Turkey Creek Soup

Sunday, I did one of the suckiest long runs of my running life.

Factors that were not working in my favor:

(1) I stupidly waited until noon to hit the trail.  Temperature: 84. Dew point: 71. Humidity: infinity times a bajillion percent.

(2) I stupidly elected to run Turkey Creek, one of the toughest, hilliest loops in the park.  (Total elevation gain/loss on this 18-miler: almost 2,700 feet.)

(3) I stupidly situated my longest run in nearly a year at the end of my highest-mileage week in nearly a year.

Lesson: I’m stupid. 

Well, not really.  Aside from the soupy weather, there’s nothing inherently stupid about tackling a hard route on tired legs.  You just have to adjust your expectations.  So I guess I’m not surprised that my pace suffered quite a bit:

(Garmin freaked out at a couple of points.  I’m pretty sure it lost at least a couple of tenths of a mile on that first split alone…but still, there were several miles in the 10+ range.  Meh.)

Anyway.  On to the next one.  And the next one will be a little drier, I think:


(Guess where’s I’m going this weekend!  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m more excited about the running than the blackjack.  That is how fed up I am with this humidity!)

Post-run recovery included lots of carbs:

Mmm, strawberry-flavored HCFS.  Also, beer:

Which I opted to consume while lying on my bed.  Heaven.

This Shotgun Betty Hefeweizen from Raleigh’s own Lone Rider was a nice chaser to my strawberry shake.  Cloudy and hazy, there was a lot of banana in this bottle, which under other circumstances might have been overkill, but yesterday it was just right.  5.8% ABV.

Bottom line: Sure, not a bad little wheat beer!  (Purchased at Harris Teeter, $9/six)

(And yes, I had some real food at some point too.  One cannot survive on beer and frozen desserts alone.  Unfortunately.)

Last week’s mileage:

Getting there.

And looking back at that, it really does makes sense that my run on Sunday was so slow.  I’m increasing my mileage and my pace is probably going to suffer a little, at least in the short term.

One thing at a time, I guess!

15 responses to “Turkey Creek Soup

  1. You make me feel like a pansy for complaining about 500′ elevation gains on my runs. I’d be toast after that kind of run. Sheesh.

    Also, can I formally request that with your weekly mileage updates you include your YTD mileage and how close you are to your 2011 in 2011 goal? Gracias.

    • Let’s see, as of right now I’m at 1,380…sooo I just need to run ~200 miles each in October, November and December! Eek.

  2. Dannnggg that is some impressive mileage! And whatever about the long run. It was hot and hilly. Hot + Hilly Fast.

  3. Wow, that’s some serious elevation. I guess that’s one thing about Chicago- no hill training! Also, you guys go on the best trips. Can I stow-away in your luggage?

  4. Wow. 54+ miles? I’d say you’re pretty rock star for doing that under 9:00 avg pace. *looks at measly 32 miles* 😉

  5. I do not envy the heat or humidty you have to deal with! I’d say those 18+ miles were not sucky, all things considered!! Hills, heat, humidity, tired legs, etc… But you still got’er done. :-)

  6. Dude- are you going to trail run at Red Rock Canyon? That’s awesome!

    • That’s the plan! Well probably a combo of trails + road…the loop around the park is almost 13 miles, I think, so I’ll probably do that and then meander a couple of the trails a little to get it up close to 20 (ugh – that’s long!)

  7. I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now but have never commented. Well, I was looking through your archives today and saw you went to CMC. I feel compelled to comment as a recent Pomona grad who just moved to NYC – we have more in common than I realized. So, thanks for repping the 5Cs so well with your funny/awesome blog!

  8. damn. this turkey creek business sounds intense! and vegas vacationing (and running) should be interesting. looking forward to reading about that…

    i slacked in keeping up with your blog for awhile and am very happy to be back in the game. forgive me?

    • Dude, I hear ya. I am constantly in catch-up mode these days. I mostly read on my phone since I’m not sitting at a computer all day every day, so I read (mostly) but don’t comment as much as I used to. Definitely forgivable!

  9. That sounds tough. I’m impressed. I also really want a milkshake right now.

  10. 18 miles is still 18 miles. Color me impressed.