In (and out of) a funk

Last Friday morning, I tweeted some whiny crap about how I had failed to complete my long run.

Yeah. That didn’t happen.

To be honest, I’d been in a running funk all week. It all started with this workout I did last Wednesday night, which included barefoot strides around a grass field. They were supposed to be strides, not sprints. But my little group was having so much fun racing each other around the goal posts…it was like being a kid again!

Unfortunately, my legs aren’t kids anymore. Come Thursday morning, I totally felt that shit. That day’s planned 10-miler became 6 and change. I figured I’d rest up for Friday morning’s long run.

But Friday morning, I still felt like a slug. I set out with a Gu shoved in my pocket and 18 miles on the docket. I shuffled miserably for a little over two before turning around and heading home.

So I tossed the Gu into my suitcase, along with my swimsuit and platform heels, thinking I’d carve out some time to make up the miles during Meg’s South Beach Bachelorette Extravaganza. And, of course, I tweeted that dumb tweet…as if that would make it more likely to actually happen.

AHAHAHAHAHA. Do you want to know how far I ran Saturday morning? THREE MILES. Not eighteen. THREE. Sunday morning, I felt a little better and managed seven. And looking back, those combined ten miles were really quite a feat.

A “splash of cranberry and soda” in vodka is not an appropriate way to hydrate for a long run. WHO KNEW?

(Also: guess how much a Heineken Light costs in a South Beach club? FOURTEEN DOLLARS. I did not drink much beer last weekend. I am sure that contributed to my crankiness.)

Anyway. Moving along, Monday was a travel day and a running rest day. Tuesday? I have no excuse. I just didn’t really feel like running. I managed five, but that’s a drop in the bucket during these weeks of peak marathon training and mileage. Meh.

That brings us to today. Wednesday: track workout day.

The worst thing about running funks is that they tend to self-perpetuate. The longer you’re in a funk, the harder it becomes to pull yourself out of it. As I set out on my warm up this morning, I was pretty sure that this run was going to go down in a funk as well; that I’d end up bailing.

But when I got to the track, I actually felt okay. On the agenda? Classic 12 X 400M. I’d planned to hit them around 1:35. When I ran the first one in 90 seconds and it felt like a jog in the park, I knew the funk was gone.

I’m running a local 5K on Saturday, so I hung back a little from that 90-second mark. This workout was definitely in the discomfort zone, but totally manageable. (Of course, that’s not really my 5K pace. I’ll be happy to crack 21 on Saturday, which would be 6:40 pace.)

Anyway. That’s the story of how a solo track workout made me love running again after a week of hating it. Scintillating, I know. Someone should make a movie.

Last week’s mileage. Roughly 18 miles short.

Oh well. Does it really matter? Of course not. I’m not an elite athlete and cutting a few workouts short isn’t going to change the course of my life. And sometimes, it’s nice to kick marathon training to the curb and live it up for a weekend. That’s what bachelorette parties in Miami are for.

Or so says my alter ego. His name is Peter. (Or Pierre, depending on my mood.)

25 responses to “In (and out of) a funk

  1. Sometimes funks are self-perpetuating…but sometimes a few days off is more beneficial. Or at least it has worked that way for me.

    • It probably was beneficial. Or would have been, if I didn’t spend my “time off” traipsing around in heels. (Owww, feet!) :)

  2. Pierre! You’re so sexy!

  3. On trips, especially bachelorette parties, I’m lucky to even get in maybe 1/3 of what I plan to do when it comes to exercise. 10 miles impresses me.

    • It definitely could have been worse! Even just a couple of miles is great for sweating out all of the drinks and greasy 3 AM pizza from the night before. :)

  4. Good for you for even getting ANY running in during a bachelorette party weekend!

  5. There will be many more marathons, but your friend’s bachelorette only happens once. :-) You ran some in Miami; that sounds pretty good to me. Nice work on the track.

  6. Um, yeah, I’d say you did a great job pulling yourself out of the funk!

    Great job on getting out there anyway, and yes, there will be time for marathon training when you’re not on the beach sipping drinks. :)

  7. 42 miles in one week is a rut? You are badass, Pierre :)

    • I know, it sounds a little ridiculous. I went back and forth for a couple of days on posting about this because I didn’t want to sound like a freak. But I’m really trying to keep my mileage up in the 60+ range during this training cycle, so yeah…42 sucks right now!

  8. I’m glad you busted out of your funk. On the other hand… I’m NOT glad they clubs charge $14 friggin dollars. Are you kidding me? I’d be broke before I caught a buzz. Okay… maybe not, but close enough.

  9. You hit the nail on the head when you said funks/ruts/etc perpetuate themselves…sometimes you just need something to snap you out of it, you know? Sounds like those 400’s did the trick :)

    And yay bachelorette party! It’s only going to happen once for your friend (hopefully), but you’ll have many more weekends of long runs in your life.

  10. I’m continually impressed by your diligent speedwork. I’m really excited you have agreed to come to NYC to train me and whip me into your shape. Thanks for that.

    Glad you’re out of your funk. Glad you look good with a mustache.

    • Um, I wish I still lived in NYC, I’m always up for speed work buddies! I think I started reading your blog right after I moved away (fall 2011). :(

  11. $14?!?!? Jesus H. Christ that’s a rip off. I went a club in the Hamptons once where drinks were $25 and I almost fainted.
    And working out during vacation rarely happens for me. I try to just walk around and explore and chalk that up as “exercise” but even that is a stretch. 10 mi is definitely no small feat, Pierre.

  12. $14 for beer flavored water. That’s why you go to the club with $14 worth of good beer in your belly.


      Seriously. There are many redeeming things about this place, but “availability of good craft beer, or hell, even a freaking Guinness” is not one of them!

  13. I still think bringing in your own liquor and filling it under the table is classy to save $$.

    Good luck on your 5k! Your dedication is def paying off.
    I would love to go on a run with you if we lived closer together, I’m sure it would help me run further (although honestly, I’d probably have nothing to offer as a running partner in return…maybe I could smuggle the booze for after.)

    • Yeah, whatever, you’d kick my ass! If we lived closer we could definitely run together though. If you’re ever in Atlanta….

  14. Haha, as I was scrolling down and came to the picture of you I thought, “wow, what a pretty picture of Shelby” and then I saw the moustache. And obviously it made you even more attractive. Bachelorette parties + moustaches = good times EVERY time.

    • So, one night, we dressed up all fancy and went to the club and got a moderate amount of attention. The next night, we all wore jeans and super casual whatever and put those fake ‘staches on, and guys were ALL over that. :)

      I’m sure there is a life lesson in there somewhere.

  15. And you’re moving soon, too, right? I just moved last week. It was TOUGH to fit in marathon training around it, but I did. Still managed to get all my runs in. I was soooooo tired, though. Glad I had a lower mileage week that week.

    • Yep, in about three weeks! I am actually running a half marathon the day before moving day. Ugh, questionable decisions.

      I hope you are getting settled in DC! It’s a great city!

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