Sometimes, it’s just food

Tuesday night. Taco night. Yeah…the lack of excitement in the air was palpable.

Not because there’s anything wrong with tacos. In fact, these ones were pretty good, as healthy dinner fare goes.  But: no, it’s not a herb-encrusted rack of lamb or a delicately seared plate of scallops or an indulgent plate of fried whatever.

It’s…well, it’s just dinner.

And it takes 20 minutes to prepare and it’s relatively good for us and it doesn’t require a separate trip to the grocery store or cost an arm and a leg in ingredients.

Over the weekend, I was asked why I don’t blog my dinners/recipes as often as I used to. So I thought about that.

I don’t consider myself a master in the kitchen by any means – unless the skill in question is burning things under the broiler (why, broiler, why do you turn on me so quickly? There goes the last bagel….)

But I do hope that, over the nearly two years (!) that I’ve been depositing daily words on these here internets, I might have improved a bit. And with that, I think, comes a certain raising of the standards. To be able to say: oh, it’s just a bowl of pasta and it was just good instead of exceptional? Well, let’s skip that one, then.

And I don’t think this is a bad thing. I read a lot of blogs and nothing makes my eyes roll back in their sockets quite like: OMG you guys, it’s the best grilled cheese sandwich everrrrrrr! Make this now! Bread and cheese and butter! In a pan! Have you made this yet? It’s life changing! Now click through that link and pay me!

Um. I have a pretty high tolerance for hyperbole, but…it’s a damn sandwich.

And tonight for dinner, we ate damn tacos.

They were damn decent tacos, so if you want the “recipe” of sorts, it is here: Sweet Chili Lime Shrimp Tacos [<–not a link that pays me anything, just a site that a friend of mine developed that I prefer for housing and organizing my recipes, rather than cluttering them in the text here]

But I guess that is why I don’t blog as many so-called recipes as I used to. Because if I’m very lucky, my kitchen spews forth one or two excellent food products a month. And those are the ones I want to share. Everything else?

It’s just food.

It’s not bad but it’s not anything special. And frankly, if you are going to look at this site for recipes, I’d rather take a chance on you being wowed by something unique and risky than being underwhelmed by a common sandwich.

Anyway. So that’s that.

A few people have also asked how EL GATO GORDO is doing after his bladder infection flare-up.  He is doing great and we are back to our old antics!

Which mostly involve him begging for food and me forcing him to do the cabbage patch.

Also, randomly, I’d like to note that there is currently a pirate ship parked outside of my place of employment:

It is there for a very good cause…however, I can’t seem to stop myself from daydreaming about ways to use the functional water cannons (!) to harass the alfresco diners at the restaurant next door.

Any ideas?

After all, it’s just food….

28 responses to “Sometimes, it’s just food

  1. I used to make my cat airdrum to thrash metal

    He didn’t like me very much.

  2. omg shelby. This is why I love your blog!

    I love it when you post about food (or drink) but because it seems well thought out. And the stuff always looks good. Sometimes I think I am going to throw my laptop out the window if I see another description of a pretty gross looking salad as “amazing”.
    No real knock on that bc I know it’s just being positive and stuff, but yeah…love your approach to only posting awesome stuff :).

    I struggle with recipe posting because honestly, most of the stuff I make either isn’t all that good, or is something only I (or a crazy person) would like !

    • Thanks, FB! It kinda drives me nuts when I see a picture of a salad and a bottle or beer or whatever and the blogger is just like… “salad! and beer!” What was on the salad that made it interesting or exceptional? What kind of beer was it, why did you buy it, where did you get it, what did you think of it? And I know I am guilty of this too, but still.

  3. Yeah, if I NEVER had to see another picture of oatmeal on the internet again, I’d die a happy woman.

  4. I’ll be honest. I never came to your blog for your actual cooking (which looks fantastic, either way) but the commentary that came along with it and your running and just whatever other generalities you cared to share.

    Because you’re right. I eat a lot of the same stuff. And a lot of that stuff is the same thing everyone else makes. I still think it’s funny people post recipes for oatmeal. Really? The directions are on the canister…

  5. You’re right, some blogs are getting on my nerves just because the recipes are soooo simple and they make a lot of money with it… “It’s a quesedilla, eggs+sausage from the store+cheese” wow. I come here beacause you run, you’re funny (sarcasm, irony, not often present on those blogs…) and you drink very good beer.

  6. Tacos are not just tacos! I’d eat tacos, or any sort of Mexican dish, every night if my son and husband would allow it.

  7. There have been a lot of recipes that halfway through I just stop taking pictures because I realize it’s not that exciting or different from the 80 other basic versions out there. And I’m sure some of the recipes on my blog are kind of “no brainers” but I try to only post the ones that I consider my go-to’s. I am probably a little guilty of over-saturation though.
    And broilers are a bitch. If I don’t burn my food, I burn my hand.

  8. dude. i totally hear you. even if you take pretty pictures of it and your mom tells you it’s great, your grilled cheese kind of blows.

    but i trust your content. if you throw grilled cheese up on the blog for the world to see, i will eat it up. well, read it up, i guess.

  9. Mmm, tacos. I gotta say, I agree with you on the “it’s just food” thing even though, welllllll, everything I cook is “just food.” Sometimes I don’t even cook. Tacos would probably be an accomplishment for me. Actually, maybe I’ll make them tonight.

    El Gato looks thrilled! I’m glad he’s doing better, the poor rascal. A sick gato is no bueno.

  10. Just found your blog recently and wanted to let you know that I’m enjoying your running and recipes (even if they’re just damn tacos). I like your style, lady, and I’ll be back for more!

  11. I totally agree about the food. I’ve been making a lot of repeats which are great, but don’t warrant a whole post unto themselves. And a lot of times at our house – dinner is just food. We almost always cook (combine?) something, but it’s hardly award winning. Last night? Grilled turkey with swiss and honey mustard sandwiches on pretzel rolls. Quite delicious but not exactly a “recipe.”
    Glad teh kitteh is all better :)

  12. A-MEN. Standards and discernment and no “OMG tonight’s dinner is the best ever and last night’s was, too”–that’s how I know that, if you post a recipe, it’s actually worth making.

  13. I’ve struggled with the same thing on my blog. I’ve cut back on posting actual food because I’ve been pretty uninventive lately- my mom is pissed about it. She says she’s used my recipes for inspiration, even when they’re simple, so I guess there’s that. That being said, I think the food that you’ve been posting looks awesome and would actually be worth recreating, so I think you’re onto something!

  14. Hey, those tacos have shrimp and corn. They look pretty fancy to me! Except I don’t like tacos with no cheese.

    I hear ya–I prepare all my food with very few convenience products and it’s mostly healthy, but there’s not a whole lot of blog-worthy stuff happening in my kitchen anymore.

    Most importantly, I would like a video of your cat doing the cabbage patch.

    • Some queso fresco would have been pretty fantastic on there, I know. Or even pepperjack. Cheese makes anything better.

  15. Yeah, no cheese tacos? Wtf? Ha.

    Anyway, I admittedly do not come to your blog for the recipes (only because your blog isn’t a recipe blog). I really appreciate your totally honest voice! You’re a runner that is upfront about when she doesn’t run a million miles 10 days in a row and I appreciate that. I kind of hate running but am doing it for exercise and able to tolerate it more and more…I read a lot of health/fitness/food blogs but yours may be my favorite, probably because of your attitude. :) It’s nice to see someone that doesn’t think EVERY MEAL IS AMAZING and EVERY WORKOUT IS LIFE-CHANGING. Especially for a girl that does eat the same kinds of things every day and does the same general workout every day (for a couple of months at a time, anyway).

    Keep it up!

  16. I am going to drop some grilled cheese knowledge on you, right now. Go watch that. Clicking through any links and paying anyone strictly optional.

    I have to honestly say it’d be pretty hard for me to set the bar at ‘exceptional’ as someone who mostly posts “I went running + some details”. I like reading about the normal foods (taco night!) because it makes me feel more like a normal part of the crowd. If you had herb crusted lamb every night, I’d have to go find an oatmeal/salad/beer only blog or something to make me feel better about my life.

    • AHAHAHHA….”Step Five: Don’t forget that you’re cooking!”

      I have never, ever, ever done that. Nopes.

  17. I’m laughing at that picture of you and Parker. He does not look amused …

    I don’t mind the shortage of food posts on your blog, but please keep the beer reviews. I enjoy them a lot!

  18. I always forget how much I love your blog until I make it over here and I’m all like “where I have I been!?”

    a food blogger who can’t even remember what I had for dinner

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