Hello, my name is Shelby, and I have a balsamic vinegar problem.

I think I was in college when I first ate at a fancypants-type restaurant where they pour a little plate of olive oil and balsamic vinegar for you to eat with your bread. I remember thinking it was cool that vinegar formed a perfect little circle, trapped there in the oil. Then I dabbed the edge of my bread in it and never looked back.

On a recent business trip to Europe, my husband picked up a little gift for me. The man clearly knows the way to my heart.

I know, the cheapo grocery store stuff is “imported from Italy.” But this is actually from Italy. And that makes it better, right?

No, actually, what makes it better is that it’s thicker and sweeter than the domestically available vinegar products that normally grace my baby lettuces. It’s almost like a balsamic reduction in a jar. I’m not exaggerating when I say I could eat this stuff with a spoon.

But then I wouldn’t have any left over for my pasta.

(Whole wheat penne with red peppers, chicken sausage, goat cheese, and OMG balsamic deliciousness.)

I kind of can’t believe I just wrote a whole post about balsamic vinegar. But hey, it’s Tuesday and there’s not much going on around here.

In the spirit of randomness, I’ll leave you with the ad that has been popping up constantly on my Words With Friends lately:

I’m not sure what I did to lead my phone to believe that I’m in to adolescent eskimo boys….

11 responses to “Autentico

  1. ok, i see that boy all the time and he completely creeps me out. put a damn shirt on before you miss the school bus!

  2. THAT AD!! Gah! Also, is it me or for a second, doesn’t it look like it could be a boyish-looking topless chick?

    Also you’re totally kicking my ass this round… blast.

  3. I’m a huge balsamic fan. I used to just use Shaw’s brand until my ex made me dinner with some fancy brand. I’ve paid more ever since.

    The eskimo boy looks like he’s taking a dump.

  4. Ew, that ad should be pulled immediately. There’s really no instance that it would be wanted or acceptable, right? There IS a difference between real Italian stuff and the “imported” nonsense that we get. I think “imported” is sometimes code for “pasteurized beyond recognition and stripped of all flavor”. Same goes for oils and cheeses.

  5. Yum (the balsamic, not the child-cicle)! I once had a very thick and fancy balsamic served over vanilla ice cream and strawberries. You must try this with that bottle (if there is any left..).

  6. Who is that ad supposed to appeal to? teenage girls? teenage boys? I’m confused.

    I have been eating a mega ton of salads with just olive oil and balsamic lately. Teh behbehs love it.

  7. Adolescent Eskimo boys are hot. Well… except that one. He’s probably cold because he’s not wearing enough clothing.

    How’d you top your pasta? Just drizzle balsamic vinegar or make some sort of sauce/reduction type thing? Looks yummy.

  8. I’ve been getting those ads too! Maybe I should just pay for Words with Friends, then I wouldn’t have those pop-ups anymore.

  9. I am obsessed with balsamic vinegar. It’s amazing on everything.

    I also hate that ad. Congrats on your WWF PR, btw. Ugh.

  10. i love good balsamic vinegar! i was visiting my son in rome several years ago when he introduced me to inexpensive (10 euros) balsamic. now ever time i visit i bring several ( a lot) of bottles home in my suitcase. i love it on ice cream or strawberries or ice cream and strawberries….

  11. I’ve also been wondering about the exact same factor myself lately. Happy to see somebody on the same wavelength! Nice article.