Random road thoughts

I spent quite a bit of time in my car this past weekend. On Interstate 85.

It’s a six hour drive from Raleigh to Atlanta. An awkward distance. Is it worth it to fly? Or just suck it up and drive?

Fortunately, it wasn’t much of a debate this time around. I am a giant slacker and procrastinated booking a plane ticket, so road trip it was. Plus, it was a good opportunity to load up the rest of my husband’s clothing and deliver it to him. I now have an entire closet all to myself….

Anyway. I motored it down to Atlanta Friday afternoon, was joyfully reunited with my betrothed on Friday evening, ate some good food, drank some good wine, ran some miles, and looked at some housing options. It was a pretty fantastic weekend.

And the drive wasn’t even that bad. I like road trips and I don’t usually get bored. Long drives are kind of like long runs for me. Sometimes, I make up little stories about the people/things I observe around me. Sometimes, I ponder Big Life Questions and such. But most of the time, I just host a running dialogue. With myself.

I blame this on the fact that I’m an only child.

There are a lot of tire pieces on the shoulder of the freeway. Is it really that common for tires to just spontaneously explode?  Is that why big trucks have like a thousand tires?

Is my right tire going flat? It looked low this morning. Next gas stop…

OMG, I don’t want to spend my night stranded on the side of the road in South Carolina waiting for a tow truck. Better put some air in it. I need new tires.

Why is gas so cheap in South Carolina? 

Costco probably has pretty good prices on tires. And I think they install them for you, too. Good thing, ’cause I’d have no idea…

Bug guts or bird shit on my windshield? I can’t tell. Whatever it is, they should make glue out of it. Ugh.

Who are these people who bring carrots and apples on road trips? You can pry my curly fries from my cold dead hands.

I’m so glad the South doesn’t have those nasty travel plazas that they have on all the tollways up North, where there are only like two food places to choose from. Those travel plazas must be solely responsible for keeping Sbarro in business.

Costco pizza is better than Sbarro pizza. Any pizza is better than Sbarro pizza.

The Superbowl is on right now and I’m beer-free. Wow. 

I miss living on the West Coast on Superbowl Sunday. I like football better when it’s an afternoon thing. 

How many miles did I run this week? Not enough. Why did I bail on my long run on Friday? I suck.

How many miles until I’m home? Too many. Do I have time to get in a quick run tonight? Probably not.

Maybe I should fly next time.

23 responses to “Random road thoughts

  1. Your road-monologue sounds familiar to me. Eerily familiar. Maybe it IS an only child thing.

  2. You discovered Piedmont Park! Love the Active Oval there for speedwork when you don’t want to get yourself to a track. Midtown ATL is great for running –

    • I think the Active Oval is the only place in Atlanta that is flat. :) Do you know if the high school track that is right by there is open to the public? That thing looks pretty nice!

      • Hahaha :-) The hills are good for you! Unfortunately, that track (to my knowledge) is not open to the public, but there are a couple in other parts of town that are – I run with a regular Tuesday night group at one in East Atlanta.

  3. Random story about tires in the road: My BIL & G-MIL drove from Cent Fl up to VA for thxgiving. In SC they hit an entire wheel (tire & rim). They were behind a truck and the truck got over to avoid the wheel and BIL didn’t have enough time. It jacked the car up pretty good. They ended up sitting on the side of the highway in SC for a few hours waiting for triple A. Then they had to rent a car, and a hotel room. It ended up taking 26 hrs to get there when it should have taken 12…. The car wasn’t done when they were ready to head home so BIL ended up driving the rental home & then having to fly back to SC to pick up the car —- so, the moral of the story is ..avoid tires on the highway.

  4. Definitely a driveable distance…especially if your cell phone is fully charged, or if you have my POS HTC battery, as long as you have the charger. I really like driving and can pass 6 hours in a car no problem. I’m weird like that.

    And apples and carrots?! Screw that, curly fries and skittles is where its at!

  5. I actually kind of like long drives too. As long as it’s not through inner cities where I feel like I’m playing one giant game of Frogger.
    And why ARE there so many tire pieces on the side of the road?!

  6. No, you do not want to spend your night on the side of the road in SC. I’ve done it, after a car meets deer at 80mph incident about 20 miles past Columbia (we were on our way to Kiawah Island). At 3:30am. And when did AAA find a tow company that was willing to come get us in the middle of the night? 5am. Plus there are f’ing fire ants in SC, so no sitting on the ground while you wait (per my now husband, who actually hit the deer with my car). No f’ing bueno, man.

    The hubs and I loooooved long drives up until that point. Now? Daytime only.

  7. Arby’s. It’s not a trip to Missouri for me unless I visit it at least once on the way there or back. It’s a rule.

  8. Glad to hear the drive was uneventful despite your concerns. Six hours in the car is a lot of time to let your thoughts run wild.

    I sent a couple replies to your email. Not sure if you got them? I know Sunday at 7:30 probably didn’t seem all that appealing. Hope you were able to find some nice housing prospects!

    (The Sbarro thing made me crack-up. That family lives on the same block as where my husband grew up. Bases on stories I’ve been told about them, I’m forever banned from buying their pizza.)

  9. I’m a west coast transplant too and it still blows my mind that the Super Bowl isn’t an afternoon game! I definitely agree than any pizza beats Sbarro.

  10. I love road trips, too. And you know, I do bring bullshit like carrots and apples on roadtrips, but only as an excuse to fill up on fries later in the trip. I can justify my way out of anything. Glad you had a good weekend! (And yes, Costco DOES have good prices on tires, but wait until one of their sales- they often offer 1 tire free with a set)

  11. I miss you :( Please come visit and we’ll do a long run together.

    Also, I like this:

    “Who are these people who bring carrots and apples on road trips? You can pry my curly fries from my cold dead hands.”


  12. Glad you had a good road trip. Hope you had some luck in the apt search. I’m sure it gets challenging to have to scope out a new home every few years!

  13. Why is the Super Bowl so late? It is way better on the West coast. I hate that it starts here at 5:30 or whatever it is now.

    Our trip to the in-laws is 6 hours. Flights cost a ridiculously absurd amount, so it’s always driving for us. The last hour about kills me every time.

  14. Tires flying off cars is a real thing. It happened to me when I was 17! My car started shaking and the tire just fucking flew off, bounced in front of my car and I went flying off the side of the road. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever had happen to me.

  15. You sound just as neurotic as me. I am so batty about my car. I ALWAYS think I have a flat tire. Even after getting 4 brand new tries last month.

  16. I also love long road trips by myself, because I can blare all the twee pop I want and no one’s going to complain about it.

    In re: semi tires, though, I think it is a common occurrence for them to burst and I’m pretty sure that’s exactly why they have tons of them on the truck. One went when I was driving right next to a semi once and it SCARED THE CRAP out of me. Luckily, the tire pieces don’t fly very far (but they don’t just fall down, either!), but it does make a lot of noise.

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