Well, how appropriate.  After spending yesterday writing all about how much I love the food down here in the South…today, I get an impromptu lunch date.

Beasley’s Chicken + Honey just opened a couple of weeks ago.  It’s a new casual restaurant from the chef-owner of Poole’s, which is my favorite restaurant in Raleigh.

Like Poole’s, Beasley’s lacks menus.  It’s all written up there on that board:

Yesterday, Beasley’s had three entrees: a quarter chicken with honey, a chicken biscuit, or chicken and waffles.  (Well, actually two, as the waffles are only available late nights and brunch.)

Some people might balk at the lack of selection, but personally, I love it when restaurants choose to do one thing and do it exceptionally well.  (And, well…if you don’t like chicken, don’t go to a chicken restaurant!)

The hubs and I split a quarter chicken.  Adios, unfried summer!

Along with a side of some sort of mac-and-pimento-cheese-spicy-custard-thing:

And a butter lettuce salad with smoky tomato ranch dressing:

Chicken: perfectly crispy on the outside, tender and juicy inside, delicious.  It comes drizzled with just enough honey to make your fingers delightfully sticky.

Mac thingy: OMG.  I don’t know what they put in there or why it’s a “custard” but it was a damn fine slice of homestyle mac and cheese.

Salad: OMG AGAIN.  I lobbied hard for the inclusion of this because I love tender butter lettuce, but it was the smoky ranch that made the dish.  Wonderful.

Bottom line: Yes, I will absolutely return.  The food is excellent, of course, but it’s the value that makes Beasley’s a home run.  Entrees are $6-10, hearty sides are $3.50, and although we didn’t imbibe, I did notice there were many bottles of wine in the $25 range.  Perfect for a budget date night!

Okay, so that was lunch.  But I’m not done talking about chicken.

Because I am one.

In the hours leading up to my Big Important Hair Appointment this afternoon, I hemmed and hawed and finally made up my mind: chop it like it’s hot.

Then, I got in the chair and lost my nerve.  I went to say the word “chop” and the word “trim” came out instead.  However, I did decide to mix things up a bit…

Goodbye, mousy brown.  Hello, red! I haven’t colored my hair in years.  But the persistence of a single gray hair along my part-line has been irking me lately, and since I wasn’t gonna change the length, I decided to go for it.

And I. Love. It.

You know what?  That’s another great thing about living in a place like Raleigh as opposed to New York or Boston.  Things are cheaper here.  A cut + color here costs less than a plain old cut at my old salon in NYC!

Anyway.  Thanks so much for all of your input on my post the other day! Ultimately, I think it came down to the fact that long hair really is easier for me to deal with.  I have a shit-ton of hair and it HAS to be styled when it’s short.  Maybe someday I’ll grow some balls and chop it again, but for now, I’m pretty happy.

Well, that’s more than enough vain posturing and posing from me for a day. Make that a month.

Off to try to do something productive with what’s left of the evening.  (Ahem, filthy apartment.)

35 responses to “Chicken

  1. Your hair looks great! I wish mine would hurry up and grow back out.

  2. Loooove the red! Always wanted to be a redhead.

  3. Loving the red — looks great!

  4. margot @ fasterbunny

    omg you look amazing!!!! seriously love!

  5. I love the color and long is the easier way to go when you live someplace hot and humid. Yummy chicken. *sigh* I am too European now and would need bio chicken (becoming a food snob) Thanks for sharing the pics of southern food very motivational for my long run -now I can come home and make some grits and eggs!

  6. The color looks great!

    I’ve always wanted to try hair that color, but I’m a big wuss.

  7. The color looks good. I’m likely dying my hair this weekend thanks to ONE gray hair that sticks straight up when I put my hair in a ponytail. Ugh….

  8. I love the red! I dyed my hair dark auburn recently and it took a little time to grow on me, but I like it now. Yours looks pretty!

    Mac and cheese custard thing? Get in my mouth hole!

  9. I was reading this post at my desk, and a young guy I work with walked by my computer. He’s like “she’s really pretty” and kept walking. LOL. Thought I’d let you know. I really like the new do as well!

  10. Um, that meal looks AMAZING.

    And so does your hair!! Love that color.

    I too have a shitton of hair and when it’s short, it’s high-maintenance. When it’s long, it can just … hang out. So it stays long.

  11. Your hair looks great!! Love the color. Keeping it long makes it that much easier to wear it in a pony tail when you are running.

  12. Love the new hair color. It looks great on you! But I might love the fried chicken more because I wish it was in my stomach right now.

  13. Christy Jackson

    Mmmm Chicken and Waffles. Nom nom nom.
    Love the color!

  14. Great choice on the hair! It looks great and very polished, plus you still get to tie it up if needed.

  15. I so want to try chicken and waffles. Def. not a staple in the Midwest… more like schnitzel and waffles.

  16. With cheese sauce.

  17. digging the red hue. I hear ya, I get the urge to chop and then ALWAYS chicken out, so thankful I do. I look like a child with short hair, as opposed to a teen with my long hair. whatevs.

  18. Awesome hair cut! Totally cute.

  19. red is hawt. i was a red head for a year back in high school. if i didn’t love being blonde so much i’d copycat you right now. maybe this winter…hmmmmm….

    and chicken and waffles. yum

  20. I like the color! I totally agree about restaurants specialize in something and do it really well. If there’s tons of selection and everything is sort of mediocre, how is that better?

  21. Hair’s looking awesome!! Definitely a good decision. I dye my hair back and forth between blonde & brunette all the time – it’s fun.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  22. My husband & I just experienced Poole’s Diner for the first time a couple weeks ago. It was AMAZING! We’ll have to add Beasley’s to our must try list! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Love the color!!! Gorgeous. :-)

    I have a single gray hair that comes up between where my hair parts. It’s definitely noticable when I have a ponytail. I think a color is needed.

    That mac and cheese dish looks amazing! I would make the trip to Raleigh just for that. :-)

  24. what beeeeautil hair. and chicken! and i would like some mac-thingy, please.

  25. Love the hair color!
    I apparently need to book us on the next flight to Raleigh…our last name is Poole and that place looks great!

  26. I’m lovin’ the new hair! Longer hair is definitely easier to handle!

    And the dinner looks delicious…when I scrolled through quick I got excited because I thought there might be a recipe for the mac dealio!

  27. Poole’s is my FAVORITE Raleigh restaurant too! In love with it. I haven’t tried Beasley’s yet, but my husband has and loved it. He’s vying for the chicken & waffles.

    Your hair looks awesome!

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