Fried rice cakes for the save

My weekend was kind of shit.

And I know I haven’t blogged since last Thursday.  But you didn’t miss much. Because if I had, it would have just been like “Wow, I feel like boiled garbage. Oh hey, I missed my long run.  I need more Chicken McNuggets, stat.”

It all started when I engaged in some serious python eating on Friday afternoon and inhaled a turkey sub the size of my femur.  (Like, seriously…this sandwich was probably meant to feed two or three people.)  But I was famished.

I promptly got a stomachache, of course.  Laying on the bed and moaning to the cat did not help. Hauling my bloated belly out for a slow run did not help. Writhing around on a mat in a poor imitation of yoga did not help.

Naturally, I turned to a bottle of red wine to see if that might help.

Spoiler: it didn’t.  And there went my Saturday, too.

As I pulled my eye-mask snugly over my eyes and buried my pounding, dehydrated head in my pillow, blocking out the bright Saturday morning sunlight in which I should have been out doing a long run, I thought about how much I hate it when the only thing standing in my way is…me.

Oh well.  Lesson learned.  For a while, anyway.

Sunday brought a slight improvement in my condition.  I set out on a halfhearted mission to salvage my long run,  but I started far too late in the morning and ended up cutting it short at seven miles and change.  (Dear everyone who is “totally loving the fall weather!”…I hate you.  It is still hot and humid as balls here.)

Anyway.  That afternoon, I tried to salvage what was left of the weekend by playing in the kitchen with some sticky rice and a pot of hot oil.

Rice cakes.  These delightful little concoctions – hot and crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside – are what I think of when I think of rice cakes.  Not those boring cylinder bags of pseudo-snack food that were totally rad back in the 90s.

Crispy rice cakes topped with spicy tuna is one of my favorite things to order when I go out for sushi.  (Which, sadly, due to geography and budgetary limitations, happens rather infrequently these days.)  I didn’t happen to have any sashimi-grade tuna on hand (#whitegirlproblems) but I did have shrimp.

I kinda made this up as I went along, and came out really well!  I mean…it’s not exactly rocket science.  You mush together some rice.  You fry it.  You top it with something delicious smothered in mayo and sriracha sauce.  The only tricky part was making sure the rice was packed really, really tightly…because any loose rice chunks WILL break free in the frying oil and make a smoky mess of your kitchen.

Recipe: Spicy Shrimp on Crispy Rice Cakes

Good enough to salvage a crappy weekend?  Yep.

Good enough to salvage my weekly mileage?  Uhh….

Mehhh.  But it could be worse.  I still ran almost 40 miles and got a couple of decent hard workouts in. And this week is a new week.

Just keep me away from the footlong subs and the cheap red wine.

10 responses to “Fried rice cakes for the save

  1. I had a pretty lousy running week too – but I have great external excuses and cannot blame myself whatsoever. Score!

    1. Two out of town business trips on train and plane, which totally messes with my back and hips.
    2. Massive colliding tropical storms when I WAS in town that produced a foot of rain, sending me to the treadmill for a tempo before I left and keeping me up until midnight cleaning up the basement once I got home.
    3. A dueling piano bar in Houston where PBR and loud singing were required until 2 am. Oh wait…

  2. I hear ya! When I have those kinds of weeks/weekends, my instinct is to avoid blogging out of fear of alienating readers. On the other hand, I’m really glad you shared this because I too have had this kind of shitty, self-inflicted weekend from hell. Think I might give the rice cakes a try and see if they help me :)

  3. The rice cakes sound delicious. I’m not going to lie, I only like sushi for the rice.

    Sorry about your run, but at least there was wine!

  4. Food looks delicious and the 40 miles is still something to be proud of! O know the feeling you were fighting though. It hit me hard on Friday night and I ate a similarly sized italian sub (your femur-sized rather than mine, thankfully) and sat outside at a bar with my wife under an umbrella, trying to end the week on a high note. It only half worked (I did get a headache…) but my 12 mile run Sunday is what really salvaged it.

    Happy eating (and drinking and running…)

  5. eating an entire sub is just one of those lessons I will never learn.
    It’s never a good idea after the fact, but there’s always that delicious second half just laying there… taunting you to finish it. Every time.

  6. I love that you shared this. I think nearly all of us have had similar experiences, but are too timid to talk about it. I would have finished the sub also, I am a perpetual member of the clean plate club, even when I shouldn’t be.

  7. OK, lady,

    I have been reading you for six or eight weeks now, I think, and up until this point wondered only vaguely: what must HEAT intervals be? Today I wonder it quite specifically, because I need to start doing a lot more intervals and thought: hey, maybe I could try HEAT intervals, whatever the hell they are. Googling, alas, has yielded only references to “analogous red blood cell infusion” and — shit you not — “the hereditary nature of nymphomania”. Insert appropriate wisecrack here. So can you tell us what they are? Inquiring minds want to know!

    • HA! Yep, I’m a nymphomaniac who’s in to blood transfusions.

      Nah…it’s a circuit training workout!

      I’m not sure if it’s just a Raleigh thing or if there are similarly branded studios elsewhere, but basically they’re 60-minute workouts consisting of treadmill sprints and strength training stuff. I’m addicted!

  8. Everyone here is super excited that it’s almost fall and we’re getting “sweater weather” soon. Did I mention I hate that phrase? And that I hate the fact that it’s going to get down to almost freezing tonight? I’d take a little more summer, kthx.

  9. I have to try those rice cake things. Yummy! Sorry about your reverting into a reptile for a day…. I can’t eat bread anymore so the sandwich would have been gutted. I can get into frying some rice… will have to try it this evening.. if it works, I will send you a pic.!