Knockout knockoffs

Have you guys heard about the Costco tank tops that are supposedly the same thing as Lululemon tank tops?  But of course, waaaaay cheaper?

I hadn’t, until today.  And I happened to be in Costco’s neck of the woods today.

For the love of cheese, it’s not like I need any more running shirts.  But at $12.99 a pop, I decided to give these a shot.

I’ve never owned a Lululemon tank so I can’t speak to the similarities and/or differences.  I’ll leave that to these lulunuts.  (Hat tip to Brie for that link!)  But I will say that I’ve been wearing this soft little thing all afternoon – including on a rainy run and to a core class! – and I am loving it so far.

Nice and long; fitted and flattering, without being skintight on the belly; cut low enough to be feminine, but not so low that you can’t actually work out in it.

Is there anything that Kirkland Signature doesn’t do well?

Anyway.  Worth checking out if you have a Costco in your area.

Exciting running stats from last week:

M – 45 min easy (~5 miles, ~9:00 pace)
Tu – 3 X 1 mile on the TM (6:44, 6:39, 6:37), 5 miles total (38:25)
W – 40 min easy (~ 4.3 miles, ~9:15 pace)
Th – OFF
F – 35 min easy AM (~ 4 miles, ~9:00 pace) + 25 min HEAT intervals PM (~3.5 miles total)
Sa – 50 min easy (~5.5 miles, ~9:00 pace)
Su – 60 min easy w/hubs (~6 miles, ~10:00 pace)


Okay, not so exciting.  But I did get a couple of quality workouts in!  Total: 33.3 miles.

And the soreness is finally fading!  Last night, my arms felt strong enough to operate a corkscrew.

This 2010 Toasted Head Untamed White is a blend of Viognier (70%), Chardonnay (37%) and just a splash of Moscato (3%).  Very light and brightly flavored with lots of juicy peach!  Very easy to drink and should please those who like a sweeter wine without annoying the palate of those who…well, don’t. Which is to say it’s a nice, fruit-forward wine that’s not at all sticky or cloying.  I happened to be eating a sandwich wrap packed with fresh peaches, honey mustard and Brie while sipping this and it was a perfect combination!

Bottom line: Get it!  A very pleasant and versatile wine at a reasonable price (Purchased at Fresh Market, $10.)

Okay…off to snuggle my new tank top in bed.

(What?  It’s dry from my workout…mostly…)

35 responses to “Knockout knockoffs

  1. I don’t have a Costco membership, but I love me some Target workout gear. Lulu scares me. I feel like I would be treated like Julia Roberts if I were to go in there.

    • I love everything from Target except their sports bras! Their sports bras suck.

      I get my little running key cuffs from Lulu (they’re like $8) and I always feel like I shouldn’t touch anything else when I go in there.

  2. Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman I meant to say.

  3. Thanks for the wine rec! I’m not normally a fan of sweeter wines, but a lot of my extended family is. We may all like this. :-) I’ve also never owned anything lulu. Too bad we don’t have Costco close.

  4. I have a lot of lulu gear ! And I don’t go to Costco, I prefer to pay the big price and not support these big store (like Wal Mart) that kill the little ones…

    • Everyone is entitled to spend their dollars as they choose! :) But Lulu isn’t exactly a tiny neighborhood shop either. It wouldn’t shock me if they’d licensed (I think that’s how it would work, legally?) their design/material to private labels, including Costco’s.

      • Probably rebranded– you see that with a lot of Kirkland Signature stuff. Their vodka is actually Grey Goose, for instance.

    • That’s kind of like saying Target flip flops are putting Manolo Blahnik out of business. I really don’t think Lulu is competing with Wal-Mart, and I really doubt they are hurting for sales.

    • Lulu is such a little store with their chain all across America.

      • wikipedia: As of August 2008, there were 40 Lululemon Athletica stores across Canada, 38 stores and showrooms in the United States and seven stores and showrooms in Australia. The company continues to expand: it expects to open approximately 60 locations across Canada and the United States over the next two years.

    • Ok, maybe I should only have said that I don’t like and I don’t support ethically speaking Costco/Kirkland/Wal Mart, etc.

  5. I get a lot of my stuff at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. $8 UnderArmour tank top on clearance? Don’t mind if I do…

  6. Even the tag looks the same… I’m addicted to those tanks. They are the most comfortable workout tanks I own.

  7. I just bought one Monday and wore it last night. I was a big fan. I might have to go back for more colors. $12.99 for the win.

    I was totally going to write up a post about this and my other cheap workout clothes, but you beat me to it :)

  8. I need new workout shirts; any line on whether the men’s line is also quality? My wardrobe got winter heavy over the… winter.

    • I didn’t see any mens’ KS tops, but I wasn’t specifically looking for them.

      A couple of months ago, I picked up an Adidas tech top for my husband at Costco and he seems to like it. They usually have something, just keep your eyes peeled!

  9. What?? How did I not know about those tank tops?! Clearly I’ll be making a special trip to Costco soon. I’ve had Toasted Head before- it’s a very decent winery!

  10. Knockoffs are the besttttt especially as a broke ass college student!! Target, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx are my faves!

  11. Target also has some sweet knock-off spandex shorts that are a dead ringer for the “Lulu reverse groove shorts”. I think they’re like, $15 bucks. Team uniform???

    p.s. I suppose I should probably write this in an email, but I really like your idea of getting us singlets at cost. “Team Vodka Heist”….I can picture it now.

  12. Time for you to buy these tops in bulk from Costco and sell them on your blog. I’ll pay you 10% markup…ok ok…15%.

    Lulu scares the crap outa me. I went in once and got scared by how happy everyone is. I kind of prefer to be ignored in stores unless I need a new size or something. That said, I have a pair of their pants, and they are heaven to wear on weekends.

    I’m also sad that I didn’t think of starting Lulu first. Sell $100 yoga pants to image conscious women with a ton of disposable income? Yes please!

    (Sorry my comment is so cynical!!!).

  13. There’s a Costco near me! And I’ve never stepped foot inside. I will gladly do that for a flattering workout tank.

  14. I wish we had a Costco around here. If I send you a check, will you get me some mediums?

    While I get the majority of my workout gear on megaclearance/target/Running Warehouse, I do like the couple running things I’ve gotten and Lulu. Too rich for my blood generally, but they are really nice shorts.

  15. I’m stoked that you reviewed the Toasted Head white. I have been infatuated with the idea of a fire-breathing bear wine for a month +. Thanks!

  16. +1 for not showering. You will just run again tomorrow! Don’t waste water! I’m also so checking out the Costco tank.

  17. Ok so now I need to go to Costco! Although I read that link to the in depth review and they weren’t convinced. For $12, can’t hurt to try!

  18. i own a ton of lululemon clothing since i worked there back in the day when there was only ONE store in manhattan, and nobody even knew what it was… unless of course you were a super wealthy upper east/ west side trophy wife. we had to wear the clothing on the floor, so i’ve got TONS (all 40% off). i didn’t do yoga very often and it sat around for years but is finally being put to use once again. woohoo. anyway, i refuse to buy things from there because it’s too darn expensive, so i applaud your fake lulu top. i’m sure it’ll do right by you!

  19. I really want to own a couple of these, but I am not a Costo member… :-(

  20. I’m now debating getting a Costco membership, just for this.

  21. Karl suggested that I buy one of these tanks from Costco based on your glowing recommendation . Of course, I bought two. And I LOVE THEM. So soft, so soft!

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