It’s my own damn fault

Washing my hair hurts.

I’m going to go ahead and blame HEAT Studios for the fact that, three days after taking their signature full-body workout class, I am still unable to raise my arms to the level necessary to cleanse my filthy mane.

Sitting?  Also hurts.  My ass.  It hurts.

Standing?  Worse.

Stairs?  Forget about it.

Which is to say: the class was awesome.

My friend Caroline has been raving about HEAT for a while now.  So on Friday evening, I finally decided to tag along with her and check it out for myself.

The hour-long class combines a body-pump-style full body strength workout with treadmill intervals and some plyos.  The basic format: run balls-out for 3 minutes on the ‘mill, spend 3 minutes beating down a certain muscle group with weights on the floor. Repeat, repeat, repeat.  There are no breaks.

An hour passes very quickly when spent in this manner.

What I liked about this class:

  • Incredibly efficient full-body workout.  (HEAT stands for “Highly Effective Athletic Training.”  With this, I concur.)
  • Our instructor, Brandon, was very high-energy and a bit of a hardass.  Which I loved.  I know everyone has a different take on this sort of thing, but I really don’t mind being chastised a bit when I’m supposed to be working hard.  Bring it.
  • The hour was broken up in to bite-sized chunks, which made it easy to focus on the present task and also made time fly.  Three minutes? I can handle three minutes of anything. No time to think about it.  On to the next chunk.
  • I think I ran about 3.5 miles over the course of the class.  And except for the first three-minute warm-up segment, every step was quality running.  (In fact, I think I had that treadmill cranked faster than I’ve ever run on a treadmill.)  So that’s 3+ miles of speed-work.  Which is about what I’d normally do for a track workout.  So this class crams two things I normally have to drag myself out of the house to do (speed session + strength session) into one intense hour.  Lovely.
  • The studio space was bright, clean, and pretty.  With exposed brick walls, floor-to-ceiling windows and a loft-like atmosphere, HEAT’s space definitely has more character than your average group fitness room.

What I didn’t like:

  • In order to keep the pace of the class moving, everyone leaves the treadmill belts running between sets.  Um…I’d never jumped on or off a moving treadmill belt before, much less one moving at 10 MPH.  By the end of the class, I was doing okay with it, but still – kinda scary!
  • I wouldn’t say this is a class for beginners.  I’m in pretty decent shape and this class humbled me.  Most of the attendees were very fit twenty-somethings.
  • The price.  A monthly unlimited membership will set you back $185; a single class drop-in is $18.  (Class packages are available that bring the per-class-cost down to $13-15.)  HEAT markets itself as an alternative to having a personal trainer, and for many people it probably could be.  But when, in Raleigh, you can get a membership to a nice gym with lots of classes for $50, it’s still kinda steep.

Bottom line: You hurt me, HEAT.  But I’ll be back.

As soon as I’m able to wash my hair again.  (Hey, at least I’m saving money on shampoo…)

17 responses to “It’s my own damn fault

  1. Sounds like an intense class! You can always tell if you got in a good workout if you can’t wash your hair afterwards!!

  2. Loved this post – and your entire blog. Thanks for coming to check us out and for the fantastic review.

    And this may help cure your MS Paint addiction… or at least re-direct it:

    See you soon!

  3. ohhhh my fitness center offers HEAT (sans treadmills) and I’ve been dying to try it out. I think you’re post has just convinced me to!

  4. The workout sounds crazy. I’d probably pass out in the middle of it. I went to a muy Thai kickboxing circuit workout class and had my ass handed to me. I never went back even though I really want to.

  5. I am probably crazy because that workout sounds completely awesome to me. I wonder if I can do this on my own at my gym during the less crowded hours. Probably not, which is why I need my own treadmill until this class comes to my gym!

  6. NICE! Love intense classes like this – especially when regular workouts start getting boring. It’s a good kind of pain!
    Although jumping off/on a running treadmill is horrifying! haha

  7. Hahaha sounds like my experience with Crossfit. OUCH. I limped for 5 days after ward. Strangely enough my upper body wasn’t sore even though I ended up doing 60+ pullups and 60+ chin ups. My lower body was wrecked though!

  8. That sounds awesome! Nothing is more rewarding than being so sore that even day-to-day activities are painful. Love.

  9. Phew, sounds intense! I would be afraid about the continuous treadmill belt, too.

    This class sounds amazing. I had no idea such a thing existed. Just googled and they have it in Atlanta too.

    Now justifying the cost to the hubby…


    Now HEAT can bully you into returning. You’ll never be able to reach the thing on the top shelf ever again.

  12. That class sounds amazing. I mean, I’m pretty sure it would kill me, but I’d still try it.

  13. Crossfit is similarly expensive but addictive.
    Now I have two memberships, one $$$, one with plenty of treadmills and classes for $49.

  14. ooh, that class does sound kind of awesome! But I would totally, hands down be the one that flew off the back of the treadmill.

  15. That class sounds like a good investment, actually. Not that I’d know about that. I’m cheaper than the cheap. Good luck on the showering thing!

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