Blossoms and blood

On Friday morning, I was approximately twenty minutes in to my drive up to New Jersey for the big relay weekend when it dawned on me that I’d made the dumbest mistake I could possibly make in such circumstances.

I’d forgotten my running shoes.


I’d taken great pains to make sure that the wine was cozily nestled in the cooler. I’d double and triple-checked on the giant bag of candy.  But running shoes?  Unimportant, apparently.

Possibly tragic.  Except that I happened to have a fresh pair handy in the car:

I’d picked up these Mizuno Wave Precision 13’s as a work freebie.  They seemed to fit great and gosh they were cute!  (Look at the cherry blossom art!  Cuuuuute!)  But there was one problem: I’d never actually run in them.

What do we always say about races?  Never try anything new on race day.

So it was probably a pretty bad idea to try out these pretty babies for the first time on a day-long relay.

But I’m not known for making good decisions, and I sure as hell was not going to add 40 minutes to my drive by going back home to get my tried-and-true Brooks flats.  So out of the box and on to my feet went the Mizunos on Saturday morning.

You can probably see where this is headed.

Nobody makes me bleed my own blood! Except for…well, me.  When I’m being an idiot and racing in new shoes.

Overall, I actually don’t think they’re bad shoes!  But they’re definitely a little narrower than the Brooks Ghosts in which I do most of my mileage.  And I probably should have given the ol’ toenails a little trim on account of that.

But they’re light and flexible and a solid lightweight trainer…they remind me a lot of Kinvaras, actually.  Except cuter.   Because they have cherry blossoms.

Anyway.  Lesson learned.   My toe will heal and hopefully the blood stains will wash away the first time I take the shoes through a puddle.  And if not?  It will just remind me of the time when I was a badass and bled through my shoes.  (Or…um, when I was a dumbass and forgot my shoes.)

Here’s how last week’s mileage came out:

Meh on the volume, but a little pat on the back for getting a few decent workouts in and bringing that average pace down a little!  Partial credit goes to the treadmill for that, though.  It’s remarkable that an 8-minute pace feels easy on the treadmill right now, while a 9-minute pace is difficult to maintain outside.  Damn you, summer.

And July as a whole:

Definitely an improvement over May and June!

Today was kind of a long day, so I’m going to enjoy my no-cook dinner:

Smoked salmon, fluffy whipped cream cheese, and an everything bagel with a big salad.  Yum.

And sip on a little pink:

I was rather unimpressed with the 2009 version of this 2010 La Ferme Julien Rose when I tried it last year.   I’m not sure that the 2010 version is all that much better.  I mean, it’s drinkable, but it’s kinda sharp and a little watery.  A little bit of rosewater on the nose and some strawberry in the mouth, but overall it’s just boring.  I guess this goes against my pro-French-pink stance.  Oh well.

Bottom line: Skip it.  (Purchased at Trader Joe’s, $7.)

Off to rest the eyeballs for a few hours…see y’all tomorrow with a sock giveaway winner or two!

18 responses to “Blossoms and blood

  1. So jealous of your work freebies, and those are so pretty! (Well, minus the blood I guess).

  2. That dinner looks AWESOME. I’ve been known to eat a dinner of wheat thins, cream cheese and smoked salmon. Yum!

  3. omg those are the most beautiful shoes ever! I want to marry Mizuno.

  4. what is this, a shoe for ants??
    (can’t resist a zoolander reference. it’s just a fact.)

  5. Those shoes are awesome! Too bad they weren’t more kind to your little toe.

  6. I like those sneakers a lot. I like pretty things. I think the blood only adds more of a feminine touch. Like a period stain.

  7. I just love the random luck that you just so happened to have a pair of running shoes in the car. I want your job.

    And the candy? Just as, if not more, important. Let’s get serious.

  8. Cute shoes! And the battle wounds definitely make it look better. 😉

  9. Um, I kind of want those shoes. A new pair though, without the blood.

  10. You had me at “narrow”. I want those shoes!! They are so cute. And I have narrow feet so these may actually be a good fit for me! Now, if I could only get work freebies…

  11. Ick. Hate it when I can describe wine as watery. I’m really loving those shoes though. I’m about to buy their Wave Alchemy soon, but I really really really wish they had cherry blossoms on them too. Obviously not jealous of the blood though. Nope. Not so cute.

  12. Dodgeball FTW.

    Those shoes are adorable. I love cherry blossoms. I almost had to break up with my Mizuno wave riders recently. They are narrow and I had tied the laces at the bottom way too tight. I started getting a funky pain below my pinky toe and once I realized why, all was right with the world.

    Hope you had a great berffday.

  13. Oh man, I ran Boston in a brand new pair of running shoes with the exact same result. My beautiful white/blue and blood red shoes…

  14. I appreciate the blister as sacrifice to make sure you had the wine and candy!

  15. I love all things cherry blossom. I saw these {I think they might be the 12’s?} and love them. Sucky that they’re narrowish because I have wide man feet. :(

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