That hot pink looks good on me

Today’s post brought to you in list format, because I’m kind of all over the place tonight. Lazy blogging. It happens sometimes. Oh well…at least it’s not a list of things I’m LOVING right now, right?

1) I found a decent MSPAINT-like app for my new Mac! It’s called InstaPaint and it cost four bucks. What a deal.

All the same features, but with more colors! Look at that hot pink! Also, there’s a little bomb icon, which I was pretty excited about, but it was kind of a letdown: instead of doing something fun, it just reverts the entire canvas to blank white. Racist bomb.

2) I ran thirteen miles today. In two sessions. And it didn’t even feel like that much. I know this is probably common sense – or rather, common arithmetic – but doing doubles is really the only way I can keep my mileage up in the 60+/week range. A four and a nine is far less daunting than a single thirteen.

3) With increased mileage, I’m trying so very hard to be good about keeping up my paltry core work and stretching routine. But it’s difficult when I have to fight for space on my own yoga mat.

 Get your own mat, cat.

4) My finger was on the “Order” button today, ready to summon a cheese pizza and garlic breadsticks to my apartment. But then I resisted, and thought of all of the food in the pantry, and of the fact that, generally speaking, I probably should eat less cheese.

So instead of eating cheese-laden goodness made by Hungry Howie’s Pizza, I ate cheese-laden goodness made by me.

Mac and Cheese Balls, a la Megan. Although of course I didn’t have time for any of the chilling/ball forming business, so I just plopped them into my mini muffin tin. Quick, easy, and delightfully cheesy.

(That eating less cheese thing starts, um, tomorrow…)

5) Tonight’s beer was excellent.

SweetWater is the major craft brewery in my soon-to-be-hometown, so I’m sure I’ll have no shortage of opportunities to drink their beers in the near future. But this 15 Years of Heady Beers is a one-shot deal, and I didn’t want to risk missing it by waiting until the Atlanta move, so I snagged one when I saw it.

An American Strong Ale, this boozy beer poured a dark copper color with, appropriately, a big fluffy head. The first sip reminded me a little of zucchini bread: sweet and doughy, chewy and satisfying. Lots of fruit in this beer – ripe peaches and plums, a bit of banana – but it’s well balanced by that yeasty bread flavor, and a touch of hops as well. Very enjoyable and easy to drink, especially considering its 10% ABV.

Bottom line: Great beer, definitely worth trying! (Purchased at Bottle Revolution, $8/22oz)

6) Time for bed. I have a wild weekend ahead of me, so I’m trying to bank some sleep hours. Good night!

12 responses to “That hot pink looks good on me

  1. I’m very happy you found an mspaint app. Your blog wouldn’t be the same!

  2. Oh thank goodness for apps! I didn’t even realize the Mac may have been the end of MS Shelby.
    Tears would have happened.

  3. haha racist bomb. Anytime I think of racist I think of Clayton Bigsby, and how I laaaugh.. brb going to watch Chappelle Show reruns on youtube for the next 4 hours.

  4. Thank goodness the MS paint-ish drawings live on! Glad you liked the mac ‘n cheese balls! Muffin tins were a good idea, well played. :)

  5. Glad you found the app – taking pictures of crayon colored paper just wouldn’t have been the same. My dogs try and take over the yoga mat every time I bring it out. I wish they were as small as a cat so that moving them would take about two seconds… but instead the 90 lb. mastiff pretends ‘he cannot hear me’…

  6. Mmmmm….cheese! I love me some cheese!

    And that MS Paint-eske app looks close enough for me! You’ve got great MS Paint penmanship! 😉

    PS – what do you use to blog thru? Directly on WP or thru something like livewriter?

  7. I’m a SweetWater fan, but I haven’t seen that one yet. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

    Also, I feel your pain on the mat. My kitties ambush me every time I get mine out, which isn’t often.

  8. My husband LOVES Sweetwater. They do “tours” Fri/Sat. $8 for a cup and 6 drink tickets…not too shabby! They just expanded, so it will be nice to see what they have in store for the spring.

  9. Hahaha; glad you still got your cheesy goodness. :-)

  10. I literally burst out laughing at “Racist bomb.” Holy hell.