Mini muffin meatballs

I’m at that point in the moving process (ugh) where it’s dawned on me that my freezer contains a whole lot of food.  Food that will, if unconsumed, land with an unceremonious thunk in the bottom of a bag on moving day and be frantically ferried to the trash chute.

Of course, I don’t like wasting food. So I’m making it my mission to piece together as many meals as possible from this collection of random frozen crap.

Tonight, I took a turkey burger patty and made some teensy meatballs in my mini muffin pan. Surprisingly, they were delicious, and something I’d make again, even if I weren’t in freezer-clearing mode.

Basically, I just mashed together the thawed turkey patty, an egg, a small squirt of ketchup, a handful of shredded parm and about half a cup of panko, seasoned with garlic powder, dried oregano, dried basil, salt, and pepper. I lined a few cups of my mini muffin pan with foil and brushed them with canola oil, then baked at 375* for 18 minutes, until the tops formed a light golden crust. They were perfect.

Atop some whole wheat penne with (jarred Costco) marinara sauce, it was a satisfying meal. I was a little worried that a whole egg would be too much for just one serving of meatballs, but it gave them this extra fluffy texture that was actually very good.

Now if only I can some up with something this easy and tasty to do with the rest of the freezer. Anyone want to come over for waffles and green beans with brisket and lobster stock?

(Don’t answer that, please.)

This week’s running mileage came out right about where I hoped it would:

That “not-long” long run this morning was a little bit of a struggle. For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to tackle Umstead’s Turkey Creek bridle trail on my “easy” day. Turkey Creek is chock full of hills from hell; I have never had a good run on Turkey Creek. Yet somehow, I forget and think it won’t be that bad. Wrong…it is that bad. I slowed to a near walk on a few climbs and overall felt exhausted and frustrated. Oh well.

Tomorrow’s an easy day…Tuesday, too…nothing tough on tap until speedwork on Wednesday. I hope a couple of recovery days will revive my tired legs.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

7 responses to “Mini muffin meatballs

  1. That sounds like a meal I would piece together. It looks good. I’m thinking brisket ‘n waffles is the new chicken ‘n waffles.

  2. I’m somewhat famous at my office for my “use up leftovers” meals. I’m thinking of a specific time when I ate a baked potato topped with scrambled egg and barbecue sauce…

  3. The food issue is one of the worst about moving. Because the last week is either odds and ends or eating out every single meal. I can never time it right!

  4. I try and do freezer-clean-outs like once every 3 months, because otherwise I’ll end up with all kinds of random shit that is way past the acceptable amount of time something should live in a freezer. And I love the little meatball muffins! Then again, I think anything in muffin form is adorable…

  5. Speaking of eats & runs, are you partaking in the Krispy Kreme Challenge this weekend in Raleigh? :) We have a friend running it – dressing as one of the Blues Brothers (with his brother as the other-brother, of course)!

  6. Those meatballs look damn good. I do love a good freezer clean out. Makes me feel so thrifty.

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