Return of the Rotating Blogroll

It’s been a long time since I did this.

Like…months-long.  Oops.

So how about celebrating this Friday by sharing a little love?  I’m a-bringin’ the Rotating Blogroll back!

1) Melissa Nibbles (

As a boring old married chick, I love living vicariously though Melissa’s dating shenanigans.  Her blog is funny, thoughtful and honest.  And she’s smokin’ hot, too.  (Just sayin’.)

2) Bees Knees Life (

Bree’s blog was actually one of the first that I ever followed, back when I was a wee newbie blogger.  Over the last year, it’s been so much fun to watch her (re)discover her running talent.  She also lifts really heavy things and knows how to make homemade fondant.  Pretty impressive.

3) Will Run for Candy (

I’m always finding new blogs and adding things to my already-bloated reader, but it’s rare that I come across a new-to-me blog and can’t help but read the entire site in one sitting.  Which is what I did with Will Run for Candy.  It’s that funny.  Check it out, and then join me on a campaign to harass author Allison for MOAR POSTING PLZ.  (Plz?)

And while we’re on the topic of internet harassment, I want to take a moment to call out Rotating Blogroll alumna Sweaty Kid and beg her to come back.  My life is seriously lacking in hilarious parables.  COME BACK PLZ.  Or at least let us know that you haven’t, in fact, been eaten by a bear.  (Unless you have, in fact, been eaten by a bear, in which case…that’s a shame, and not only because that would’ve made a great parable.)


Sometimes I hang out on this fitness forum on a little island of internet crazy which rhymes with The Pest.  Some people there are doing a Weekly Plank Challenge and I decided to join the fun.

It’s pretty simple: just see how long you can hold a plank.  Once a week.  Most of those girls do things like “strength training” and “core work” on a regular basis, so I’m sure they’ll see week-to-week improvement.  Me?  I’m not even sure what either of those things are any more, but I guess we’ll see if I can lengthen my plank, too.  (Zing!)

Yesterday was the first day and I made it to 3:06 (on my forearms and toes, with feet about 6″ apart) before my shoulders started shaking and my moan started escalating to an inappropriate level.  Which actually surprised me; I had set my watch on its side and couldn’t see the time until after I finished.  I expected to see something like two minutes.

Today, it kind of hurts to cough.  Which is unfortunate, because I’m still hacking a little from Wednesday night’s track meet.

I guess I’ll see if I can make it to 3:30 next week!  If you want to join me in this plank challenge thingy, feel free!  I’ll post mine every Friday.  And I highly recommend NOT looking at a clock/watch while you’re doing it and just letting yourself go to failure.  I went lot longer than I thought I could.  (Zing zing!)

Let’s talk about wine!  Would you believe that I’ve been working on the same bottle all week?  Me neither.

But I’ve been trying to cut down the volume a little (calories…) and limit myself to one drink a night.  This 2009 Starborough Sauvignon Blanc has been a delightful evening treat.

Remembering how much I enjoyed the Kim Crawford New Zealand SB that I tasted a few weeks ago, I was excited when I saw this one, and it didn’t disappoint!  Very light and a little on the sweeter side, an almost lemonade-like citrus flavor dominated this wine, but not in a bad way.  Lots of Granny Smith apple in there, too.  More sweet than peppery/spicy.  Perfect for “dessert” on a warm evening.

(And a cute bottle with a starfish to boot!)

Bottom line: If you don’t mind a slightly sweeter wine, get it!  (Purchased at Costco, $8.)

Alright…I’m out of awkward transitions, so I’ll say goodbye.  Happy Friday!  Do some planks!  Drink some wine!  Spread the love and give your favorite new blog a shout-out in the comments!

19 responses to “Return of the Rotating Blogroll

  1. Any New Zealand Sauv Blanc is a winner for me. Except cupcake which is from California but surprisingly tasty and great for the summer.
    And holding a plank for more then 2 minutes sounds to me like what they make you do in hell, but I suppose I could give it the old college try and see how long I can really get down.

  2. Shelby, I love you. Your comment on HTP totally made my WEEK. I’m glad you and I “get” reality, because sometimes I just wanna jab at my computer screen and all the “perfect” people out there.

  3. P.S. LOVE that photo of the wine – stunning!

    • Thanks Nicole! I liked your comment on that post too.
      The picture is from my iPhone. Too lazy to get the real camera out. :)

  4. I am so impressed with your plank time! The longest I’ve ever held one on elbows and toes was something like 2:15. Lame. And now that my abs are completely destroyed by pregnancy I don’t even want to know how pathetic I’d be now.
    I kind of want to steal your awkward transition pictures. Transitions are definitely lacking from every single blog post I do!

  5. Um, I’m kind of embarrassed to admit I barely held a forearm plank for one minute before collapsing.

  6. Is it just me, or do your arms (shoulder area) begin hurting before your abs? I’ve checked my form, but I’m not sure what’s up with that. Anywhooo… glad you liked the wine. I could go for a glass about now. Stupid work always getting in the way of a good time.

    • Yes. My arms were what failed and made me have to end the plank. I could def feel it in my abs, but more in my arms/shoulders.

      Oddly though, my abs are sore today and my arms are not.

      I think planks work your whole body, which is why everyone thinks they are so stinking great. So I guess it wouldn’t worry me that your arms hurt. The only thing I’ve heard is that if your back hurts, that’s bad.

  7. Sigh. Doing planks was already on the agenda for this morning. Now I have another reason not to flake out. I think my best is about 90 seconds, but that was after 4-6 weeks of regular core work. I do find that it’s easier not looking at a clock and holding plank for just 10 seconds more isn’t as horrible as it seems.

  8. Thanks for the shout out! I will get back to boning dudes soon so you can live vicariously through my VAGINA!!!!

  9. I haven’t really met a NZ sauv blanc that I didn’t like- they know what they’re doing! Good job on the plank…I don’t think I’ve ever timed myself without looking, I might have to take your suggestion. (I’ll curse you out later for my sore abs)

  10. Ack, thank you for my highest views day EVER! I feel affirmed!

    I found I’m funniest on weekends, so I usually post once a week, but I’ll see if inspiration can strike bi-weekly, haha. Since you asked soooo nicely.

    Thank you again!

  11. Hey that’s my header up there 😉 Thanks for the blogroll love! Yours is truly one of my favorite blogs.

    I’ve been trying to do planks at least once a week, but I have zero attention span at holding anything over 45 seconds that’s why yoga failed. I suppose a challenge would break me out of my lazy cycle.

    Wine. Yes.

  12. Since visiting NZ, I never pass up a chance to drink their wine- especially one I can find at Costco. Now, I have to try the plank challenge just to see how long I can make it.

  13. wow you totally sold me. I’m off to read all three of those blogs. Thanks for sharing!

    and 3+ minute plank! what the Arnold abs is going on here!??!

  14. I love your rotating blog roll – I always find great new blogs thanks to you :) Hope you had a good weekend!

  15. I like following Melissa too! And she’s a pretty good person IRL. 😉

    I don’t think I would last a minute in a plank. I’m so weak, uh, everywhere.

  16. I agree – I really miss SK! I’m hoping she’s okay and maybe we get a new post from her soon. (Hint, hint – if you’re reading this Sweaty Kid, that means you! )

  17. Where has Allison gone?! I added her to my Google Reader when you first posted this but I haven’t seen an update in so long. New name or gone for good? :(