Ten two hundreds

Well.  My road mile is on Sunday.  I guess it’s time to start training.

Procrastinate…procrastinate…procrastinate…CRAM.  Well, it worked for all of those papers and finals in college…

Anyway.  When one of my running buddies mentioned a 10X200 workout on tap for tonight, I decided to tag along and give it a shot.  You know…maybe practice something resembling a fast race pace, which I’m going to be grappling with for six long minutes, give or take, this weekend.

As we sat around on the edge of the track, lacing up flats, sipping water and wiping the stagnant afternoon humidity from our brows, we debated the pacing strategy of the workout.  Was it to be done at mile pace?  That would make sense, as we are all planning on racing this road mile.  But…the set of intervals is actually longer than a mile?  Maybe the first half at 2M/3K pace and the second half at mile pace?

I’m pretty sure I offered an opinion of some sort on the issue, but in the end, it didn’t matter.  I took off and then just tried to hang on.

And…I hung on.  I guess.

As I rounded the curve each time, I couldn’t help but think of how short a mile race really is.  Just eight of these guys?  That’s it?  I should be able to string ’em together.  No problem.

But I also know that if I race this thing properly, it’s going to hurt like hell.

(And I’ll be shocked if I’m able to pull off a 5:3X.)

(In fact, I’ll be thrilled if I can break six minutes.)

After the track fun, I hightailed it down to the store to catch up with our weekly social run group, and logged another six easy miles as a long cooldown.

And after the social run fun, I cooled down with a couple of ice-cold Bud Lights.

Not a bad way to end a Tuesday.  And with that behind me, I’ve got slow and easy miles on tap for the rest of the week – including a make-up long run on Thursday.  Ahem.

12 responses to “Ten two hundreds

  1. Here’s the plan: Go out fast, finish fast, and run fast in the middle! Ugh, short races are so tough mentally because to do them right you have to kill yourself the whole time. It’s only a few minutes, but they seem like hours. Good luck with that one… :)

  2. I hate the mile, probably why I’ve never raced it. 200s however, I loved to race.

  3. crickey those 200 were done fast. i was a 200m sprinter (And 100m) in high school and i can’t even fathom running that short/fast anymore hahah. but that does look like a great workout.

    good luck in that mile!

  4. Good luck! I have never raced a mile but will be doing the Fifth Avenue Mile for the first time this year. Kinda scared! Not trained for it at all…

    • Good luck at Fifth Ave! I was so sad when I moved away from NYC last year before I could do that race. It looks like such an experience!

  5. Go that way real fast. If something gets in your way…turn.

  6. See, now I bet you come away with a great time this weekend. You underestimate yourself. Regardless, those were some dang fast 200’s! Good luck this weekend!

  7. In fact, I’ll be thrilled if I can break six minutes.

    That is what he said.

  8. Nice workout! Seriously, short races freak me out much more than long distances – because I have no idea how to race them properly! I just feel like I’m sprinting the whole time. Good luck this weekend!