Crackin’ a forty

No, we’re not talking about beer.  (Not yet, anyway.)

We’re talking about mileage!  And about how great it feels to build it back up a little bit.  My first 40+ mile week since, uh…May?  Wow.

M – 5 mi easy (treadmill, 1% incline, 41:50, 8:21 pace)
Tu – (AM) TRX + intervals at HEAT, total ~2 mi; (PM) 3.5 mi easy (group leader for social run, 35:00, 10:00 pace)
W – 5 mi easy (45:00, 9:00 pace)
Th – 7 mi easy, met up with with Jenny and Lisa (1:01, 8:42 pace)
F – 5 mi easy, thought about doing a tempo-ish run but then just decided to do a medium-paced run, it was a gorgeous morning and I just wanted to enjoy it! (40:57, 8:11 pace)
Sa – 11 mi easy (long run w/hubs, 1:45:00, 9:30 pace)
Su – Intervals at HEAT (total ~2.5 mi)

Total: 41 miles.  Yay!

A few notes:

  • The weather was freakin’ GORGEOUS this week.  GORGEOUS.  Low humidity and everything.  It was enough to get me out of bed for a record FOUR morning workouts this week.
  • I’m still running naked and really enjoying it.  Nope, I don’t miss the Garmin at all.  It’ll continue to hibernate in my underwear drawer for a few more weeks.
  • Those HEAT classes?  Are continuing to kick my ass and I’m totally loving it.  I’m going to try to go twice a week for the rest of the summer.  Yeah, it a little expensive, but I like the format of pay-per-use better than a gym membership.  Because the fact is that I simply am not going to go lift weights.  And committing to a gym for a whole year is scary anyway.  I’m hoping these classes help my strength a little bit so I don’t get those pathetic sore abs and arms after every race this fall.
  • I can haz new shoes?

I need another pair of running shoes like a turkey needs a popsicle.  Buuuuut…this adorable pair of Brooks Green Silence was a random special order for my co-worker’s girlfriend and she decided to get a different color so these were just sitting in the stockroom, whispering my name every time I walked by them.

“We’re your size,” they hissed.  “We’re adorable.  We’re baby blue.  We’re imprinted all over with flower cutouts and would be perfect for speedwork.”

So much for silence.

I’ve worn these to my last couple of HEAT classes and I love them!  They’re lightweight (6.9 oz) and have a relatively shallow heel-to-toe drop (8mm, versus 12mm in my Ghosts and most other running shoes).  There’s not much cushion, so you definitely feel the ground a little, but I like that kind of ride.  I’m not taking them out on a 20-miler any time soon, but I think they’ll be great for speedier stuff!

Also, they are made from recycled plastic bottles or something.  And obviously, they are baby blue and cute as hell.  (They are not “Carolina Blue” as everyone around here claims.  Hello, I am not from these parts. Don’t drag me in to your college sports wars.  I just like the color blue.)

Anyway.  Another W for Brooks in my book!

So.  Now we are gonna to talk about beer.  I wish I had a FOUR-TAY of this Victory Summer Love Ale:

I’ve never been disappointed in a Victory beer, and this one was no exception.  The bottle’s kitschy label, featuring scenes from beaches and ballparks, shrouds the contents in mystery, giving no indication of the beer’s style.  I expected something pretty light.

But actually, it was more like a Pale Ale.  (Technically, it’s a Blonde.)  Everything about its flavor evokes the outdoors: you get plenty of grass and pine along with a distinct floral flavor, but on a softer level than other Blondes/Pales.  It was definitely an enjoyable beer and a refreshing break from the normal summer seasonal lineup of wheat and fruit beers.  5.2% ABV.

Bottom line: Get it!  (Purchased at I-don’t-know-where since my coworker gave it to me.  Victory is out of PA so I imagine you can find this readily at specialty shops and higher-end grocery stores on the east coast.)

Alrighty, kids.  That’s all from me for now.  We had a sidewalk sale at work this weekend and I’ve been husslin’ my butt off ringing up $2 tee shirts for the last three days.  (Yes, it was the pinnacle of my young career.)  I’m off to throw a cattle slab on the grill with some veggies and call it a week.  See ya tomorrow!

How was your weekend? And how was your week last week, workout/mileage-wise?

20 responses to “Crackin’ a forty

  1. Those shoes are kind of awesome, I love the little flower cut-outs, super cute.
    And I’m failing my state miserably because I’ve never heard of Victory beer, so I’ll have to do a little researching. Have a good week!

  2. I love Victory. The Storm King is like a beer steak and the Moonglow [draught] is delicious. And Golden Monkey…yikes!!

  3. I’m definitely digging those shoes. Good call on deciding to adopt them after all.

    I wonder what a turkey WOULD do with a popsicle? Ignore it or peck at it? Hmm.

  4. I like those sneakers. Very funky design.

  5. Love the new sneakers! You had an old post where you sorted your sneakers….think it’s time to bring it back??

    Running naked is a cool concept- but do you ever miss the ability to find inspiration mid-run in your stats? When I want to slow down but I know I could hit the next mile within 2 mins if I dont…….i tend to find the energy to finish the split. Is this a challenge, to push yourself without any stats?

    • For the hot summer months, I’m just running easy, so I don’t miss having all the stats. :) I’ll definitely be excited to have them again when the weather cools off a little and I start doing real workouts again!

  6. Man, all good things must come to an end as far as the weather is concerned. It “feels like 88” at 5:22am in WISCONSIN. What’s up, weather? You owe use cool, breezy summers for all the crap we have to put up with in January and February.

  7. i luuuuv victory.

    i know, the weather last week was AWESOME, wasn’t it!? sadly, it looks like that trend is over . . .

  8. Great week! I’m always pretty happy to be running 40 mpw too. Good stuff!

    I’ve been loving all the pales, blondes, etc. I’m a sucker for a seasonal beer!

  9. We live about 3 miles from Victory! Love going there for all their beers, but the bar food is good too.

    Just thought I’d chime in with that :)

  10. Nice running! It was lovely in NYC last week too – low humidty and refreshing – and I had a great running week too! Now it’s the polar opposite – totally gross out. Eh well. I love those shoes and Brooks in general. And am kind of jealous of your HEAT classes! I need a good ass kicking like that.

  11. Jealous of your nice weather. In Florida I can’t even step outside the house after 8a.m. without breaking a step. Its 90 and humid all day every day. I am getting so sick of the treadmill.

  12. My weekend was wonderful…my mileage, not so much. I spent more time exercising my liver than my legs. Ooops…

  13. Little-known scientific fact: turkeys invented popsicles.
    Those shoes are so cute! So do you get, like, twice as many page views as usual if you post something involving the word “naked”? I did that once, and it was quite the draw.

  14. I’ve heard of Victory- I think you can find it out here in Chicago, actually! I’ll have to try it out. I’m scurred to go running outside this week- the humidity and 90+ temps make me feel like I’m choking.

  15. No way! Last week I happened upon your blog when doing a search for something or other, and thought: Holy Crap, this is ME! Cooking? Check. Beer? Check. Running? Check. So I signed up to get new entries in my inbox and I can’t believe it: I have been a Brooks girl for years, but just got my first ever Green Silence last week (one of those phone orders you do from Road Runner after 2.5 glasses of wine when everything seems like a good idea) and have been emailing everyone I know to say how much I LOVE THEM! Mine are black with a sorta bright blue sole and designy-type thing. But freaking AWESOME. Love your blog. Or tweet. Or whatever the f it is. : )


  16. OK I stealthily found this post and another one where you talk about your pile of shoes. Like a few other people, sounds like you like Brooks — is Brooks Ghost your long-distance shoe? I want these.