and healthy – pasta with shrimp.  So easy.  Boil whole wheat noodles.  Melt 1 TBSP butter and 1 TBSP olive oil in a pan.  Cook 1 TSP minced garlic and a few sundried tomatoes for a couple of minutes.  Add shrimp and cover until cooked through.  Drain pasta and toss into shrimp mixture along with dried basil and oregano.  Less than 20 minutes total!

Today’s DRINK: I am a cheap wine fiend.  But occasionally I get to drink non-cheap wine and I must admit that there is a difference.

This 2007 Lucky Star Zin comes courtesy of my mom and her husband, who awesomely sent us a little wine-anniversary gift pack!  So I have no idea about the price point of this, but I’m pretty darn sure it’s a step up from my usual $8 Trader Joe’s cheapies.  Thanks, mom and J!

Today’s RUN:  Confession: I have really struggled with getting quality workouts in this week.

I’m not sure if I’m just tired from last week’s spike in mileage (47 miles!) or mentally burned out or what.  But every time I’ve run, I’d had to drag myself out the door.  Today was no exception.

This week has also been a game of fitness tetris as I’ve tried to squeeze in two speed workouts, a long run, and an obstacle race on Sunday – the Tough Mudder, which is really sort of a mystery in terms of how taxing it will be.  I also missed last night’s CPTC tempo run, which this week was hellish hilly intervals.  (Although given that I’m going to be running ski runs on Sunday, I don’t feel too bad about that one.)
Anyway.  Needless too say, it’s not all gonna happen.  I set out to do a 10-mile progression run today, in an effort to combine a speed workout and a long run.  I ended up only doing less, feeling exhausted and just blah.  I did manage a semi-tempo pace though, finishing two loops of the bridle trail at Central Park (5 miles) in about 38:30.

Even if this week is a little disappointing overall – low miles, zero strength training – I’m a big believer in listening to your body.  And this week, my body was saying phooey.  Hopefully I’ll feel rested and ready to run long and hard again next week!

Today’s QUESTION: Bacon – delicious or disgusting? I have to admit that I love bacon and am constantly drawn to recipes that feature it.  And although I’ve tried to cut back since I’ve been cooking healthier, I do appreciate that in spite of its high fat content, bacon can add a ton of flavor to a dish with just a slice or two!

Three years ago…

I was hanging out on a beautiful Bahamian beach in a pretty white dress marrying an amazing guy.

And it looks like third time is the charm!  This is the first anniversary we’ll spend together –  in the same city on the actual day.  It has always fallen on a weekday, and until our move to NYC last summer I worked a consulting job that usually required me to be out of town during the week.

So tonight, we’ll be doing some of this to celebrate!

We were truly blessed to have such an amazing turnout at our destination wedding.  It’s a lot to ask of friends and family to travel to a foreign country and we were thrilled that so many of ours did!  I know people may have varying opinions on destination weddings, but it was absolutely the right call for us.  At the time, we were living in Ohio, while most of our friends were in California, and our families were in Washington and Illinois and…yeah, most of our guests were gonna be getting on a plane no matter what.  So we decided that if we were going to ask people to travel, we might as well pick a somewhere fun!

And really, who doesn’t love a good dip in the Caribbean?

Happy three years, babe!  Here’s to many more.

(All photos: Steph Carson Photography)

Today’s EAT: The culinary highlight of this special occasion?  Oddly enough, will be a hamburger.

I’ve been dying to try Minetta Tavern, which happens to be about half a block from our apartment, and home of Manhattan’s so-called best burger, the $26 Black Label Burger.

(Photo: SeriousEats)

We have been talking about going to this place since we moved in.  Muy excited.

(But what happened to our non-resolution anniversary wager?  Well, the good news is that the hubs and I both met our stated goals!  The bad news is that we are broke and can’t really afford a huge dinner splurge at the moment.  More on the shape-up in a forthcoming post!)

Today’s DRINK: Guess what’s chillin’ in the fridge, waiting to be cracked open when the hubs gets home:

It’s nothing special, just a Trader Joe’s cheapie.  I love any excuse to drink bubbles though!

Today’s RUN: Day off.  Yeah, another one.  I am just not feeling it today, so rest day it is.  I’ve got a full weekend planned with a long run and a race though, so I don’t feel terrible about it!

Today’s QUESTION: Destination weddings – yay or nay? Fun excuse for a vacation or selfish extravagance?  As I said, our wedding was perfect for us, and I don’t feel bad about it at all – but I have to wonder if we’d think twice about it today, with the economy down the tubes!

Holy roller

Knock on wood, I’ve spent most of my seventeen years as a runner injury free.  (And I’m knocking on wood vigorously – I know how lucky I’ve been!)

Still…an ounce of prevention, right?  When I started to notice some tightness in my IT band after the NYC Half a couple of months ago, I invested in one of these:

The foam roller.  I’d heard about them, but never used one.  Until recently.

Admittedly, I felt a bit silly paying $20 for a large chunk of foam and even sillier hauling it on the subway.  But since I’ve been rolling my legs religiously, twice a day, for the last three weeks?  No more tightness in the leg!  I’ve even come to enjoy the sensation – yes, it’s painful, but in a pleasurable way.  Like a really hard massage.

Bonus?  My cat likes to chew on it.  (Okay, kind of weird – but she seems to enjoy it.)

Today’s EAT: My dinner tonight was of the find-food-and-inhale-it variety, so I’ll share my rockin’ lunch instead:

Ever since Katie posted this salmon wrap a couple of weeks ago, I’ve had a hankerin’ for some smoked salmon.  So today I lunched on a smoked salmon sandwich with cream cheese and pea shoots.  Along with a salad and some salt ‘n vinegar chips.  So simple and tasty!

Today’s DRINK: I always crave beer after a hard workout.  During a marathon once in Arizona, I saw the hubs spectating and instructed him to go buy beer and bring it to the finish line.  (He did – but had to wait at a gas station until such an hour when they could legally sell it.  Kind of funny.)

Anyway.  I enjoyed a refreshing Sierra Nevada Summer Ale after track practice tonight:

It was delicious, although not much different from regular ol’ Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  But I like SNPA, so it’s all good!

Today’s RUN: CPTC track night!  I am really enjoying these workouts.  Tonight was 3 X 1 mile at 5K pace with 400M recovery.  I hit 6:50, then 6:47, then 6:41.  It was kind of a brutal day for a track workout, with constantly gusting wind and chilly temps.  But I’m happy with that pace, and even happier that I did NOT do what I always go – namely, go out way too fast then then burn out.  Hooray for (re)learning to pace myself.  With warm up and warm down, about 8 miles total.

In other running news, I updated my races page with a couple of new events!

First up, I’m doing the Tough Mudder 7M in Allentown, PA on Sunday.  This is definitely not your typical race – it’s more of an obstacle course complete with muddy swamps, log hauls, high dives and fire.  I’m really looking forward to it!  If nothing else, the pictures will be memorable, I’m sure!

The following Sunday, I’ll do an NYRR 4-miler in Central Park.  Can’t think of a better way to celebrate Mothers Day!

Today’s QUESTION: How do you roll? Are you addicted to the mighty foam cylinder too?

Single girl + big-ass salad

Home alone.  Ahhh.  I love the hubs, but playing bachelorette is kind of nice sometimes.

And let me tell you, it’s a party up in here.  The excitement du jour?  Eating a salad for dinner.

Seriously, I could eat a big-ass salad for dinner every single night.  And while the hubs likes them okay, he doesn’t share my salad passion.  Personally, I just don’t think he appreciates the deliciousness that a big-ass salad can be.  A full plate of greens topped with all sorts of goodies?  Hell yes, please.

So while he is away on a work trip?  I shall eat salad.  And drink wine.  While talking to my cats.

(Um, yeah….it’s a good thing I’m not actually single, right?  Because that might be pretty crazy-cat-lady?)

Today’s EAT: Big-ass salad components: baby spinach, spring mix, pea shoots, sliced plum, goat cheese, chicken, candied pecans.  Topped with homemade balsamic.  Perfection on a salad plate.

A big-ass salad is really fun to make, and totally healthy too.  I always make sure my big-ass salads include at least one of each:

  • A salty.  In this case, goat cheese.  Also good: salty nuts, bacon bits, crushed tortilla chips, edamame.
  • A meat.  Or a substantial protein at least.  This is what gives your salad its substance and makes it a meal instead of a side dish.  I prefer roasted beast (grilled chicken or thinly sliced steak) but shrimp, tofu, tempeh, beans, etc work well too.
  • A sweet.  I love fresh fruit on my salad!  Pretty much any fruit works.  Diced apple and balsamic-marinated strawberries are a couple of my favorites.  And fresh berries of any kind in the summer.  Yum.
  • A treat.  For me tonight, this was the candied pecans.  Your treat can be whatever you want – something candy-ish like sugared nuts, something savory like crispy bacon, even something ridiculous like crumbled potato chips.  With any of these things, a small sprinkling adds a ton of fun and flavor.  And since you’re eating a salad loaded with greens, fruits, veggies and lean protein for a meal, you can indulge a bit on one of the toppings!

A couple of other tips:

  • Dress lightly.  Sure, you can pour ranch all over your big-ass salad if you want to.  I love ranch.  But that kind of defeats the purpose of having a light and healthy dinner.  Stick to tangy vinegar-based dressings which pack a lot of flavor punch with just a drizzle.
  • Think dark green. Skip the iceberg and romaine and go for something super duper green.  Baby spinach, arugula, spring lettuce mixes…the greener the greens, the more good stuff they’ve got in them.  And herby greens give such a nice spicy flavor to a big-ass salad.
  • Heat your meat.  There is nothing worse than icky-looking, pale-white, cold-ass chicken.  I cook mine over relatively high heat so that it gets a nice golden-brown sear on the outside and serve it warm.  This goes for tofu too!  Somehow a salad with warm meat feels more like a real meal to me.

Big-ass salad, I love you.  You are such a satisfying dinner.  We shall meet again, the next time the hubs goes out of town!

Today’s DRINK:  I have a new career idea.  I am going to be the person on whom wine distributors test clever packaging, to see if consumers will be suckered in to buying the bottle based on aww-factor alone.

This Jam Jar “Sweet Shiraz” was in my shopping cart today within seconds of spotting its cuteness on the shelf.  Seriously, I didn’t even look at what kind of wine it was.  Kitchy name? Check.  Adorable label and bottle, complete with Smuckers-esque checkered top? Check.  Appealing type of wine? Umm, what?

I probably would never buy something called “Sweet Shiraz” if it weren’t for the clever name and packaging.  Well played, Jam Jar people.

I’m sipping it after dinner, though, and it’s surprisingly enjoyable!  Yes, it’s rather sweet and…well, jammy, in the most literal sense.  It’s good, though!  This would be an excellent choice for introducing someone who is not a red wine drinker to red wine.    Or a good choice for a dessert red, when you don’t want to go as heavy as a Port.

Today’s RUN: I knew I was taking today off of running, but had sort of planned to go to Pilates or Spinning or something at the gym.  But…it was raining.  So it became a day totally off. :)

Today’s QUESTION: What do you put on your big-ass salad?

Rampin’ up

I love cooking with random ingredients that I’ve never heard of.  When I saw these ramps at the Greenmarket last week, and chatted a bit with the woman selling them, I was immediately intrigued:

Also known as wild leeks, they have a garlicky, oniony, scalliony flavor and are apparently in season in early spring.  You can use the bulbous white part as you would onion or garlic, and the leafy green parts are edible too – milder than the green part of a scallion, they have a delicious herby flavor that would be awesome tossed into a salad.

I minced everything up, mixed with a bit of olive oil, and brushed over some thick cut potatoes: Ramp Oven Fries.

They turned out delightful!

So excited to see what else turns up at the market over the next couple of months.  Playing with obscure foods is so much fun!

Today’s EAT: Shiitake Buffalo Burgers with Ramp Oven Fries:

This dinner was SO good!  The burgers were simple – Trader Joe’s Buffalo Burger patties, cooked in a pan with a little melted sharp cheddar and some sauteed Shiitake mushrooms.  I saved some of the leafy ramp greens and tossed them on there as well – they added a deliciously oniony flavor to the burgers!

As for the fries: the flavor of the ramps really came through and they were delicious!  Definitely a huge flavor upgrade from plain potatoes and salt.

Today’s DRINK: Puttin’ the ass in classy:

Sometimes ya just want a cold beer, nothing fancy. :)

Today’s RUN:  An easy 15 miles all the way up the Hudson to the 119th st tennis courts.  And back.  Finished just under 2:15, a hair under 9:00 pace.  I say “easy” – but really, 15 miles is never easy.  The pace was easy, but getting through that amount of distance is always tough on my body.

Why the distance?  I really want to run better in my half marathon next month than I did in my last half.  And I think that includes pushing the distance as well as the pace (not at the same time obviously).  Truthfully, I’ve never really trained to race a half.  It’s always been just adding in a couple of 10+mile runs and calling that good enough.  So when my CPTC coach recommended a 16-miler for us this weekend, I decided to take heed and put in an extra-long run.

Hopefully it will pay off next month! :)

Today’s QUESTIONEver had ramps?  What did you think?  What other random ingredients have you discovered?

Feline Friday

Sorry for another kitty post.  I just think it’s too cute when they hang out together!

Emmy (left) is older (age 7) and was an only cat for her entire life, until we adopted Parker (right, age 4 or 5) last fall.  Watching two adult cats – one of whom has always been the only baby, and one of whom is a rescue from the streets – become buddies has been so much fun!  I don’t think they’ll ever be a cats who snuggle and groom one another, but they get along fantastically and it’s adorable when they chill together.

Today’s EAT:  A couple of friends were having dinner at The Redhead in the East Village, and I went to meet then for a drink even though I’d already blown my eating-out budget for the week.  This may have been a mistake.  The food looked fantastic.  Okay…and it tasted fantastic, too.  I may have sampled a bit even though I was only out for drinks.  Definitely worth another visit!

I came home to Vietnamese food that the hubs had ordered, though, so that was great too!  I had my favorite-food-ever summer rolls for dinner, along with some noodles.  Delish.

Today’s DRINK:  Friday means fancy cocktails!

Why, yes, I will make any excuse to combine fruit and vodka.  I proclaimed this a pineapple martini, and it was delicious: 3 large chunks of fresh pineapple, diced, and shaken with chilled vodka.  Poured into a sugar-rimmed glass, topped with a bit of club soda and a maraschino cherry.  (Okay, two cherries.)  The best part was eating the fruit after the booze was gone. :)

Today’s RUN:  Easy five miles on the Hudson (42:45).  Also: an hour of Vinyasa yoga.  And: upper body lifting.

  • 3 X 10 bench press with 70 lb bar
  • 3 X 10 shoulder press with 15 lb dumbbells
  • 3 X 10 assisted pull-up with 58 lbs assist
  • 3 X 10 assisted dip with 46 lbs assist
  • 3 X 10 lat pull-down with 6 plates
  • 3 X low row with 5 plates
  • Push up ladder, 10 down to 1

Um, I spent entirely too much time working out today.

Today’s QUESTION: What’s your favorite way to unwind on a Friday night? Tonight was pretty much my ideal evening: a relaxing run; some happy hour action early; a fun homemade cocktail; and relaxing on the couch!  I love going out, but the older I get, the less I feel the pull of the bar after dark!


After my tempo run tonight, I was totally parched.  I stopped at a street vendor and bought a Gatorade, then hopped onto the subway.  Where, literally as I was pounding sugary orange goodness, I noticed this lovely ad:

Um.  Oops.

Now, I don’t really see a problem with the use of a drink like Gatorade in my specific circumstance – I’d just run over ten miles and several of them pretty hard – but it gave me pause.  I’ve mentioned before my general dislike of plain water, and I usually opt for something flavored when I pick up a post-run thirst quencher.  But maybe I shouldn’t be?

I’m not a calorie counter, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that I generally drink some of my daily caloric needs.  *Points to title of blog.* I’m totally okay with this, as I’m not really trying to lose weight, and I enjoy a daily indulgence.  But good lord, if I’m going to go home and suck down two beers after dinner, maybe I really don’t need that Gatorade too.

Sigh.  Thank you, NYC subway ad, for ruining my Gatorade.  Well played.

Today’s EAT:  The hubs was pulling this awesomeness out of the oven as I walked in the door tonight:

A plain Amy’s cheese pizza, all gussied up with with pears and caramelized onions.  Nice work, hubs!  Thursdays are usually pretty random dinner nights around here, so I was very pleasantly surprised to munch on this pizza instead of foraging in the fridge.

Today’s DRINK:  I swear, I am not normally a drinker of girly beer.  But this Blue Point Blueberry Ale sounded so refreshing and summery, I could not resist!

It is delicious.  Not sweet at all like some froo-froo-fruity ales I’ve tried: it just has a slight hint of fresh blueberry flavor.  This will definitely be in my summer drinking rotation.

Today’s RUN:  CPTC tempo night!  We did 2 X 3 miles at half-marathon pace, with a mile recovery between.  I felt pretty good tonight and while it was a challenging workout, it wasn’t nearly as vomit-inducing as I feared it might be.  I hit the first 3 miles in 22:50 and the second just a few seconds slower, keeping a mile pace of about 7:35.  With the two recovery miles and a mile each warm up and cool down, I did 10 total tonight.

Today’s QUESTION: Gatorade, Vitamin Water, etc – do you drink it?

April playlist – old school

A decade.  That’s, like, a pretty big chunk of time.  Nearly one third of my life.

And yet, it seems like yesterday!

I admit, I’m a bit disillusioned with the latest in pop-crap-hop.  (Call me Mr. Flintstone, I can make your bed rock? Really?) So I looked to earlier times for this month’s tunes.  Circa 2000:

I had SO much fun putting this together.  It was like being back on the lawn in North Quad, drinking wine from a box and soaking up the sunshine!

Ten years ago, I was:

…halfway through my sophomore year of college.  I’d just changed majors from biology to something totally different and entered the Politics, Philosophy and Economics program.  (Great decision.)

…in the midst of my second season of college track – although my interest was waning.  I’d go on to finish out my college running career, but never with as much focus or drive as I’d had before.  As it turns out, having a normal college life outside of running was important to me too.  (Also a great decision.)

…a year and a half into a relationship with the guy now known as the hubs.  (Great decision?  Of course!)

…contemplating a marathon.  I would run my first one that fall, with no more training than a couple of two-hour runs, and cross the line in 3:42.  I’ve run one per year ever since.  And I’ve yet to beat that 3:42.

…logging lots of hours at the campus pool, basking in the sunshine, while “studying” and rocking out to awesome music, as demonstrated above.  (Yep, campus pool.  Resort style pool, complete with chaise lounges and a snack bar.  Be jealous.)

Ah, memory lane.  Such a fun place to take a stroll.  I can’t wait to relive the glory days every time I pop in my earbuds.

Today’s EAT:  I am so stuffed with chips and guac right now that I can barely move!  The hubs and I met up with some friends for dinner at Dos Caminos.  It was a tasty splurge!  I have zero self control when it comes to salty, freshly-made tortilla chips.

Today’s DRINK: A delicious margarita followed by a Corona!

Today’s RUN: Day off!  And very much needed – I’ve run the last eight days in a row.

Today’s QUESTION: Rewind ten years – what were you doing a decade ago?

Crummy bedmate

Do you share your home with someone who occasionally does little things that just drive you nuts??

I love my hubs, but I will admit: sometimes we do not share the same views on cleanliness.  Today I came home to find the bed covered in a layer of Frito crumbs – on my side!  Topped off with a pair of dirty socks that were very nearly touching my pillow.  Um, gross.  Put your nasty sweaty socks on your own pillow!

And I won’t even mention the collection of cups that infests his nightstand on a daily basis (seriously?  how does one person use like five glasses in a day?) or his uncanny ability to pitch used clothing just about everywhere besides the hamper.

It’s a good thing he’s got so many other redeeming qualities.

Boys.  So gross sometimes.

Today’s EAT: Tonight’s dinner was an experiment in meal planning – and a successful one!  The menu was simple: flank steak, roasted sweet potatoes, salad:

Tonight was the first CPTC outdoor track workout of the year, and I knew I’d be out during the time I’d normally cook dinner.  So I prepared ahead: this afternoon, I stuck the steak in a marinade (just red wine, balsamic, garlic and red pepper flakes) and put it in the fridge.  Peeled and cut up the sweet potatoes, tossed them with olive oil, paprika and garlic powder, and put them in the fridge too.  When I got home, dinner was as simple as throwing everything in the oven!

(Actually, I instructed the hubs to throw it in the oven.  So I guess technically he made dinner.  See, he is good for something besides snacking on the bed!) :)

Today’s DRINK: After a delicious beer in the shower, I tucked into a glass of the wine I’d opened earlier for the steak marinade:

This Four Vines Zin was ridiculously cheap – I want to say it was like $5 or $6 at TJ’s – and totally drinkable.  I wouldn’t rank it among my favorite wines ever, but as an inexpensive cooking wine that’s drinkable too, it’s totally passable.

Today’s RUN:  Track repeats tonight – yay!  So much fun.  (Although honestly I’m spoiled with these evening team workouts; I am sure that if I had to run these workouts at the crack of dawn like some people, I’d be singing a different tune.)

Anyway.  Tonight’s set was simple and elegant: 4 X 1200m at 5K pace with 400m recovery.  My splits were 4:59, 4:52, 4:47 and 4:56.  I was happy with the consistency, and my pace was pretty spot on: right around 6:30 to 6:40.  A touch faster than my 5K pace from last week, but I felt great and wasn’t struggling to hit them, so I went with it.

And can I just say how much I love having a club to run with?  I’ve been doing speed workouts here and there on my own, but it’s so much more fun to run with other people during track workouts.

Total for today, including warm up and cool down: about 8 miles.

Today’s QUESTION: Do you have a spouse/significant other/roommate whose antics drive you crazy sometimes? In a loving way, of course.  I wouldn’t trade my hubs for the world – quirks and all!  But I wonder what goes on in his head sometimes!

Veggie truce

Hello, my nemesis.

Confession: cooked veggies have never been my thing.  Just ask my parents – I think they gave up on me after a couple of pivotal dinner-table standoffs.  It’s kind of weird: I’ve always loved salads.  I’d tolerate, if drenched in ranch dressing, raw crudites.  But cooked veggies were either surreptitiously avoided or pushed to the side of my plate.

In the last few years I’ve come a long way in getting over my hatred of veggies.  I conquered green beans by learning how to sear them in browned butter; now they are one of my favorite side dishes.  Cooked carrots, which used to make me retch, are now delectable when glazed in maple syrup.  Asparagus – well, I’m working on that one.

Broccoli, though?  Ick.

However.  Millions of people eat broccoli every day and enjoy it, so I will persevere.  In this war against veggies, conquering broccoli would be a key victory for me.

So when I saw this recipe for Thai Chicken and Mango Stir Fry from Eating Well, I fought my immediate urge to replace the broccoli with something else.  You’re going to eat the broccoli and you’re going to enjoy it, I scolded myself.

It’s hard to hate on a dish that looks so colorful and delicious:

Honestly?  There was so much awesomeness going on here that I barely even noticed the broccoli!  I won’t go as far as to say that I liked it, but it wasn’t objectionable.  I didn’t pick around it or avoid it.  I didn’t grimace when I ate it.

This is huge for me.

One more step in the journey toward being a grown up who eats her veggies.  I’ve come a long way from the days of childhood clean-plate showdowns.

Today’s EAT: Obviously I’m a fan of this Thai Chicken and Mango Stir Fry!  I absolutely love cooking with Thai flavors: salty fish sauce, sour lime and spicy chillies go so well together and pack a massive flavor punch:

I just made a couple of minor mods:

  • Added chopped red bell pepper
  • Used dried basil instead of fresh; skipped the mint and cilantro (although if I’d had all of these herbs fresh, I would have definitely used them!  I just didn’t have them on hand)
  • Served over whole grain rice instead of noodles

The hubs and I both inhaled this.  The bold flavor was so satisfying!  I love eating dishes like this fresh out of the pan, too, capturing the heat of the temperature as well as the chillies.   It reminds me of eating street food in Thailand.

Today’s DRINK: Garbage disposal night!  There were a couple of random wine bottles open with just a splash left in the bottom, so I am doing cleanup duty.  It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it. :)

Today’s RUN: Easy 5 miles, my usual Hudson river route.  41:45.  Resting up for CTPC track night tomorrow night!  Is it bizarre that I am so stoked for this?  I love track workouts.

Today’s QUESTIONDo you have a veggie nemesis?  Or any food nemesis?  Something that you know you should like but just have a hard time with? I battle with broccoli, cauliflower, cooked spinach and peas.