One by two, two by one, afternoon sun

Rhyming is fun.  But running in the sun hurts a shit-ton.  (Okay, I’m done!)

I couldn’t make it to this week’s track workout because I had to work tonight.  So I set out at lunchtime for a little solo speed session on the greenway.

The assignment: 1 X 2 mile at half marathon pace and 2 X 1 mile at 10K pace. Quarter mile of recovery between each one.

The results: Pretty close on the HM pace.  Too fast on the 10K.

What else is new?  Ooof, that’s closer to 5K pace!  It was still a great hard workout, though.  Although with the total lack of shade and persistent humidity, I was totally tomato-faced and salt-encrusted at the end.

It’s supposed to cool down this weekend here in North Carolina.  But I’ll miss it because I’ll be in Hot Vegas! My cousin is getting married there on Saturday, so this is a family trip of sorts. The spouse is staying behind, so I’m planning to camp out on the sofa in my mom’s hotel room.  Like any classy 31-year-old.

Also, I leave tomorrow and I haven’t started packing yet.  I thought about trying to be super helpful for y’all and doing this whole elaborate post about my packing process…but then I realized that my packing process for a trip like this basically involves shoving some running clothes, a swim suit, and a wad of $5 bills for the craps table at O’Shea’s into a duffel bag.  Oh, and maybe a dress for the wedding. I suppose the bride would appreciate that.

Stay tuned for exciting dispatches from the Mojave!  Or maybe some drunk tweets.  Or both.

6 responses to “One by two, two by one, afternoon sun

  1. Don’t forget some 1s for the Chippendales dancers!

  2. I was totally crashed out on my BFF’s couch in her loft in Philly two weekend ago. I thought (hoped?) I’d outgrown that phase, but it wasn’t too bad…once I’d aquired a set of earplugs to drown out all the crazy noises of a downtown city street at midnight. Have fun in Vegas!

  3. Have fun in Vegas, girl. And O’Shea’s is amazing! My best friend and I were killing it in there until our husbands got all butt-hurt bc they were losing and made us all leave. Hopefully I left some luck there for you 😉

  4. You rocked that workout; especially under hot mid-day sun! Have a great time in Vegas. Staying with your mom sounds like a grand plan to me. Especially because you don’t live close you can just say it’s a great excuse to spend time together. Don’t bring too many $5 bills. 😉

  5. Yay drunk tweets! I would totally crash on my parents’ hotel couch if they ever went anywhere cool. Have fun in Vegas!

  6. Girl, there is no such thing as too fast on the last repeat! Nice job!