Velma or Daphne?

Tonight, in conjunction with our shopping center’s OMG CHRISTMAS IN NOVEMBER (cue: me hitting things) Open House, we had a “Human Highlighter” Fun Run at the store. For which we asked all of our participants to wear as much highly-visible clothing as possible. All at once.

For as much effort as I put in to planning and promoting the event, this caused something of a problem for me. Because I don’t have a ton of high-vis stuff. I probably should. I mean…yes, I should. It’s stupid to run at night without one of those crossing-guard-style vests, even if they’re totally dorky.

But I still wanted to set a good example for all of our customers. So I adorned myself with every neon-colored item of clothing I owned. And, for good measure, put a defunct light-up ankle-band around my neck.

(Me on the right; co-worker Alli on the left)

But instead of being all neon-awesome-lisciousness, all I got was: “You look like that chick from Scooby Doo.”

To which I replied: “Um…which one?”

I mean…Daphne was the one with the headband, and obviously the hot (although vapid) one. But she was a blonde. Velma, like me, was brunette and was clearly not as cute, but brought way more to the table in terms of actual crime-solving skills, and didn’t rock the headbands. So…what the hell does the Scooby Doo comment mean? Does the headband make me hot and stupid or dowdy and brainy or what?

(Don’t answer that.)

I’m going to go with MODERATELY ATTRACTIVE AND HIGHLY VISIBLE TO PASSING CARS, as that was the point of tonight, anyway. Running in a big pack of runners theatrically adorned with glow sticks and high-vis running gear definitely brought that home. We were unmissable. And I need to get better about making sure I’m seen when running in the dark.

Anyway. Since the temperature here has dropped thirty degrees in the last twenty-four hours, how about a holiday beer?

I actually reviewed this Bison Organic Gingerbread Ale last year, too. And my impression of it remains largely the same: I get a bit of the gingerbread, especially on the finish, but mostly it tastes like a lighter and bubblier version of Guinness. Which isn’t entirely a bad thing, but…definitely more mellow on the holiday flavor than I expected! 6% ABV.

Bottom line: Honestly, I enjoy this beer, even though I don’t think it tastes particularly gingerbread-y. It’s dark and satisfying without being thick. (Received in a beer exchange, goes for about $2/12 oz at specialty shops)

Time for me to pack my shit and go to bed. Tomorrow morning brings a 20-miler (I SWEAR FOR REAL THIS TIME) and then a road trip down to the lovely state of Georgia for the weekend.  Good night!

12 responses to “Velma or Daphne?

  1. Oh, I’m a total Velma. And for Snoopy/Peanuts characters – Peppermint Patty.
    I keep meaning to get some high-visibility clothing. Despite living in Pleasantville, there are few sidewalks and zero lights along most streets, and I definitely don’t feel too safe running early in the am or in the evening.

  2. You look like a brunette Daphne.

    Like, actually.

  3. Your job sounds like so much fun! I’m kind of jealous.

  4. That sounds like fun. You definitely look like a human highlighter.

  5. Maybe you were the fulfillment of some Velma/Daphne/Highlighter mash-up fantasy for that person. In any case, I’m sure Velma was a freak underneath those glasses. Or you can be the cool Sarah Michelle Geller Daphne from the live action film (because Buffy’s cool, no matter what).
    Oh yeah, and it’s good to see you drinking beers again…wine? Yuck! (have you tried Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale?–seriously, I don’t work for them, seriously.)

    • I just figured it out! It’s Daphne! Because Daphne wore that scarf, and you were wearing that thing around your neck! So it’s definitely Daphne sans blonde hair…



    But yeah, I suck at wearing bright colors when I run when it’s moderately dark outside too. I like to feel like a ninja and wear the cloak of the night to increase my stealth factor. Maybe I should get a pair of those blinky shoes like I had in 3rd… ok 6th grade..

  7. But you need glasses to be a proper Velma!

  8. I just bought an obnoxious flashing red light & and a vest from ross that has some reflective stuff on it. That’s about as good as it gets for me.

    Have a nice weekend in Georgia

  9. Bright clothing makes me look fat.

  10. I definitely think Daphne with the scarf & headband going on. And I will always think of Daphne as a red-head because I believe that’s what she was in the original animated version. :) Looks like a fun evening at work!

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