Random Banshee

But first.  Since I know you all love horrible race pics:

From Sunday’s road mile.  Doesn’t that look like fun?  Also, my thighs make Thanksgiving turkeys jellus.  Yep.


The other day, I picked up a six-pack of beer that I was pretty stoked about, entirely because of the name and label:

I suppose this beer whispered seductively to me from its prison in the grocery refrigerator case because I’m a fellow redhead now?  Um, sort of?  Even though it’s totally from a bottle?

In any event, I allowed myself to to seduced.

As I poured it, the color of this Red Banshee Ale from Fort Collins Brewing stuck me as darker than expected.  Deep brown, actually.  And the flavor was more like a brown ale or a Scotch ale, too: very nutty and malty, low carbonation, almost a little watery.  Drinking this beer was enjoyable enough, but I wouldn’t say it blew me away.

Bottom line: Meh.  You’d be better off with a Killian’s.  (Purchased at Peace Street Market, $10/six)

Some other odds and ends….

Weekly mileage: Not stellar, but not horrible.

Mileage building?  Strength training?  What?  Sigh.

Random semi-giveaway #1: The New Balance 890s are on their way to Brie!

Random semi-giveaway #2: In which I realized that I never picked a winner for that Hunger Games book.  Oops.  Random internet thingy picks…Megan!  Check your email, yo.

Random semi-giveaway #3 (a new one!): Don’t ask how I came across these shoes.  If I told you, I’d have to kill you.

But I promise that they are brand-new, never-worn Brooks Glycerins in a women’s size 10.5.  These are uber-cushy neutral shoes, and they retail for $130 (although this is last year’s model).  If you want ’em, email me! That’s eatdrinkrun@gmail.com.

Random question: As of late, I’ve been struggling a little to come up with content for this here blog.  As you’ve probably noticed, I gave up posting about my random dinners and daily booze consumption and boring training runs a while ago.  Although I have no doubt that I want this blog to continue to cover all of those things…the whole daily-diary format is just kinda draining and not all that interesting.  To me, anyway.  Therefore, I’ve been trying to take a more journalistic approach to the content here.  You like?  No like?  What would you like to see more of?  Less of?

If you choose not to reply, I’ll take your silence as a blessing to post (even) more badly-drawn cartoons and photographs of my cats.

Just sayin’.

38 responses to “Random Banshee

  1. More recipes! I’ve actually made some of the recipes you’ve posted, which is completely unheard of for me.

    I have no problem with the new format. But I did like the old format, too.

  2. writing so often is always a challenge. I like your blog because you talk about running and food which are two of my favorite things.

  3. I think it is the badly drawn cartoons that keep us coming back for more :).

  4. I always wince at my race pictures. Obviously this means I have to give up my dream of meeting a guy and seducing him with my charm in a running club. Sadness…

    I understand the need to take it down a notch. I’m starting to lose it, too. Sigh…

  5. We’ve missed you Shelby! You make the day-to-day stuff interesting, so I always look forward to your posts. I know it must be draining to post every day though, and honestly when other bloggers start posting more than 2-3 times a week I start marking “all read” since I can’t keep up. Your recipes are not overly complicated, yet still have a gourmet touch. Keep ’em coming.

    Getting a taste of cooler weather in Raleigh yet? Your trianing numbers look great!


  7. To be fair, the Red Banshee is a redhead-from-a-bottle too. *rimshot*

    The what I ate/what I drank/what I ran format works really well. Ans part of the purpose of blogging is to create a LOT of content to find out what works. Your MS paint + text retellings of even relatively mundane happenings are fun to read, and you should post, even when you think you’re boring us, because sometimes the habit of doing it lets those great ideas flow.

  8. I enjoyed reading about your random dinners! In fact, I enjoyed your work out, food and drink formatted posts. :-)

    I’d totally email you for those shoes if they were a size smaller. I just realized today that my Adrenalines have no tread on the forefoot. Guess I put more mile on them than I thought.

    • You run a lotta miles, lady! Time for a new pair! the new Adrenaline comes out in a couple of months so the old ones will be going on sale most places soon….

  9. I think daily blogging is overrated. I prefer quality over quantity. I love your stuff but I understand phases where you really don’t give a damn about blogging, so I usually just go with it and cut back for a bit.

    That being said…more MSpaint pics are always appreciated.

  10. More words like “anywhoodle” please.
    I personally love the training posts, even if you think they’re boring, I don’t.
    And more on Athens marathon prep!!

  11. I really like your ability to use sarcasm and general snarkiness to make my day in a cubicle more bearable! Whatever you write about, please include the above!!

  12. Cats and cartoons please! Also, your thighs and my thighs would totally be besties.

  13. Whatever works for me – no matter what you write you’re def in my top 3 bloggers.
    But uhhh…I sort of second the recipe / cartoon contingent.

    And whatever on the race pic – the camera may add 10 pounds, but the brightroom camera adds like 50! :)

  14. I’m enjoying the random thoughts type of format of the blog, actually. I always like to read your training logs as they remind me that I don’t get nearly enough mileage in, and the food photos are great too.

    More MSPaint pics wouldn’t hurt though.

  15. My blog’s pretty boring – the kid, the kid, the kid, the husband, work, Phillies, the kid – but I agree with another commenter that I much prefer quality over quantity. It’s supposed to be fun, not a chore! No need to blog daily – I’d aim for like three- four times a week?

  16. I heart the MS Paint creations. And yes, quality over quantity is what I prefer.

    I have been in a blog lull lately, too. Not training for anything and not cooking anything new. I wish I could talk about my job more because I think it might be interesting to people.

  17. generally, race pics where i look like a drooling maniac translate into a decent race on paper. so that’s ok. i’m in a blog lull too, which means lots of pictures of my dogs and my ass. ZE INTERWEBZ THEY SIGH.

  18. I love your sense of humor and the art work. I’d read your blog no matter what you wrote about. :)

  19. Yesssss, I never win anything! But I don’t have an email from you? I’ll shoot you one. I think we can all use more MS Paint in our lives, just saying. I am actually pretty envious of your skillz.

  20. I like that you have a mix of everything. I never know what I’m going to get when I click your post in my reader. Just keep doing the random thing!

  21. Def MOAR MS PAINT! And you gots email re: shoes.

  22. I love that race photo! I lol’d for srs.

    I have no advice to dispense about the content of your blog, considering my own hasn’t even been updated in two weeks. Yaysies.

  23. Like everyone else, I love the MS Paint. I kind of miss the Eat, Drink, Run format…but really your humor and poking fun at the typical healthy living blogs are what keep me reading.

  24. I love your blog just the way it is! I randomly stumbled upon it 4 months ago when I was getting back into the swing of things with running. Between your blog and a few others I really feel motivated to get out there and actually run which is great and well who doesn’t love a great meal, a good beer, and a dash of sarcasm after a good or not so good run? I do miss the MS paint though!

  25. I love your blog and always look forward to reading when I see a new post pop up. I’m a fan of the new format, but honestly I don’t think you’ve ever written a post I didn’t like. That’s a wicked race pic; you definitely look like you’re running 5:55 pace. :-)

  26. i like the journalistic (storytelling-esque?) thing you’ve been doing. i also dig your recipes though, so can you weave those in somehow? your cooking life is somehow really… natural yet creative, and i like that. just don’t leave us, darnit!

  27. At least you look better than the person running behind you. #glasshalffull

  28. Shelby – You two want to do a safari in Tanzania with Tom and I in January? That would provide tons of content for at least three months right there. =)

    (I’m serious though if you guys are interested, let me know. We’re still in early planning, budgeting mode)

  29. I’ve been doing too much trolling and not enough commenting, but I owe it to the fact that I literally SAVE reading your blog in my email until the subway – it gives me something to look forward to! Anyway, I always like when bloggers write a story and have more quotations. Also, if you could document one of your Target or Costco trips I seriously think it’d be funny!!

  30. more sarcasm, more hypocrisy, more drinking and eating and commentary on Raleigh’s sucky weather pattern. It doesn’t get old… I think it’s unanimous that your MS paintings are great. I personally loved the “three Seconds” post and ” fried rice cakes for the save” oh and also “things that make me feel old”. Really they are all great, I adored both the beginning and end of your unfried summer, too. SO, that being said. DON’T STOP POSTING!! Then what would I read on the interwebz? The news? Too boring…