One more week

Of summer, that is.

Okay, it’s only August 8 and that does not compute.  But from a marathon-training perspective, it totally works.  Check it: three weekends stand between me and September.  September is practically fall.  And that means the dew point will instantly drop to a tolerable level and a chilly breeze will blow this miserable heat right outta here. Um…right?

(Don’t wreck my fantasy.)

So.  Three weekends.  One is a “bye week” with no long run.  One is a travel weekend to lovely, temperate Maine.  That just leaves one more North Carolina long run this summer!

See?  It works.

At least that is what I was telling myself as I suffered through 13 hellish miles on Sunday morning.

What…you’re not buying it?

I can’t tell you how glad I am that I’m just running Athens in November for fun and not trying to do a goal-race marathon this fall.  I was barely hanging on to 10-minute pace yesterday; I can’t imagine trying to run workouts with portions of the LR at GMP.

(It probably would have helped if we hadn’t started the run at 10 AM and ended at noon.  Ahem.  I still don’t like mornings.)

A bottle of wine with dinner was well-earned:

This 2008 Chardonnay-Semillon from Aussies Wine Men of Gotham was a pleasant surprise!  I picked it up on a whim while grabbing some corn on the cob to grill with dinner.  80% (unoaked) Chard and 20% Semillon, this wine was fruit forward (papaya, mango, pineapple) without being tart, its sweetness balanced some nice minerals and just a little bit of something spicy (a juicy red onion?).  Anyway.  It was delicious.

Bottom line: Yes! A great summertime Chard. (Purchased at Fresh Market, $11.)

I’ve been a retail monster the last few days; it was tax-free weekend here in North Carolina and I can’t even tell you how many pairs of feet I looked at over the last three days.  Whew!  And creepy interwebz hellos back to the few people who were all like, O HAI I LIKE YOUR BLOG!  I like you for liking my blog!  Let’s get beers!

Anyway.  Happy Monday, kids!

14 responses to “One more week

  1. eeesh, I finished 10 miles by 8 am Sunday and looked like I’d been hosed down by the ACFD. Come to think of it, if they’d been the fire guys I’ve seen running around here, that would have been damn nice. I said the same thing this morning, though – hey, it’s practically fall-Thanksgiving-New Year’s! But it was still 94 today.

  2. Happy Monday! I’m totally fine with the idea that fall is getting close; my favorite season. 😀

  3. I can’t wait for fall! I totally buy your logic! Since I am leaving for cooler parts of Europe next week until September I have no more summer long runs in NYC! YESSSS!

  4. I am so done with this summer too! Bring on the cool, crisp weather.

    Whereabouts in Maine are you headed to? I go up there all the time to visit my family. :-)

    • We’re flying in to Portland and then taking a ferry across to a little island to attend a wedding…and making a long weekend out of it. I love it up there! So gorgeous!


    Similar feelings regarding the reintroduction of long runs (ick) and summer coming to a quasi-close. August is when you begin to have your eye on the fall, and since fall running is 900 times better than summer running, I would rather prefer to be in shape for it. Unfortunately, that prep period means running in gawdawful August weather.

    • Yes…I’m not sure if you were around when AR and I were debating the finer points of running in the summer (or lack of benefit thereto…) but you’re definitely right that it’s a necessary evil in order to have a decent fall!

  6. Temperate Maine? It’s been hot as balls up there!

    • Haha, I guess it’s all relative…I’ll take highs in the 70s or 80s any day over this triple-digit BS!

  7. I’ve actually been enjoying the heat- but then again I’m not running 13 miles in it, so I’ll pipe down. I can’t wait to hear about the Athens marathon. And I secretly sort of just want to stow away in your suitcase. Think I’d surpass the weight limit?

  8. Oh honey, you live in the South now. It’s 8 more weeks. Also, no more fall marathons. Think January marathons.

  9. i agree – winter marathons and it’ll be cool 😉 I’m running outer banks marathon in November – probably weather in the 60s, perhaps 70s….

    Which….btw, are you going to sign up for Salem Lake 30k? we just signed up last week – it caps at 1000 runners (for both 30k & 10k). You should do it…..