I love homemade food.  But there are some processed, mass-produced foods that will always be better than their artisan counterparts. (I’m looking at you, yellow-bag Lay’s potato chips.)

My husband claims that Oreo Cookies are one such food. I respectfully disagree.

Because everyone knows that Oreos are all about the filling. Those hard, dry, brown things on either side of it? They are just delivery vehicles for the good stuff. How, I ask, can this cookie be so perfect if two-thirds of it is essentially edible packaging?

But make your Oreos – er, Fauxreos – at home, and you can have a wafer that actually adds something to the cookie experience, rather than simply becoming soggy in your milk and covering your fingers in a fine brown dust.

Recipe: Fauxreos [adapted from Smitten Kitchen’s Homemade Oreos]

This recipe is super simple. The wafers come together in one bowl and bake in just a few minutes. And the filling is three ingredients (and potentially a little food coloring to make them festive, as in the attempted nod to Halloween seen above).

I actually made these Fauxeros twice. The first time, I made my cookies way too big and they looked more like whoopie pies. Delicious, but a little challenging, as I had planned to send them to my Blogger Sweet Swap partner, Jenny over at Love Eat Run. I feared that the large cookies wouldn’t ship well.

So I brought them to work (where they were enthusiastically devoured) and tried again, tweaking the recipe a little to make them true-to-Oreo size. Because they needed to be small enough in diameter to fit in a glass of milk, of course.

Much better.

I was sad to see them go, but I got a pretty great batch of cookies in return! Jenny sent me Late Night Snack Cookies, embedded with chocolate and pretzels and popcorn:

I’m a sucker for anything salty, so popcorn inside cookies is pretty brilliant as far as I’m concerned. Thanks, Jenny! And thanks to Amy and Jess for setting this whole swapper thing up.

And on an unrelated note, before I forget, here is last week’s running log. Because I know you’re all dying to know.

In spite of my lackluster performance at Saturday’s race, it wasn’t a bad week. I had a good track session and the race served as a good workout too – the first 10K of it, anyway. I did exactly what I’d planned to do in terms of mileage, cutting back a little before turning it up again this week and tackling another 20+ miler.

1,589 for the year. 422 to go!

11 responses to “Fauxreos

  1. I tried once to make the chocolate wafers for sandwich cookies, but it ended in complete disaster (oh and me just eating practically all the dough because the cookie was NOT turning out)! Should have referred to a better source like smittenkitchen… that girl knows what’s up.

    The oreos look amazing!

  2. I think we need to change the rules that a sample of every single items must be sent to the sweet swap organizers…for um.. safety purposes… or something.
    Oreos are my jam. Or fauxreos. Either way, don’t leave me alone in a room with a box of them and a glass of milk.

  3. Well crap. I wasn’t going to bake today but now I think I kind of need to make those. Ohh the luxury of being on maternity leave. Who needs to lose the baby weight anyway?

    And on popcorn in cookies… this is the second time I’ve seen it in a week. Is that a thing now? Because I think I love it.

  4. But what will we do without the OREO imprinted on the wafer????

    My favorite way to eat Oreos is frozen. Have you tried this? I think it might be a Southern thing. Or else my Southern friends are just geniuses. That’s unlikely, though.

  5. See, to me it’s the wafer that seperates it from every generic attempt, so that wouldn’t work. Still probably tastes good though, just not an Oreo.

  6. My fiance sent me a picture of the box of cookies today at work and I couldn’t wait to get home to open it up and try them!! We both devoured two as soon as we opened the box!! Soooo good! Thank you so much :)

  7. I’ve always found Oreo filling way too sweet and prefer lemon-cream filled cookies more.

  8. I would end up just eating the filling straight from the bowl.

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  10. I <3 that you made these festive. I'm quite sure all Oreos taste the same, but for whatever reason, I just like the Halloween ones best. No orange center? Get outta' my house.

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