Peach Pound Cake with Candied Basil

Well, we made it home last night.  It was after 3 AM when our plane’s wheels touched the runway at RDU and nearly an hour after that when my head finally touched my pillow.

Long day.

No amount of coffee was gonna make getting out of bed this morning a pleasant task, but I did smile when I realized I had goodies in the mail!

Cookies!  Thank you, Blogger Bake Swap, for a fabulous breakfast this morning! These biscuit-y, buttery cookies were perfect with my morning coffee.   Hey Halley, can I have the recipe? :)

I hope she is enjoying the peachy pound cake I sent as much as I’m enjoying her cookies!

I made this Georgia Peach Pound Cake from A Well-Seasoned Life – except with North Carolina peaches, of course.  I baked it in a loaf pan for ease of shipping and topped it with some candied basil leaves.

I had never candied a basil leaf (or any kind of leaf) before and it was kind of fun.  You just dredge ’em in whipped egg whites, dunk them in superfine sugar, and then lay they out to dry for a couple of hours.

Um…with all of these baked goods floating around here, I should probably be running a little more.

Honestly, I’m feeling a little unfocused at the moment when it comes to my workouts.  I have a mile race in a month that I haven’t really trained for, and aside from the OMG FUNSIES NOT REALLY RACING marathon in November, the calendar is pretty blank.

I’d assumed I’d focus on 5K-type stuff this fall, but I feel like I’m already behind the ball on that one.

I’d assumed that doing these long runs with the hubs to help get him through his first-ever marathon training cycle wouldn’t tire me out on account of the easier pace, but I’m finding that just because I’m not running as fast doesn’t mean I won’t be stiff and sore.  If anything, I’m strangely sore in different places.  I think running slower causes me to change my form.

I’d assumed that I’d feel refreshed and renewed and excited about running hard again after a summer of lazy base-building, but I don’t feel that way at all.


Goal for next week: miles run > cookies eaten.

14 responses to “Peach Pound Cake with Candied Basil

  1. I feel the same way about my running now as well, unfocused. Better get my glasses on…just about a month out from Twin Cities Marathon!

    And candied basil? That sounds pretty spectacular!

  2. Candied basil leaves? Sounds interesting. I’m hoping once it stops being 90 degrees every day my desire to run more returns.

  3. Wow, that cake sounds delicious. I hope I get you in next swap!

  4. Ooh, I love the idea of candied basil. I wouldn’t mind that biscuit/cookie recipe too, if you manage to get your hands on it.

    The past few times I’ve been to the grocery store they’ve only had California peaches. What the heck is that? No Georgia Peach Poundcake me in Atlanta either.

    • Really? I feel like I’ve seen Georgia peaches here…but not as abundant as NC peaches. And I’ve seen the CA peaches too…weird.

  5. I love these little bake swap success stories :)
    And both of those baked goods look freaking delicious. And I totally feel you on the workout>cookies ration that is oh-so-necessary this week.

  6. I love your goal for next week- good luck! Those basil leaves sound intruiging, I may have to try candying (is that a word?) some.

  7. I bet your pound cake was fabulous. I love your goal, by the way. That’s a good one.

  8. I’ve never heard of candied basil… Fascinating!

  9. That candied basil is quite fancy looking. Makes me want to run out and candy a bunch of stuff.

  10. I am WILD about your peach pound cake, and the boyfriend loves it too! Do I have a recipe? Umm… I free-styled your cookies!