No more fries

Alright.  It’s come to a point where I’ve admitted that something has to give.

I haven’t blogged about this because it isn’t the sort of thing I really enjoy writing about, but: I’m holding on to a couple of extra pounds right now and I’m kinda ready to say 23 skidoo to them.

I’m not going to waste any time and energy whining about how unfair it is that they are there.  I mean, it’s like five pounds.  And I know why they are there. They are there because my running mileage is down and I have a fondness for potato chips.  You probably know this by now.

At various points over the last few weeks, I’ve fleetingly entertained the idea of taking action.  And by that I mean: giving up something (or category of things) that I enjoy consuming.

Booze? Not going to happen.  (Although I have cut back.  You may have noticed that I don’t do the TODAY’S DRINK thing anymore.)

Bread? Nuh-uh, no way.  I love bread and it’s freaking everywhere and way too hard to avoid.

Candy? I don’t eat much candy anyway, so this wouldn’t do much good.

Ice cream? You may as well stab me to death with a dull pencil.  It’s summertime, dammit.  I will eat ice cream.

Then, on Sunday afternoon, the hubs came come from running some errands with a bag of McDonald’s french fries.

I don’t even remember what else was happening at the time, because within moments I was happily plucking those salty little sticks of heaven from their bright red carton, dragging them through the ketchup pile, and popping them into my mouth.  I love deep fried potatoes.  In fact, I love just about anything deep fried.  (Except pickles.)

And, you know what?  Most things that are deep fried taste pretty decent grilled, broiled or baked, too.

I found my sacrifice.

So while generally speaking I am not a fan of food vows, I’m making one: no more fried foods.  Not this summer.  Not until the first day of autumn.  At which point I will hopefully be able to pick up my running mileage again and not have to worry as much about this little gut.

I have no idea whether this will actually make a difference, but I think it’s worth a shot.  Right?

So, in an immediate attempt to replace the craving, I kicked things off tonight by making grilled fries.  While they weren’t as good as the red carton, they were pretty damn tasty:

(With an open-faced “caprese sandwich”…grilled marinated chicken, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and greens on toasted sourdough with a balsamic reduction.  OMG.)

And at least I don’t have to give up TEH BOOZE!

From Rabbit Ridge Winery in Paso Robles, this Le Lapin “Ingenuity” White blend is indeed a smart wine.   A blend of Sauv Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Pinot Grigio, this wine was light, crisp and easy to sip!  Green apples, grapefruit and a bit of apricot dominated, making it a great bottle to sip while nibbling on something fruity.

(Or while plowing through a plate of grill fries.)

Bottom line: Get it!  A very nice summertime wine at a great price.  (Purchased at Whole Foods, $8.)

And finally, here are some boring running stats…for the last two weeks, since apparently I never posted them last week.  (Oops.)

Week of 6/27 to 7/3:

M – 50 min easy (~5.5 M)
Tu – 30 min easy (~3.4 M)
W – AM: Tempo run on TM, 3 M, 22:45 (7:35 pace); PM: 55 min easy (~6 mi)
Th – 45 min easy (~5 mi)
F – HEAT workout (strength + TM intervals) plus run to and from studio: overall 5.5 mi (43:30, 7:53 pace)
Sa – OFF
Su – Easy run w/hubs (1:17, ~8 mi, 9:45 pace)

Total: 37 miles

Week of 7/4 to 7/10:

M – OFF (Hike in Asheville)
Tu – 30 min easy (~3.4 M) + core class
W – Godiva track meet, 3K race + WU/CD, 5 miles total.
Th – 50 min easy (~5.5 mi)
F – HEAT workout, strength + TM intervals, total 3.5 mi
Sa – 10 miles long on hills (1:35, ~9:30 pace)
Su – 5.5 easy (treadmill, 45:00, 8:11 pace)
Total: 33 miles

Aaaaand I’m off to bed because something possessed me to sign up for the 6 AM “Tread + Shred” TRX class tomorrow morning at 6 AM at HEAT.

I might actually die.

At least if I vomit, it will be homemade grilled Yukon fries and not that Mickey D’s shit.  I’m sure that will be a lot more appealing to every else in the class.

35 responses to “No more fries

  1. Good luck with the summer food vow! I don’t eat a lot of deep-fried stuff, but when I crave it, I really crave it. Yes, I admit I love McD’s fries. I can’t imagine running in the Carolina heat all summer, so I agree cutting back on food indulgences is probably the best option. Glad u aren’t giving up the ” drink” part of your blog. :-)

  2. I can’t eat fried food anymore. It makes me sh*t for hours. I love me some McDonald’s fries though. They’re so hard to resist!

  3. Interesting, because although people always complain about putting on weight during the winter, I ALWAYS get a wee little gut in the summer. This, I believe, is due to the fact that ice cream, beer, and barbecue are far more appealing when it’s warm outside (also probably due to the fact that summer running sux, and my family doesn’t do Thanksgiving).

    Anyway, it’s 6:12 a.m. Hope you’re not booting yet.

  4. I think I’ve decided to give up for the summer is pizza. I NEVER wanted to eat pizza when I lived in Florida, and I think there’s something about heat + grease = really unappealing to me. See again for our 6 months of winter, pizza.

  5. $8 wine at Whole Foods exists? I’m gonna take a hike down the street now… or maybe wait until after work. Whatev- I know it’s there…

    Giving up fried food completely will suck. But you can do it! Because God forbid the booze be taken away… seriously.

    • The WF here has this whole section of wines under $10. For the most part it’s the same stuff and I’ve tried most of them at this point, but there are usually a few “new” bottles on rotation there! If you find it, let me know how you like it!

  6. We have an AMAZING place called Dairy Godmother…google it :) It is next to another really good place called Taqueria Poblano. Both places are not good for squishy areas. But with summer week day miles pretty low, I like to add in yoga 2 or 3 times per week. It really gets your metabolism going and keeps it going. I cannot say no to Key Lime custard with a side scoop of chocolate!
    Good luck.
    See you at the Tough Mudder!

  7. Fried food and booze are my vices too, well and frozen pizzas. I should probably try to cut back on one of those three as I am also hanging on to some unwanted pounds. Good luck though, I can’t say no to fries… ever.

  8. haha “salty sticks of heaven” you crack me up :)
    But for real. Fries are the jam. Who can resist them? And I think my husband has stock in McD’s that I don’t know about because the man eats there almost daily. Yet he’s in kind of awesome shape. Damn you, cruel world. Good luck with the giving up fried foods, you can dooo it!

  9. Ha-you sound like me! I have about 10 extra pounds that need to go too, but giving up booze, bread, and ice cream (oh, and cheese) just isn’t going to happen. Giving up candy miiiight because I do eat it more than I care to admit, but giving up fried food might be the way to go. If you like squash, try making butternut squash fries-even my super picky husband loves them. There are a few recipes out there but I usually use Hungry Girl’s.

  10. Rabbit Ridge makes nice cheap wines. I like their “Allure de Robles” red, which is on sale at WF frequently…maybe $9. Will look for that little Lapin since it sounds nice.

    Fried and salty – no problem saying no. Homemade ice cream/fresh mozzarella/manchego/brie de meaux/Red Hawk/I could go on and on about cheese? BIG problem.

  11. I’m wondering if this includes stuff you fry youself. Like…pan fries…because THOSE are delicious.

    I always gain weight every summer! Still haven’t figured out why. I figured it’ll all come off when November comes around and I never see the light of day until March. The weight gain is just my altruistic way of making sure that everyone else around me looks better in their short shorts.

    I was in Raleigh at this time last year!

  12. Booze is the last thing I would give up. Ice cream, no problem…but I am not giving up my beer/wine in the summertime! No way, jose! So with you! I love this post.. :)

  13. Aw man, bummer. I refuse to give up my glass of wine a day, but I have tried to resist the tempting “2nd glass” lately :)
    Last week I officially gave up diet soda (except for maybe on the weekends). So far so good. We all have our vices. Good luck!

  14. I’d like to give up my 30’s and go back to my 20’s! Since I hit 30 it seems like the extra 5 pounds just started sticking around permanently. I can’t give anything up completely though. I am too week. I just try to cut back on all of the above!

  15. Fried foods are absolutely my weakness. And I just tried fried pickles last weekend and thought they were delicious, so there is no exception! Good luck with the challenge… Maybe I will try this as well.

  16. Mmm, fries. Oops, I mean grilled fries! Yours look quite tasty.

    I agree that summer time brings forth a ridiculous amount of tempting foods (BBQ! ice cream! beachy cocktails!). And after a few (okay, 5) months of fancy dinner dates with the new man-friend, I’m definitely trying to limit fried foods and indulgent desserts. The fact that my co-worker thought I was pregnant (WTF/lolz) is good motivation for this.

    I think you’re making wise decisions. Wine/Beer >> Everything

  17. Christy Jackson

    Good luck! I could never give up french fries. I guess I’ll always carry around that extra weight. 😀

    This MAY help you stay away from fast food fries all together. blech. You’re better off making your own fries at home…

    • Ick! Wendy’s is gross all around. Although as an unintended consequence: that just made me want some Five Guys fries. :)

      But yes, the homemade grilled/baked/broiled version is a very good substitute!

  18. If I cut out all alcohol and sugar I’d lose those “last 5-10 pounds” that I can never really get rid of. But I don’t really want to give those things up.

    The other things you mentioned? Sure. I realized a few months ago that fries aren’t worth it. They are SO high in calories and not worth it. It sits like a rock in my stomach. I’ve been skipping fries and bread (as much as I can, I eat an English Muffin once in awhile) and it’s helping.

    Good luck!

  19. I’m dealing with about 5 lbs right now that need to go away. I decided to go back to what worked the first time I tried to lose weight and use the Weight Watchers points and tracking. I’m one day in and want to quit. Maybe no fries or desserts would be an easier way to go. Alcohol is easy for me thanks to living in LA and usually needing to drive.

  20. Ahh I love french fries more then any food in the joke! I give them up once a year during lent and it is seriously so painful!

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  22. 2010 was a completely fry, tater tot and onion ring free year for Karl and I. hash browns were a point of contention though because, in my opinion, if it is called a hash brown it should count or not count against. Case in point-mcdonald’s hash browns. Anyway, I applaud you for giving up all fried food. And will assure you that it gets easier. Good luck!!

  23. FAIL! You should’ve just come and hung out with me Monday thru Wednesday. You surely would’ve got the stomach bug I got to “enjoy” for about 60 hours. But presto…. 5 pounds of my-mileage-isn’t-as-high-but-I’m-eating-like-it-is GONE!

    P.S. It totally wasn’t worth. I would rather give up fried foods than go thru that hell again.

  24. If you, the wondrous and cheerful and sensible Shelby, can give up something you love that much for the rest of the summer for such a cause, I feel like I should join you in solidarity–especially because your process of elimination on the good stuff you need to keep goes pretty much like mine in these things. Maybe I can give up the midnight mug of cereal, even if it means I am less interesting to my dog NOT eating it anymore…

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