Don’t make this mistake

Last night, I enjoyed one of my favorite not-too-expensive, mostly-healthy-yet-totally-delicious take out meals: the grocery store sushi box.

The box had this one roll that was topped with chunks of avocado and drizzled with that delicious brown eel sauce. On the way home from the store, though, things got jostled around and everything ended up jumbled together and coated in sauce. Fine by me. I love that sauce.

After I polished off all of the rolls and nigiri pieces, I went hunting through the carnage with my chopsticks for stray chunks of sauce-coated avocado.

I thought I was done when I stumbled upon one large, last scrumptious piece.

I should have known it was too good to be true.

On the plus side, my sinuses were very clear for the rest of the evening.

Backing up a few hours…I said I was going to do mile repeats yesterday. So mile repeats I did:

On the track: 4 X 1 mile at something like 10K pace, with 400M recovery. (Okay, 400M-plus recovery. I am really bad about enforcing recovery when I’m working out alone. I dawdled around a little between intervals and was actually on about a ten-minute cycle for these.)

This workout wasn’t easy, and I almost called it quits after three. In fact, I totally owe that fourth mile to the gentlemen who were doing their track repeats at the same time as me, who gently goaded me into finishing my planned workout.

Of course, I’m glad I did. I always am.

And as much as that last one burned, it was nothing compared to ingesting a tablespoon of wasabi.

29 responses to “Don’t make this mistake

  1. You are an animal! Those are some fast mile splits! It’s pretty hard for me to do track work bymyself.

    • It’s hard for me too. Once I get out there, I’m usually good, but it’s definitely tempting to skip it and just do an easy run instead!

  2. With my sinuses as messed up as they are, I might need that!

    My very first experience with sushi was a disgusting one. My ex boyfriend put a huge chunk of ginger into my mouth and it was so disgusting I thought I hated sushi for a decade. Thankfully, that has changed. I just avoid ginger now. :)

  3. Mmmmmm…. eel sauce.

  4. I am SO picky when it comes to sushi. And it’s very possible it’s my midwest location, but the grocery store sushi here always looks kind of sad. :(
    However, I love me some wasabi. Maybe not THAT much, but a decent amount is always mixed into the soy sauce before dippage happens.

  5. I have just stopped being picky. I was so spoiled when I lived in los angeles…but there really isn’t much great sushi here, either.

  6. Bahaha, I’ve totally done that, too. The way I see it, if you eat sushi enough, it’s bound to happen eventually.

  7. when I over-wasabi, I tend to make the mistake of keeping my mouth closed — as the fiery vapors melt the inside of my nose and sinuses, my eyes attempt to douse the flame with tears upon tears. When I remember to open my stupid mouth, the problem goes away. And I look like a bawling idiot chewing raw fish with my mouth open.

  8. Those splits rock!

  9. Oh, shit. My eyeballs just bled out of sympathy for you.

  10. I just wish that more places around me had it with brown rice. Thankfully one of the grocery stores does, but everywhere else no luck.
    I am definitely heavy-handed with wasabi, but I can’t believe you ate an entire ball of it. You should like… put that on your resume.

    • Brown rice isn’t as sticky and is harder to work with, I imagine, for most sushi chefs. My local Whole Foods usually has a good selection of brown rice sushi boxes though!

  11. At least it wasn’t a pickle. 😛

    Great workout!!

  12. That is too funny! I love unagi sauce too.

  13. Great track work! And I must say these are some of my favorites of your MS paint Creativity. Bravo. :-)

  14. one time my husband was eating sushi, and his mom asked him what the green stuff was, and he said guacamole. she believed him. until she ate a big bite of it. for the record, this is before we were dating.

  15. oh my god. you know what hurts worse than eating a chunk of wasabi? throwing it back up.

    never. again.

    nice splits :)

  16. AAH! I lose it when I eat like a pencil-tip size amount of wasabi! Yikes. One time I was painting my toenails while watching TV, and I thought I went to grab my water bottle to take a sip… when I actually grabbed the nail polish remover. I didn’t have tastebuds for like a month.
    Nice workout!!

  17. Our two year old totally did that! He loves avocado rolls, so we’d always order them when we got sushi. One day he got all excited as the waitress was bringing the roll over and he reached out and grabbed the wasabi ball. we got it out of his hand, but he still got his hand to his mouth. That was a REALLY REALLY funny face to watch. Then he wouldn’t touch the rest of the roll. Fortunately, he has recovered.

  18. So, I found your blog a while back, and you are hilarious! And a darn fast runner–I am super jealous. That’s so unfortunate about the wasabi, but it made for a funny story! :)

  19. Bahaha! I just snorted tea up my nose. Literally. The first time we took my dad to a sushi restaurant, he scooped up a big lump of wasabi and announced loudly “I love avocado!” It was like the world was in low motion: noooooooo! We couldn’t stop him in time. He cried a little bit. Ha!

    (This is my first visit to your blog. I’m glad I found you through Happy or Hungry’s pinterest board.)

  20. I got sushi the other night and was very careful to not jostle the contents based on this post! I hope you are recovered at this point! I don’t know if I ever would be, had I made that mistake!

  21. haha, this is awesome… I did something similar with the ginger the first time I tried sushi – I thought it was smoked salmon! Not quite as gross (or hot) as a mouthful of wasabi, but still a surprise.

    I love your drawings! So great to find other bloggers who illustrate their posts, I loved the one of your cats taking over your bed too!