5K short

Last night, I got home work and entered my run from earlier that day into my log. The page reloaded, updating to add the miles to January’s total, and it came up with this:

I groaned. So close. I was briefly tempted to head down to the treadmill and bang out 3.1 miles to make it an even 200.

But then I was even more tempted by the beer I’d bought on my way home. Because really…it’s just a number. It’s not like 200 monthly miles is any sort of real milestone for me. I was 200+ all through the fall last year. It just sucks to be so close.

In spite of the missing 5K, though, January was a decent month. I’m feeling good and looking forward to cranking it up a bit more in February, starting with the mile repeats I’m going to do this morning just as soon as my bagel digests.

(As a side note: so far, I’m really liking RunningAHEAD! Thanks to everyone who recommended it. Look at this pretty chart:

It color codes my workouts for me! I would never have the energy to make something like this on my own, but it’s kind of fun to have.)

Anyway. About that beer…

My fridge is packed with stouts, porters, and barleywine-style bottles right now, but all I wanted last night was something fresh and hoppy, served ice cold. So I picked up a six-pack of limited-release Saranac White IPA.

As suspected, this beer is a IPA-wheat hybrid, brewed with Citra hops and wheat malt. It poured a little cloudy with a big fluffy head.  Lots of orange and spices, with some mellow hops in the background. More wheat beer than IPA, really – but it hit the spot nonetheless. 6% ABV.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for something a little summery in the dead of winter, this is your beer. (Purchased at Peace Street Market, $9/six)

About those mile repeats. I must get going before the coffee pot lures me in for another refill. Happy Wednesday!

8 responses to “5K short

  1. GAH! I was 4.7 off my highest month ever and reallllly thought about going for another run but decided too, it’s just a number and all that 😉 Also really like that running graph!

  2. Don’t you hate how those numbers mess with ya?!

  3. This is the first month I’ve tracked in a running journal of any sort. I see it becoming an obsession…

  4. Saranac does make some good beers, but they do tend to lack a sense of “go big or go home” adventurousness.

    Which is, of course, sometimes exactly what you want.

  5. How funny to be exactly 5K short at the end of nearly 200. Still a great month; congrats on your training!

  6. I love RunningAhead! I just started using this month and it is fabulous. Big fan of the color coding. :)

  7. I looove Saranac! Their vanilla stout is my fave.

  8. The down side of tracking your mileage is exactly this sort of weird obsessive “I MUST GO OUT AND RUN 0,375 miles BEFORE MIDNIGHT!” thinking (no lie, I once went for a run at 10 p.m. in a blizzard after coming home from a business trip because it was the last day of the month and I wanted to have a certain number of miles…)

    ANYWAY, I am a little jealous of that graph. Sporttracks does not deliver nearly that level of cool. Runningahead, you say? Hmmm…