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Bed hog

It’s late, so I’m gonna keep this short and leave you with a little something to ponder:

The hubs hit the sack before me last night and this is what I was confronted with when I came to bed.  What am I supposed to do with that?  How does one person possibly need the entire width of a queen-sized bed and four pillows to himself?

His (very sweet) explanation: that I am normally there, on the window side.  So he was attempting to cuddle with absent-me.  Aww.

Still, I had no place to sleep and had to fling him around in order to carve out a space for myself!  It doesn’t help that it’s been sweltering here, and in spite of our window unit’s best efforts, sleeping is a sweaty event.  I’m not so much of a cuddler in the summer.

Also, not pictured: 30 pounds of furry cat.  Hot, furry cat.  Somehow their snuggling efforts do not wane in the heat.

We definitely need a bigger bed!

Today’s EAT: A quintessential summer feast!

BBQ ribs, green beans, corn and watermelon.  It was my first time cooking BBQ ribs!

And there was just one complication: we don’t have a barbecue.

For “oven ribs,” I thought these turned out amazingly well!  I followed this recipe for the most part, but instead of their ketchup-based sauce, I used this sauce recipe.

BBQ sauce is actually incredibly easy to make.  Certainly no more difficult than marinara.  I love making homemade sauces instead of cracking open a jar!

And as a bonus: this dinner came almost entirely from local farms, via the amazing Union Square Greenmarket: local pork, beans, melon and corn.  So excited that fresh corn is starting to come in to season here!

Today’s DRINK: I kinda wanted to open a bottle of wine so I’d have something interesting to write about here, but with BBQ?  You’ve gotta go with beer.  So I had a bottle of the same stuff I blogged yesterday.  Highly refreshing.

Today’s RUN: I can honestly say that I enjoyed every step of my run today.  Wow.

Somehow the weather went from humid and miserable to sunny and dry overnight.  When I headed out for my run in the late-afternoon today, it was a very pleasant and sunny 70-something degrees.  With low humidity.  Yes.  This is how summer should be!

I logged an easy 6 miles along the Hudson greenway in a little under 51:00, 8:20-something pace.  Such a pleasure!

Post-run, I ended up at my gym and hit up a 90-minute Vinyasa class.  It’s a lot to bite off in one workout, I know – almost 2.5 hours of exercise.  But as usual I felt awesome after yoga, even if I was rather exhausted!

Today’s QUESTION: Are you a cuddler or an independent sleeper? I go back and forth.  In the winter when it’s cool, I’m definitely more of a snuggler, but in the summertime I like my space!  (Take note, bed-hogging husbands and pets!)

A bit fruity

Screw veggies.  I like fruit with my pasta.

Dinner tonight was pretty random, yet perfectly harmonious.  I had pasta leftover from last night.  Needed: a protein. I dug in the freezer and pulled out some Apricot-Rosemary chicken sausages.  As it happened, I also had a bunch of fresh apricots that needed to be used up.

Bizarre coincidence?  Kind of.  Apricot Pasta it was:

This was absolutely delicious.  I browned the sliced sausage, then added chopped apricot and a generous splash of white balsamic vinegar.  Tossed the pasta in the pan, and it was good to go.  Even though it only cooked for a few minutes, the apricot sort of deconstructed and combined with the vinegar to form a sweet-and-tangy sauce.  Unexpectedly divine.

I know, I know.  I should be eating more veggies.  But fresh fruit in pasta is still pretty good, right?

Today’s EAT: Aside from my weirdo fruit pasta concoction, I’ve gotta give a blog-out to my awesome lunch today at Piada, a cute little Italian sandwich shop on the Lower East Side.

Talk about fresh and delicious: a super-thin Italian flatbread, prosciutto, salty cheese and lots of arugula.  It was heaven.

I don’t have a pic because, well, it was sort of a work lunch and I didn’t want to go all food-paparazzi.  Especially given that I had already sort of established my “weird quotient” for the day as “medium-high” by wearing booty shorts, compression socks and road-racing flats to my meeting.  (Yeah, I love my job.)

But trust me, it was good!  Piada is definitely worth a stop of you’re on the LES and in need of a quick, delicious and relatively healthy sandwich.

Today’s DRINK: After tonight’s sweltering track workout, I had cold beer on my mind.  Big time.

So I made a stop on the way home and picked up this:

Awwww.  An angry hippo wearing lipstick. Of course I had to buy this River Horse Summer Blonde Ale.

The beer is nothing terribly special – in fact, it’s pretty darn light – but enjoyable enough!  I even had one in the shower when I got home.  And that is always blissful.

Today’s RUN:  Tuesday night track workout!  Tonight’s workout was “short,” which is unfortunately not a synonym for “easy,” especially given the high-80s temps tonight.

The assignment: 4 X 600M @ 5K pace, then 4 X 400M @ 3K pace.  200M recovery throughout.

The results:

600M – 2:20 – 6:13 pace
600M – 2:18 – 6:08 pace
600M – 2:16 – 6:02 pace
600M – 2:18 – 6:08 pace
400M – 1:27 – 5:48 pace
400M – 1:25 – 5:40 pace
400M – 1:27 – 5:48 pace
400M – 1:24 – 5:36 pace

Can’t complain about that!  As usual, I ran faster than I was supposed to.  And as usual, it felt great and I finished strong with gas in the tank.

Does this mean I should be able to run a 5K at just over 6-minute pace?  Because that would be pretty awesome.

Today’s QUESTION: Do you do fruit in your pasta? Or am I the only fruity one?

Brownie points

I’ve never done a giveaway before, so I wasn’t sure how to start this post.  How about:


Got your attention now?

Some of you probably know that I do some freelance writing/marketing work, and one of my biggest projects is this fantabulous website:

If you’ve ever clicked on a recipe or restaurant link around here, KartMe might look familiar to you. I use it to keep track all of the recipes, restaurants, bars, and other goodies that I blog about.  And many other aspects of my life, too.

So, what is KartMe? Basically, it’s a place on the web to organize and share all of your favorite stuff.  Movies, books, restaurants, recipes, home decor ideas….anything you can put in a list, you can put in a Kart!

If you’ve ever emailed someone a list of links and asked, “which one of these restaurants/dresses/couches do you like best?” – then KartMe is for you!  I use it constantly to keep track of restaurants and recipes I want to try, and it’s perfect for anyone who’s planning a wedding or home remodelany time you have to keep track of a lot of links, pictures and ideas, KartMe will make your life easier.

And it’s fun and social, too.  You can comment, like, follow, and watch other KartMe users.  Over 12,000 nifty things have been Kart’d by 2,000+ users – and if you’re not one of them, you’re missing out.  So come on over and join the party!

Anyway, I could go on, but since you all know I am kinda biased, I’ll spare you the rest of my PR pitch and tell you to go here to read more about KartMe.  :)

On to that free shizz.

KartMe is doing a round of smashing summer giveaways and I’m hosting one of them right here!

Since you all know that I’m obsessed with iced coffee and fro-yo, I thought it was only appropriate to center this giveaway around your Favorite Summer Treats.

If you’re anything like me, summertime puts your sweet tooth into overdrive!  I’m not even normally a huge sweets person, but somehow it it’s frozen or ice cold, I can’t resist it.  Here are some highlights from my Summer Treats Kart:

See the rest of my Summer Treats Kart here!

And now, I want to know where YOU go to cool off your sweet tooth in the summertime.  Neighborhood ice cream shop?  Corner gelato stand?  Local cafe?  Kart any or all of them and win…

Special brownies!

No, not THAT kind of special.  Even better!

Sweet Muse, purveyor of out-of-this-world brownies and other baked goodies here in NYC, has teamed up with us for this giveaway – which is awesome, because these might really be the best brownies I’ve ever had.

The lucky winner will receive a Sweet Muse brownie tray – a $40 value, including shipping! Perfect for a gift or party – or, um, to just eat yourself.

Seriously, I don’t think I’d have any problem demolishing a tray of these.  Although they’re plenty flavorful, these aren’t super-dense, fudgy brownies that make your teeth hurt when you bite into them.  They’re light and delicious with a perfect little layer of crusty chocolate on top.  Yum.

For those of you who eye labels, you’ll be impressed with the short and simple ingredient list on Sweet Muse brownies:

No funny chemicals, just good stuff.  The quote inside was pretty cute too. :)  You’ll be in good company if you’re the lucky winner: Sweet Muse has been featured by Rachael Ray, Marie Claire and The Nibble.  (And no worries if you’re not in NYC – Sweet Muse will send them anywhere in the US, shipping included!)

So here’s how you enter:

Mandatory Entry:

Create a list (that is, a “Kart”) of your “Favorite Summer Treats” and link to it in a comment here.  It’s just seven easy steps!

1. Visit Summer Treats
2. Select “Search Yelp or Amazon”
3. Search for your favorite shop, restaurant or product
4. Drag your result from the left; Drop it into your list on the right
5. Click “Publish Kart!”
6. Join KartMe (it’s free!)
7. Copy the URL to your Kart and paste in your comment back here on eat, drink, run

Additional Entries (leave a separate comment for each, por favor):

  • Following @kartme
  • Like-ing KartMe
  • Blogging about your Kart
  • Tweeting about @kartme’s giveaways “I’m saving favorites to life organizer @kartme. Hoping I win some of the $1,000!”

Winner will be chosen randomly!  I’ll announce the winner on Friday, July 16.

I can’t wait to see all of the deliciousness that results from this.  My sweet tooth hurts already. :)

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!  I’ll be back tonight with a regularly-scheduled post, assuming I don’t melt into a puddle of sweat and shame on the East River track tonight.

June playlist: indie chick

Just putting it out there: I am so not a hipster. You won’t find me in Brooklyn listening to bands no one has ever heard with boys in skinny jeans.  While drinking PBR.

However, I so am a preppy chick who gets really sick of Lady GaGa all the time.  So what’s a girl to do?  Duh: wade through her iTunes library in search of some fun songs for running that are a little off the beaten path.

And so I present: my faux-indie running playlist.  Enjoy, hipsters – and prepsters too!

You won’t miss Lady Gaga one bit.  I promise :)

Today’s EAT: Tonight was sort of a throw-it-together dinner, but it worked!  It’s so much easier to get away with very simple meals in the summertime, when things are so fresh and tasty.

Shrimp sauteed in butter and olive oil with garlic, grape tomatoes and fresh basil over fresh linguine.  Simple and delicious.

On the side, a watermelon-strawberry-feta salad: just cubed melon, sliced strawberries and crumbled feta with a splash of white balsamic vinegar.  The combo of sweet, salty and tangy was ridiculously good!

Today’s DRINK: It’s Monday, so let’s have Today’s DRINK: AM Edition, shall we?

The latest in my attempt to avoid the racket that is coffee-shop iced coffee!  I saw this little can at the grocery store and figured it was worth a shot.  Basically, it’s lightly sweetened espresso (50 calories in the can) that’s chillable.

And?  It was pretty heavenly, actually!  I put it over ice and drank it as-is: no additional sugar necessary.  The only problem is that it’s not really that much cheaper than getting an iced coffee from Starbucks.  I think the can was two bucks.  Bleh.

I’ll definitely buy these again though, especially if I find them cheaper somewhere!

Today’s RUN: Oh my god, it was already in the mid-80s at 7:30 AM today.  I wanted to cry.  I think I need to move to Alaska.  (You betcha!)

Anyway.  I dragged my whiny butt out the door for five miles.  It was hot.  I sweated a lot.  In spite of the fact that I felt like a total slug, I finished in 43 minutes, 8:40ish pace.  Good enough.

Then, after work, I decided to tack on another 6ish miles via my commute home.  Even though it was STILL like 85 degrees, I felt a bit perkier and clocked in at ~50:00, ~8:20 pace, with a backpack.  Even better.

11 miles for the day and I am exhausted.  Tomorrow’s weather isn’t supposed to be much better, and I have a feeling that I’m going to want to – at the suggestion of a teammate – jump in the East River after our weekly track workout.  (And it might actually happen.)

Today’s QUESTION: What’s your favorite genre of music? I like – or at least tolerate – pretty much anything!  Including country. :)

A tale of two evils

Well, it’s summer.  And the epic battle has begun.

In one corner: the alarm clock.  It went off at 7:00 this morning, at which time I was either to get up and run a 5K race, or do a long run.  Negative on both counts.  I shut it off and went back to sleep.

In the other corner: the treadmill.  Ugh.  Just, ugh.

After awaking (again) at 9:45 and realizing I’d already kinda missed my window to run outside without subjecting myself to oven-like conditions, I accepted my fate.  Today would be a treadmill day.

I realize there is no point to this post other than to bitch and moan, but I just don’t like this hot, humid summer weather.  And if there’s one thing I hate more than running in the heat, it’s getting up early.  I miss the days of being able to get a weekend long run in at noon.  Sigh.

End of whine.  On to something more positive. :)

Today’s EAT: It was a clean-out-the-fridge kinda day!

First item to use up: a couple of links of chicken sausage. So breakfast was whole-wheat pancakes, eggs and sausage:

I admit, the inclusion of pancakes was totally to have an excuse to pour maple syrup on the sausage.  Mmm…is there a better combo out there?

Second item to use up: a duck thigh.  Kinda random, huh?  Enter duck quesadillas:

I chopped up the meat and heated it in a pan, then stuck it between two whole-wheat tortillas with cheddar cheese and scallions.  With a side of lime and greek yogurt for dipping, this was a perfect light lunch for the hubs and me!

Today’s DRINK: I am sure I have mentioned this a few times, but it is H-O-T in NYC right now.  I spent most of the day sitting in front of my overworked air conditioner.

After my treadmill run and a cool shower, though, I decided to chill out even more with a glass of cold Prosecco:

I love bubbles.  And I firmly believe you don’t need any excuse or “special occasion” to enjoy them. :)

Today’s RUN: I usually run pretty quick on the treadmill – mostly because I think that subconsciously, I’m trying to get it over with.  I logged 5 miles in 38:55 today, 7:47 pace.

After my run, I did some core work – including some “walking planks,” inspired by She Runs Brooklyn.  These were a great workout!  I felt a lot of work happening not only in my core, but my shoulders too.  I’m gonna definitely work them in to my core routine.

Today’s QUESTION: Need to whine about something? I’ve clearly done my share, so rant here, guilt-free. :)

My big fat Greek salad

You guys know how much I love a big-ass salad.  It’s hard to get the hubs on board, sometimes, though.   I don’t know if it’s the word “salad” or what – but something turns him off.

But really: what is a big-ass salad but a deconstructed sandwich?  Or perhaps…a gyro?

That’s what I had in mind, yesterday, when I dreamed up this BAS:

Lamb balls, feta, crushed pita chips and red pepper flakes over mixed greens.  Yes, I said lamb balls.  Why does that feel sorta dirty?

They’re just mini-meatballs, made with lamb and lots of spices, according to this recipe: Nigella Lawson’s Aromatic Lamb Meatballs.

The real star, though, was the tzatziki sauce that I used as a dressing!  I didn’t use an exact recipe, but just blended the following in my blender:

  • Lowfat Freek yogurt (1 C)
  • Chopped garlic (1 TBSP)
  • Chopped cucumber (1 medium cucumber, peeled and seeded)
  • Lemon juice (1 TBSP)
  • Olive oil (2 TBSP)
  • Salt and pepper

Seriously?  This tasted as good – or better – than that amazing white sauce you get in your food-cart gyro.  I still have a ton leftover, and I’ve been dipping everything from carrot sticks to pita chips in it since.  So dang good!

It took him a couple of bites to get behind this salad, but once he did, the hubs actually loved it!  Yay for a BAS that’s healthy, tasty, and a hit with everyone in our (admittedly, two-person) household!

Today’s EAT: The hubs had dinner plans of his own, which left me thinking of two words on a Saturday night after a long day of work:


Yellowtail, white tuna, salmon, egg, tofu, and a yellowtail scallion roll from The Loop.

I took this solo-dining opportunity to order a couple of things that I enjoy that the hubs scoffs at: namely, any non-fish sushi.  But hey, I like the egg and tofu sushi once in a while!  I even saved the tofu as my “closer”:

(Does anyone else do this?  Save the bite of your meal that you expect will be the most delectable and set it aside to savor as your last morsel?)

Anyway.  Dinner was delicious, and I have to say, The Loop was a pretty good value.  The sushi pieces were pretty big and reasonably priced.  By NYC standards anyway.

Today’s DRINK: You drink red wine with sushi, too.  Right?

Umm.  Not the best food and wine pairing, but whatever.  I opened this bottle when I got home from work and didn’t feel a need to switch when dinner arrived.

Pairing aside, I love Bogle wines.  They are consistently tasty and affordable.  My favorite is their Old Vine Zin, which is unfortunatelty not as prevalent as this Petite Syrah.  The Petite Syrah is also pretty stellar for the price, though.

Today’s RUN: Two days off were apparently enough for the Toe Crater.  I am back in action!

Today was an easy day – I did five miles around CP and the bridle path with one of the pace groups from work.  I was tempted to add more miles in one fashion or another, but decided to keep it short and easy just in case.

Tomorrow, though?  I’m thinking of a 5k race.  It’s 11 PM and I still haven’t totally committed to it, but I just might do it.  It’s not until 9:30 AM, so I figure I have another 30 minutes to hem-haw and sip wine before I’d absolutely have to hit the sack.  We’ll see!  If not, it’s a long run.

Today’s QUESTION: Are you a Greek food fan? I have always loved it but never cooked it, really.  Great recipes welcome!

Moley, moley, moley

Alright, so I’m not sporting anything nearly THIS bad…

…but I couldn’t get that scene from Goldmember out of my head as I strolled to my dermatologist appointment today for my first-ever exam.

Yep, first ever.  I’m almost 30 and have never had my skin checked.  No offense to the medical profession, but I just really don’t like going to the doctor, and generally avoid doing it even when I know I should.  (Double ditto when it comes to the dentist.  But that’s a post for another day.)

But I’ve got a couple of large-ish moles that I’ve been eying with suspicion for a couple of months now.  So I finally made an appointment.  Best case?  They’re nothing, and I put my mind at ease. Worst case?  I have skin cancer and OMG – I will probably drop dead in the elevator on the way home.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

Anyway.  I walked into the dermo’s office and was pleased to find that it felt more like a spa than a medical office.  This was good, and bad.  Good?  Free water with lemon, fruit bowl and soothing music.  Bad?  If I did in fact drop dead from skin cancer on the spot, I’d be stuck in this loft in Nolita and nowhere near an emergency room.  People come here for botox and laser hair removal, I thought to myself.  Are they even real doctors?  Shit.

I snacked on a complimentary banana (delicious) and awaited my fate.

Finally, the doctor – a friendly and gorgeous young woman – escorted me back to an exam room.  After a couple of minutes of chatter, she began going over every inch of my skin with some sort of special cancer-detecting magnifying glass.

I pointed her to the two big moles.  By this point, I was 100% sure that they were radiating cancer in every direction.  I feared that cancer might leap out of them and onto the lens of her magic glass.

“Those?  Those are fine,” she said.  “Seriously, nothing to worry about.”

A massive anvil of worry lifted from my chest.  Paranoia?  Is kinda heavy.

“But that,” she continued, zeroing in on my right big toe, “is a little troubling.”

WHAM.  Hello, anvil.

It turns out that moles on your feet are no bueno.  They mutate faster there, or something.  As the doc explained, the mole on my toe was only slightly “irregular,” but due to its location, removal and biopsy was highly recommended.

She continued, the conversation peppered with super-fun words like “local anesthetic,” “pain and soreness,” and “scooping.”

“We can wait a little while, if you prefer,” the doc offered.  “But it will probably have to come off eventually.”

Awesome.  I could have a chunk my toe “scooped” off of my foot now, or procrastinate and have an even larger chunk of flesh gouged out at a later date.  Alright, then  Let’s get it over with.

I must admit…for as dramatic as I can be when it comes to needles and doctors, it was actually…tolerable.  I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, but show me a needle and I fight to suppress a scream.  Needles, scalpels, etc.  I hate them.

My dermatologist had some fantastic bedside manner, though.  Basically I buried my nose in a Conde Nast Travel magazine and chattered with her about my trip to Cambodia last summer while she numbed and snipped at my skin.  She was so calm and soothing – and wonderful at helping me distract myself.

So, I had my mole “scooped” out and survived.  The results of the biopsy will come back within a week or so.  I guess the worst outcome as this point is if they find an excessive amount of “mutation” – in that case, I’ll have to go back in and have even more flesh “scooped” out.  Fun.

All in all, I am so glad I finally did this – and I’d encourage anyone who hasn’t had a skin check to do the same.

And that’s my long-winded PSA for the day.  Whew. Aren’t you glad I usually write about running and iced coffee and frozen yogurt?

Today’s EAT: The hubs and I met some friends for dinner tonight.  Hooray for a weeknight dinner out!  Especially after my adventures in dermatology.

The restaurant pick fell on me, so I yelp‘d for a bit and ended up choosing Ponty Bistro in Gramercy.  I selected it not just for the amusing proximity of its name to the word Panty, although that was certainly a consideration.  No, I picked it because of the interesting mix of cuisines (French and African), reasonable price point, and universally positive reviews.

We were not disappointed!  I had a spicy take on the classic French dish, Moules Mariniere.  Instead of simply white wine and garlic, the broth had an interesting flavor that tasted kind of Moroccan.  Delish.

The hubs had lamb.  It was divine.  Lamb is almost always divine.

The service was good and the wine list was very reasonable.  Definitely check it out of you’re a NYCer!

Today’s DRINK: Even with a dinner out, there’s still room for a bottle of wine from the wine rack!  Especially when you get home at 11 PM and still have work to do.

So you open a bottle with an extra-cute label.  Only to discover that it’s extra-mediocre.  Bleh.

This Winnefred Chardonnay looked so fun, but I won’t be buying it again, unfortunately.  It’s really sharp and just not all that enjoyable.

Today’s RUN: Of course I can’t run.  There is a small crater on my toe. :(

The doctor told me that it would be okay to run again when it stopped being “sore.”  A couple of days at least.  Right now, the toe is throbbing, so I am thinking that running tomorrow is probably out too.  Boo.

I guess an externally-imposed break isn’t such a bad thing, though.  I just don’t want to take too many days off, or I’ll get antsy!  Hoping things are feeling better by Saturday!

Today’s QUESTION: Do you go for a yearly skin check?  Ever had the pleasure of getting a mole removed? I get the impression it’s pretty darn common!

Domino effect

So, I actually went to the grocery store today.  And planned a healthy, home-cooked dinner.  Pat on back.

And then, on the walk home, a nasty migraine stuck.  Nasty.  I don’t get these often, but when I do they roll through me like a summer thunderstorm: suddenly and rather violently.  Literally all I can do is take some advil, lay down, and doze for an hour so.  After which I feel totally fine and back to normal.  So weird.

Anyway…the migraine monster attacked precisely during my dinner-cooking window, so it didn’t happen.  The hubs came home, gently woke me, and suggested delivery.

Then he held up this:

A flier from…Domino’s?  Really?

“But look at the price,” he insisted.  Yeah, I had to admit.  Pretty unbelievable.

I’ve had my share of Domino’s pizza and have never been terribly impressed.  At my old job, it was one of the only places that delivered late at night.  I suffered through many a mediocre pie.

But they have done this whole image-flavor-makeover thing, I guess.  Okay, willing to give it a shot.

Since the special was for two pizzas, the hubs and I each created our own.  Me, chicken and feta on “crispy thin crust”:

And the hubs, a pepperoni-and-pineapple deep dish:

This pizza was….well, it was alright! Certainly a step up from the “old” Domino’s.  There was still something sort of fake about the cheese, and the crispy crust was not exactly crispy, but I enjoyed the sauce and the rest of the ingredients.   Certainly at $5.99 per pizza, it’s a great deal!

Now it’s time for some relaxing and email/work catchup.  I hope I’m not an insomniac tonight, after my migraine power-nap!

Today’s EAT: It is not an exaggeration to say I ate nothing from my own kitchen today.  Kind of sad.

Breakfast was a biscotti and iced coffee from a coffee shop.  Lunch: turkey sandwich from Cosi.  And dinner…well, you know about that.

I spent way too much money feeding myself today.  Tomorrow, it’s back to home cooking!

Today’s DRINK: I didn’t really feel like having wine after my migraine.  I am sipping on an itty bitty glass of port now, though!

This was open from cooking dinner the other night, and I wanted a little something sweet.  Perfect :)

Today’s RUN: Running also fell victim to the migraine monster.  Oh well, Wednesday is a good day to take my weekly day off anyway!

Today’s QUESTION: Do you get migraines?  How do you deal with them? Mine are quite infrequent, so I haven’t really felt the need to go to the doctor or anything.  Just advil and rest for me.   But man, they are so incredibly awful on the rare occasions that they do strike!

Short stuff

Nope, I’m not talking about my stature, although at 5’3″ I sometimes feel like kind of a peanut.  I’m talking about races!

Unofficial stats from tonight’s Tuesday Night Speed Series at the Icahn track:

Race: 1500M
Time: 5:29
Place: 7 / 15 (maybe?)

Race: 800M
Time: 2:42
Place: 6 / 18 (I think)

I had an absolute blast at this meet and was pretty happy with my times.  5:29 for 1500M translates to roughly a 5:50 mile, which is certainly faster than anything I’ve run recently.  And 2:42 for 800M?   I didn’t think I still had that in me!

And, I took some new shoesies for a spin tonight:

Spikes.  Rawr.  They will eat your face.

I haven’t owned a pair of spikes since probably high school!  I don’t think I ever even used them in college.  It was kinda fun.  (Although I’m not wild about the color of these.  Why must shoe companies make women’s shoes pink?)

The only thing that bummed me out tonight?  That the Speed Series is over.  Boo!  I want to run more short races!  Way more fun than slogging through 10Ks in Central Park.

Today’s EAT: The grocery situation remains dire in the eat, drink, run household.  Dire, I tell you.  We ordered Chinese food tonight.  Even the cats are suffering, eating crappy cat food from CVS.  One of these days I’ll get around to grocery shopping!

Today’s DRINK: Beer.  Cold, cold beer.  There was one left in the fridge and I popped it into a glass and sucked it down with the Chinese food.  Sweet goodness.

And you know I’ll be grocery shopping now.  Because a fridge barren of beer is a kick in the ass like no other.

Today’s RUN: Low mileage!  I am not sure if I even cleared 4 miles today.  That’s ok, though.  Speed or distance, right?  And tonight was more about the speed.

Today’s QUESTION: Have you surprised yourself lately – either athletically, or otherwise? I have to admit I was a little surprised tonight that I can apparently run a sub-6:00 mile and still have plenty of gas left in the tank!


Oh hey, it’s me.  Chicago.  Can’t wait to see ya in October!  Just fifteen weeks to go!  XOXO, your fall marathon.

[Plugging my ears.  Closing my eyes.  Lalalalalalalalala.]

Frankly, I simply have not accepted the fact that it’s now officially summer (!) and I have an early fall marathon to train for.  I was pretty excited about doing Chicago when I signed up for it back in February, and I’m sure at some point I’ll get stoked about it again, but is just seems so….early.

So many things stand between me and this marathon.  Many shorter races.  My favorite holiday of the year, the 4th of July.  And my 30th birthday.  Yikes.

But back to those shorter races.  I think that’s what I am going to focus on for the next couple of months.  I don’t want to be in denial about the marathon, but I don’t know if I have it in me to focus singularly on a marathon for 15+ weeks.  Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever trained that long for a marathon in the past.  NYC training last fall was, like, 7 weeks – thanks to a summer spent traveling in Asia and not running at all – and I still managed a sub-4-hour finish.

Besides.  My coach is always saying that summer 5Ks make for fall marathon PRs.  I hope he’s right.  Because aside from throwing in a longer weekend run on most weekends, I think that the 5Ks are what I’m going to focus on.

So, Chicago.  I’m glad you stopped by to say hello.  However, I only want to hang with you one day a week for the next few weeks.  Like, tops, dude.   K, thx, bye.  XOXO, Shelby.

Today’s EAT: I’ve been working my retail butt off the last few days.  That meant coming home to an empty fridge at 9 PM tonight.  Gussied-up frozen pizza to the rescue!

Just take one of these (snore):

Then throw a bunch of tastiness in a skillet with a bit of butter.  Such as, onions, chicken-apple sausage, diced apples and chopped walnuts:

Bake pizza for a couple of minutes to crisp up the crust, then add toppings and bake until drool-worthy.  I added a little shaved parm, too!

Ok, so it’s a little lacking on the veggie front.  But still healthier (and tastier, and much cheaper!) than getting take-out!

Today’s DRINK: Aww, look at the little green man on the label!

Huh, what?  The wine?  It was okay.

This Fuerza white table wine was decent enough, but I’ll admit that I totally bought it because the label was cute.  Sucker, I am.

While it wasn’t bad, it was nothing special either.

Today’s RUN: Another scorcher today.  When I dragged my butt out the door at 9 AM, it had already topped 80*.

Five easy, sweaty miles in the morning.  Then, work.  Then another 3.5 sweaty miles home (still in 80*+ temps).  Lots of slow running and sweating today.  Okay.

Tomorrow night I have a track meet!  It’s the final installment of the NYRR Tuesday Speed Series, and I am definitely gonna run in this one.  I haven’t decided which race yet – probably the 1500M or 3000M.  In any case, I’m sure it will be interesting – I haven’t raced on a track since college!

Today’s QUESTION: Do you have a big goal or event looming on the horizon?  How are you preparing for it? I’m sure my denial strategy isn’t the best, but I suck at long-term focus and planning. :)