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Female 25-29

It was only fitting that I ran a race this morning – my last day as an F29.  Tomorrow it’s on to the 30-34 age group.  Holy crap!

We’ve had some good times, though, the twenties and me.  In the last decade I’ve lived in four states (CA, OH, MA, NY).  I ran nine marathons and countless other races.   My passport got lots of new stamps, including Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Kenya, Tanzania, Spain, Portugal, Lebanon, Jordan, Ireland, Dominican Republic and – my favorite stamp – the Bahamas.  ‘Cause I came back from that trip with a husband. :)

The last ten years have flown by.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was giddily signing the lease on my first *real* apartment in LA.  So many apartments have been moved in to and out of since then, and many more wonderful friends made along the way!  High school friends and college friends.  Cleveland friends.  HBS friends, New York friends.  Internet friends and blog friends.  I feel so lucky to have all of you in my life. :)

Sappity sap sap.  Enough, right? On to the race deets!

Race: CTPC Founders 5K
Date: July 31, 2010
Course: Prospect Park loop
Weather: Just gorgeous. 70s and sunny, low humididity!
Time: 20:48
Pace: 6:42 / mile
Place: ???

I made one little mistake here: being at the way back of the pack at the start.  We had chips and I assumed there would be a chip mat at the start, but there was not.  Even though it was a small race and a pretty fast field, I still had to do a bit of weaving and bobbing during the first bit to get where I needed to be, even before crossing the start line. (My gun time was 21:00 flat.)

Also:  Mile one was 6:10.  Hellooooo…too fast! But everyone went out fast.  Mile one was downhill.  Despite the quick split, I didn’t feel like I burned up by going out too hard.  Still probably would have been better to get the splits a bit more even though (miles two and three were more like 6:40 and 6:50, with a decent hill included).

Overall I feel pretty good about this one!  Of course it would be nice to be under 20, but I’ll get back there someday.  Definitely cannot complain about a solid race effort on a gorgeous day with awesome company.  It was great to see so many CPTCers on the course –  and a huge thanks to everyone who volunteered!

And check out the sweet tee:

I love it when races have girl-fit tech tees.  Hooray for a shirt I will actually be able to wear running!

Today’s EAT: As usual, I was pretty un-hungry immediately after the race and cool down.  But by the time I emerged from the subway in back in Manhattan, I was starving!  I headed straight for Murray’s Bagels and purchased a sandwich the size of my head.

(I was shocked when I saw this photo – doesn’t that totally look like a pickle on my sandwich?!  It’s not – it’s the spine of a giant Romaine leaf, sliced lengthwise  But still.  Glad I saw this after I finished eating.  Shudder.)

It was delicious, but I had to throw in the towel halfway through.  I wish bagels came in sizes!

Today’s DRINK: It’s official – I have an addiction to this stuff.

Not a day goes by where I don’t suck down a giant iced coffee.  Mmm, so good.  But I’m remembering why I’ve given up coffee in the past…when I drink it, I drink entirely too much of the stuff.

I guess in the grand scheme of things, a coffee addiction is not so bad, right?  Better than crack or heroin!

Today’s RUN: With warm up and cool down, a total of 8 today.  Tomorrow is long run day, but I’m stepping it back a notch this week and shooting for 12-14.

And with that, I’m off to a little bachelorette party fun – congrats, Emily! :)  We’re starting with a trip to Exhale Spa and one of those Core Fusion classes I always hear so much about.  Hope my post-race body can keep with the rest of the group!

Today’s QUESTION: Are you a big birthday person? I’m really not…which is good, because I’ll be spending my birthday at work tomorrow!  Although the hubs has planned a nice little dinner out tomorrow night to celebrate.  And Megan has promised to come visit me at work for a 40 Carrots break.  Really, what more could a girl ask for? :)

Introducing: the Rotating Blogroll

A few people have gently scolded me recently for not having a blogroll.  Tsk, tsk.  I know.

It’s not because I don’t read blogs.  Ha-hooo, no.  (My overzealous Google Reader is getting a good chortle out of that one, too.)

Nope – it’s mostly because I am lazy.  I had one for a while, but it was too much work to keep up with new blogs I’d found and removing ones that became inactive.  So it went the way of the Training page, which I just trashed today because I was entering my workouts in too many damn places.  (If you really care how far or fast I’m running every day?  It’s all on Strands – see the blue clicky badge on the sidebar.)

But I do spend a lot of time reading blogs.  And I do have favorites.  And I’d love to share some of them with you.  So how about I just post, like, three at a time?  And stick them on a little mini sidebar thingy?  And then archive them on their own page?

I also like this because it will let me say a little somethin’ about each blog and why I love it. :)  So here we go, Rotating Blogroll, version uno:

  • Cheaper Than Therapy (   She runs, she drinks beer.  Our cats look like twins.  I feel like we must have been friends in a former life or something.  I kind of wish we were friends in our current life because I’d like to crack a beer in her gorgeous backyard.
  • I Dream of Greenie (   I could almost be vegetarian if I had as much fun with meatless food as Ms. Greenie.  As a former LA resident I love living vicariously though all of her local adventures.  Also, she shares my picklephobia; how could I not love her?
  • A Marathoner (  Yes, he’s a dude and yes, he’s my teammate.  But he is a great source of inspiration: he’s, like, a regular guy who decided to become a runner and is on his way to being a really good runner.  Come follow along with his NYC Marathon training!

Rotating Blogroll is also great for days where I cannot think of anything else to write about.  Other contenders for today’s post:

  • The weather is cooler and I opened my window!
  • I made chicken with pasta for the sixty-fifth time
  • My cats are lazy: a detailed discussion

Your disappointment is palpable.

Today’s EAT: Alright, so I am going to say a few words about that chicken with pasta.  Because it was kind of different and fun!

Whole-wheat corkscrew pasta with chicken, chopped peaches and walnuts in balsamic syrup.  With a little Greek yogurt mixed in for some creaminess.  And goat cheese and fresh basil on top.  A little bizarre?  Yep.  Tasty?  You betcha.

I am continuing to really dig adding fresh fruit to savory dishes right now.  So refreshing!

Today’s DRINK: No wine, no beer.  Just lots of sipping from this guy:

I know – snore and more.  I have a 5K in the morning, though.  Normally I wouldn’t mind having one glass of wine or something on a race eve, but the wine rack is empty.  So water it is.

Today’s RUN: A beautiful 4 miles on the river this morning!  I cruised it in a little over 32 minutes and barely broke a sweat.

Somehow the weather totally changed overnight and it was cool and breezy with NO HUMIDITY this morning!  What a difference it made.  My pace was seriously about a minute faster per mile at the same perceived effort.  It felt awesome.

The weather should be similarly gorgeous at the 9 AM start of tomorrow’s Founder’s 5K!  There’s still time to come on out – race day registration is open until 8:30!

And since I’ve touched on two-thirds of my lame-o rejected topics for the day, now, here’s a picture of my lazy cat to finish things off.

(Those would be my freshly-laundered jeans.  She slept on them all afternoon.)

Today’s QUESTION: Give a shout-out to one of your favorite blogs this week!

July playlist – yeehaw!

Just gonna put it out there: I like country music.   Yep.   In spite of my salmon-eating, North-Face-wearing, Pacific-Northwestern upbringing, there is a little slice of redneck in me.  Y’all.

(In fact, did you know that my favorite vehicle ever owned was a dented little pickup?

Actually, you can read all about it here.  I’ll bet you didn’t know I used to have a wee blog back in the Cleveland days!  I had kind of forgotten about it myself.  Aaaaand I just wasted an hour on a trip down memory lane.)


Country can be a little tricky for running.  It tends to lack the driving energy of a good rock song, or the rhythmic thump of hip hop.  Because what country excels at is telling ridiculous stories through fun lyrics.  Sometimes sad, sometimes funny.  Often better suited for peeling the label off a longneck while laying in your truck bed than for pounding out miles.

But I’ve been on a mission to build the perfect country running playlist for a while now.  And I think I’ve got it.

I can’t help but run faster when “Sold!” by John Michael Montgomery comes on.  Really.  And Martina McBride’s “Independence Day” is so such a powerful story.  And “Hell Yeah” by Montgomery Gentry?  Turn it up.  Right on.

Yeehaw indeed!

Today’s EAT: I know many of you deplore country music and stopped reading long ago, but if you’re still here?  Look at the beautiful sushi box I ordered from Soho Sushi tonight!  You see?  Sushi! Urban preppiness at its finest!

After yesterday’s pickle debacle, I needed to have some real sushi.  This box of white tuna, yellowtail and salmon along with a mango-salmon roll and an eel-avocado roll hit the spot.

Today’s DRINK: Sake, sake, sake bomb!

Just kidding.  I don’t do sake bombs when I’m drinking alone on a Thursday night.  (Or ever, really.  Well…rarely.)

This Gekkeikan sake from TJ’s is really really mild.  Almost too mild.  But would be great for someone who’s not a sake fan.  Or maybe as part of a sake-colada.  (Hmmm!)

Today’s RUN: Oh hey, summer humidity.  Thanks for taking a couple of days off this week.  Welcome back.  Not.

Ugh…I cranked out a sweaty 8 miles tonight.  Easy pace, probably 9ish.  Was dripping everywhere when I finished.

The countdown to fall is officially on.

Today’s QUESTION: Country music: yay or nay? I have a feeling I’m gonna be in the minority with my country music appreciation here.  Whatevs, though.  It’s my blog.  Haters gonna hate. :)

Peachburgers and pickles

First, the pickles.

I’m literally shuddering even typing this because I have an irrational fear of pickles.  I cannot eat one, touch one, or even eat something that has touched one.  If I order fries and there’s a pickle on the side of the plate?  All fries in that plate-quadrant, where the slime known as pickle-juice may have leaked, are dead to me.  I hate pickles.

Those big jars of pickles on deli counters?  They literally make my palms sweat.  I was once offered $100 to take a bite of a pickle.  I refused.  The number would have to be at least 10X that.  And even then, I’m not sure if I could do it.

Yes, I have issues.


For lunch today, I popped into a local little deli and saw that they had sushi at their salad bar.  A small voice in my head was warning me that this was probably a bad plan, but sushi by the pound?  I had to try it!  What if it were amazing?  Then it would be the cheapest sushi in the city!  So I went for it, picking up a couple of pieces of salmon, eel and mysterious white fish along with a sampling of each of the rolls offered.  A sushi lunch for $4.50.  This could be a score!

(Do you spy something odd?  Can you tell where this is going?)

Got home and set up at my little table, ready to eat.  It was then that I conducted a further examination of my selections.  The rolls were pretty standard looking – except for one.

What…is that?  Could it be?  No…no way….

I plucked apart the roll with my chopsticks and gave the mystery ingredient a sniff.  OH. MY. GOD. And then I quite literally retched.

Who the hell puts a PICKLE in a SUSHI ROLL?  Seriously.  Do you realize what would have happened if I’d bitten in to that?  It wouldn’t have been pretty.  I might have dropped dead on the spot.  Seriously.  Seriously.

After that, the whole meal was so unappealing that I couldn’t even look at it.  Into the trash went my great sushi bargain.

And thank goodness for peanut butter and jelly.

Today’s EAT: Thankfully, lunch was a distant memory by the time dinner rolled around!  Strolling through the Greenmarket today, I couldn’t resist picking up a couple of plump ripe peaches and a bundle of fresh mint!  Oh, and some purple carrots!

Walking home, I brainstormed dinner ideas that could include all three.  And thus, the Peachburger was born!

Oh my god.  This was SO GOOD.  It’s just a grass-fed beef patty with some teriyaki sauce, cooked peaches and fresh mint.  Pretty simple.  But the combination of flavors was out of this world.

Recipe for Peachburgers with Fresh Mint and Teriyaki is here if you want to try it.  Which I recommend you do.  The sweet peaches, salty teriyaki and spicy mint made for an outstanding combination!  No extra condiments needed.  I think this is the first time in years I’ve had a burger without ketchup.  (Soames, aren’t you proud!)

But what about the pretty purple carrots?  I turned them in to carrot fries a la 101 Cookbooks.

Unfortunately, they were just okay.  They definitely looked better than they tasted.  Maybe they were a little undercooked?  I dunno.  I’ll stick with regular potato or sweet potato fries next time, I think.

Thank goodness for such an amazing dinner to make me forget about my brush with pickled disaster at lunch. :)

Today’s DRINK: Nada.  Um….I may have eaten an entire pint of ice cream today.  And while I don’t count calories or anything like that, I’m generally conscious of how much “junk” I’m taking in, and I don’t usually eat sweets – which leaves my entire junk allotment for wine.  So I figured that I could take a night off of sipping tonight, given my ice cream splurge.

Today’s RUN: Nada again.  I’d planned for Friday as my day off, but tonight I had an ice cream bellyache, and decided to just take my rest day today instead.  No biggie!

(And I loved reading everyone’s comments on my post yesterday about the ways in which you all have surprised yourselves!  We don’t give ourselves enough credit, do we?  I’m kind of excited for this 5K this weekend!  Bring it!)

Today’s QUESTION: What is your irrational fear? I’m convinced that everyone has one!  In addition to pickles, I am also rather afraid of toilets.  (Obviously I manage to use them on a regular basis, but I don’t trust them.  I hate the flushing part and the thought of overflowing makes me shudder.  The hubs deals with any plunger issues around here!)

Little moments in the city

I love NYC.  For all of the WTF moments, I stumble on a dozen little scenes that make me smile, laugh, or shake my head.

Or plop down on the grass to listen to a legit  jazz/orchestra concert in Washington Square Park on a Tuesday night:

(Crappy photos from my 3-year-old Blackberry, I do not love.  But it was the best I could do.)

Seriously, though, I feel like only in NYC would I come across something so random and beautiful.  Of course there are always musicians playing in the park, but this was, like, a real ensemble.  With thousands of people gathered around, watching.  I have no idea who the group was or why they were there, but I thoroughly enjoyed relaxing on the grass for 20 minutes and soaking up the experience.

Washington Square Park rocks my socks.

(More blurry Blackberry photos.  Hooray!   I need a new phone, like, yesterday.)

Today’s EAT: I had planned a post-track-workout trip to Whole Foods tonight to pick up some groceries, including dinner fixins.  On my own for dinner tonight, and all day I dreamed of the possibilities – things that I could make that I knew the hubs wouldn’t want to eat.  Oh, the possibilities!

Sadly, after running, my stomach had other plans.  Things were feeling a bit…unsettled.  So I went for a rather plain big-ass salad from the cold bar:

Simple: greens, carrots, chicken and cashews with a tangerine vinaigrette.  And a scoop of couscous on the side.  I was worried this wouldn’t be filling enough, but the nuts and chicken really gave it some density!  A successful – if slightly less elaborate than usual – BAS!

Today’s DRINK: I also thought maybe a beer would settle my tummy.  I mean…right?

Plus, I just couldn’t resist the cool looking bottle of this Delirium Tremens Belgian Ale (ABV 8.5%).  And: oh my.  I’m glad I picked it up.  It’s complex without being flowery, sweet without being fruity, and just a bit creamy without being thick.  I could drink multiple mugs of this, which would probably be an unwise idea, given the ABV.  (Right?  Because the other half of the bottle is taunting me from the fridge.)

Today’s RUN: Tonight’s team track workout was specifically geared toward Saturday’s Founder’s 5K.  We were warned multiple times that we should actually stick to 5K pace if we didn’t want to perish.  Good advice, probably.

The assignment: 3 X 1000M at 5K pace with 200M recovery; then, 3 X 300M at 3K pace with 100M recovery.  I set my sights on 6:30 as a 5K pace, which is fairly honest.  I’ve only run one 5K in recent memory and my pace was more like 6:50, but that was before I plunged into this CPTC madness and started doing a bunch of speedwork every week.  So 6:30 seemed reasonable.


The results:

1000M – 4:02 – 6:27 pace
1000M – 3:56 – 6:17 pace
1000M – 3:58 – 6:20 pace
300M – 1:00 – 5:19 pace
300M – 0:59 – 5:13 pace
300M – 0:56 – 4:57 pace

If only I could run a 3K at 4:57 mile pace.  Or a mile in 4:57 for that matter.  Kind of hilarious!

Those last couple of 300s actually felt awesome, though.  I feel like we rarely get to truly open up and get a good turnover going during these workouts; I had a blast letting myself go after it a bit!  And I don’t think two quick 300s are going to destroy me for Saturday.  As for the 1000s, I was still a little fast, but much closer to an attainable 5K pace than I usually am during these workouts.  And I felt relaxed and smooth throught.  So yay for that.

This whole workout is kind of a surprise to me, considering that I felt like curling up and taking a nap on the turf when I arrived at the track.  And in fact, I was relatively close to skipping the workout altogether on account of how exhausted I’d felt all day.  I guess I woke up a bit when I started that first repeat though.  Whatever – I’ll take it!

Today’s QUESTION Have you ever surprised yourself in a workout or race? I definitely have.  For every time that I complain about under-performing, there’s definitely a time where I surprised myself for the better.  I should focus on these more, instead of the times that I fall short!

WTF NYC Moment of the Week

Here’s a tip:

If you stroll into a running store on a Monday afternoon, with your “assistant” in tow, and announce that you need new sneakers because you have, like, tons of pairs but you left allllll of them at your house in the Hamptons?  And then look at your watch and exclaim that you’ll have to come back in a couple of hours because you’re late for your pedicure?

I will judge you.

For what it’s worth, the “assistant” looked suitably embarrassed at the situation.

Ahhh, the Upper East Side.  Always entertaining.

Today’s EAT: Take out time!

All too often when I think “take out” my mind automatically jumps to pizza or Thai food.  But there’s no reason a fresh, delicious sandwich from the fabulous Grey Dog’s Coffee can’t be quick weeknight carryout too!

This one had turkey, brie, spicy berry mustard and granny smith apples.  It was huge – the hubs and I split it, along with the chips it came with, for a perfect light dinner!

Today’s DRINK: I picked up this boxed Bandit Sangria a while back with picnic aspirations.  But since we’re been so busy lately…

Living room picnic on a Monday night!  Viva La Fiesta, indeed.

Today’s RUN: An easy ~6 miles.  I ran home from work and it was so nice to have slightly cooler weather tonight!  This was the first run I’ve done in recent memory where I haven’t been dripping wet with sweat at the end.

Today’s QUESTION: How often do you get takeout/delivery? I try to limit to once a week around here.  Cooking really is healthier most of the time, and certainly more cost-effective.  But I’m thankful to have so many great options around here on the days where cooking just isn’t happening!

And also: NYC runners, wanna race this weekend?  Come out to Prospect Park for the CPTC Founder’s 5K!  I know there are lots of NYC runner-bloggers out there I haven’t met yet.  I’ll  buy you a beer after the race if you come out! :)  Register online here!

Long day, easy curry

5:45 AM is way too effing early to get up on a Sunday.  Just sayin’.  But more about that in a minute.

Working retail – even part time – I’ve adapted myself to expect that weekends aren’t really weekends.  Friday feels like Tuesday.  Sunday feels like Thursday.  The days are all over the place and crazy.

But that doesn’t mean that I can really get out of doing my long run on the weekend.  Remember when I complained about Fitness Tetris?  Well, it’s alive and well these days.  Trying to squeeze in a long run during the week would screw up some other workout – so a weekend 18-miler it would be, even if that meant pairing a long run up with a long day of work.

I suppose it’s just as well that I was out the door at 6:15 AM today, given the heat.  And the other benefit of weekend long runs?  Having some company.  I met up with a teammate for the middle part of my 18-miler and it made the whole thing go by so much more quickly.

Being a non-Garmin-person, I did my run based on time, and I went for a little over 2:40.  At 9:00 pace, that would be 18 miles, so that’s what I’m calling it.  My legs and feet were cursing it a little bit by the time I finished my 8+ hour work shift, but overall the whole thing went well. Hoping for minimal soreness tomorrow!

Today’s EAT: With a run to rival the length of a Peter Jackson movie and a full day of work craziness, dinner needed to be quick and simple.  So I threw together this Red Curry with Beef:

Cheater confession: I used jarred Red Curry sauce from Trader Joe’s (awesome stuff, BTW).  Into the wok went sweet potato, onion, garlic, red bell pepper and a bit of sriacha sauce along with the prefab TJ’s.  Over brown rice, it was an easy, hearty and delicious dinner.

Today’s DRINK: I’m becoming sort of notorious around this house for finding ridiculous excuses to open a  bottle of bubbles:

Really, I just love champagne/prosecco and don’t need a special occasion to enjoy it.  Tonight I was like, well, I finished my long run?  And I put away the laundry?  And I brushed my hair?  Let’s celebrate!

The awesome part is that TJ’s has such a great selection of cheap sparkling wine that my bubble addiction is easy on the budget.  This bottle of Louise d’Estree Brut was under $10 and perfectly enjoyable.

Today’s RUN: Tacking on today’s 18-miler brought me to 44 total for the week.  A little lower than I’d like, but not bad considering I took two days off!

Today’s QUESTION: Do you have a traditional work schedule – or do you end up working on the weekends?

Saturday in Numbers

Seven: Miles run today in the Inferno, which continues to unleash its relentless heat on the city.

Six: Hours until I’ll be out the door again, for my long run.  Gulp.

Five: Slices of pepperoni pizza consumed today.  Lunch AND dinner.  I basically only ate pepperoni pizza today.  Healthy.

Four: Months I could go before eating another slice of pizza.

Three: Customers who raved about Mint Chocolate flavor Gu at the store today.  I hate the Chocolate Outrage so I’m skeptical, but…anyone tried this stuff?  Is it as amazing as everyone says it is?

Two: Dinners Parker apparently expects tonight.   Hey, ridiculous cat – did you forget that I fed you a couple of hours ago?  Stop meowing bloody murder by your food dish, please!

One: Hours I lasted at a friend’s birthday party tonight.  H and J, sorry for being a party pooper.  I was so exhausted I could barely stand.  Hope everyone else raged on and had a great time without me!

Hope you had a great Saturday!  I’m off to sleepy-land so I can be out the door bright and early to tackle this long run.  Night!


Complaining about the heat – I know, how original, right?  And I’m sure y’all are sick of hearing people do it.  So I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Holy balls, it’s hot out there.

Seriously.  What was I thinking training for a fall marathon?  For that matter, why do fall marathons even exist?  So people in Anchorage can train comfortably?

I set out this evening with plans of doing a longer run.  Maybe even my weekly long run, if things felt good.  Instead, I shuffled through the sweatiest run of my life (no joke) for about an hour before throwing the towel in.  The figurative towel that I – along with my fellow subway riders – really wished I’d had.  Because there was literally a puddle under me as I rode home on the B train, standing as far as I could from everyone else on the car and hoping that they didn’t think I’d just peed myself.

Ugh.  It’s not like I haven’t run through summers before – I’ve done several fall marathons, including NYC last year and Marine Corps the year before – while training in Ohio, which isn’t exactly known for its lack of summer heat and humidity.

This summer just seems so much worse somehow.

Someone please remind me of this when I’m yapping about doing a fall marathon next year.  Springtime only from here on out!

Today’s EAT: After a week of eating on the road, I was craving one thing tonight: a big-ass salad.

This BAS was truly ginormous, taking over an entire dinner plate and spilling off of the sides.  And oh, it was glorious.  Kind of a Southwestern theme going on.  All of the basic elements were there though – salty, sweet, meat and treat:

  • Baby lettuce mix
  • Marinated shrimp (meat!)
  • Red bell pepper
  • Mango (sweet!)
  • Crumbled feta (salty!)
  • Avocado
  • Crumbled blue corn chips (treat!)

All drizzled with a chili-lime vinaigrette.  With a fresh cob of corn on the side.  Perfect summer dinner!

Today’s DRINK: I’m kind of in to buying these big bottles of beer from Whole Foods lately.  The selection is awesome, and I’m not stuck with a whole six-pack of something if I don’t like it.

Tonight I tried this Morimoto Soba Ale from Rogue Brewing Company:

I’ve had (end enjoyed!) other Rogue beers, like their Dead Guy Ale, which prompted me to pick this off the shelf.  But the Soba Ale?  Eh, it was just okay.  For some reason I expected a bolder flavor and it was just kind of weak, with a very mild citrus flavor.  I mean, I enjoyed it – but I’d just as soon pick up a pack of Blue Moon or whatever.

Today’s RUN: I’m calling my hour-and-five-minute slogfest seven miles.  It was too bad I already had taken a couple of days off this week, because today really would have been a perfect rest day!

On tap for the rest of the weekend?  Some more easy miles tomorrow and then my long run (shooting for 17-18 this week) bright and early on Sunday!

Today’s QUESTION: What’s your favorite beer? I’m really trying to branch out and learn more about beer!  I tend to like things like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Fat Tire, but will happily consume a Guinness (yum) or a Bud Light too. :)

Road Trip Haiku

Or, an Ode to Interstate 95:

New Jersey, hey now!
Nine dollars to cross your state?
Ridiculous tolls!

Delaware, road work.
Four lanes of traffic, merging
to one. Frustration.

Maryland is nice –
but home to the most ghetto
Travelodge on Earth.

Sunny Virginia!
Finally feels like the South.
Pretty rolling hills.

North Carolina,
where wildflowers and pine trees
make the miles fly by.

South Carolina:
Hey, you want fireworks with that?
Cute license plates, though.

Georgia on my mind!
Or maybe just Paula Deen.
Well done, Savannah.

At last, Florida.
End of the road, and the trip.
Time for sangria.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve taken the last couple of days off of blogging/tweeting/general internetting.  My amazing friend M was coming through town en route to Florida, where she’s moving – so I joined her for a little road trippin’!  We had such a blast.  M and I spent lots of time in the car together on climbing and camping adventures back when we both lived in LA, so hours upon hours of chatting on the road are second nature to us. :)  We’ve lived on opposite coasts for the last few years and haven’t had time to really catch up in ages.  It was awesome.

Bizarre trinkets, at far as the eye can see, at Pedro’s on the NC/SC border.  It was everything that the 3,000 billboards plastered all over the highway for the last 40 miles promised it would be.

Anyway, I’m back in NYC now, and writing silly haikus when I probably should be catching up on email or work or the 362 items in my Google reader (gulp).  So I’ll leave you with this picture of Emmy, who is currently sleeping in our hamper, just because it’s ridiculous and cute:

At least she’s getting fur all over clothes that are already dirty.

Back tonight with a real post!  I’ve missed y’all!