Free Shoe Friday

So. I’m moving in three weeks (holycrap!) and I have a #firstworldproblem: I have too many running shoes.

I get a lot of free shoes at work. Brand reps give running store employees their hot new shoes so that we’ll try them out and be able to sell them competently, with a personal slant – and hopefully wear them on the sales floor, too.

This is largely how I have, over the last couple of years, ended up in this situation:

How many of these can I take to Atlanta with me?

Although I’m pretty lucky in that I can usually run without issue in whatever shoe I want – neutral, stability, minimal, etc – sometimes I receive a pair that just doesn’t work for some reason.

Case in point: these Asics GEL-NEO33 lightweight trainers are sadly of no use to me.

Not because it’s a bad shoe! In fact, I was really excited to try it. But they’re too big. I wore them around the store for a few hours before realizing that the inch of extra space in the front was kind of a deal-breaker.

The ASICS 33 line, which debuted last December, is the company’s answer to the likes of the Saucony Kinvara/Mirage and the Brooks PureProject shoes. It’s a “natural motion” shoe, which isn’t to say that its minimalist, because there’s still a good amount of cushion in the NEO33. But the heel-toe offset is slightly lower (10mm, in this case – which is pretty conservative, compared to the 4mm found in  comparable “natural motion” shoes – but still lower than the typical running shoe’s 12mm). Billed as a lightweight shoe, it clocks in at 8.5 ounces: a bit lighter than its more traditional counterparts (ASICS’s mid-level stability trainer, the 2170, is 9.9 ounces) but heftier than, say, a Saucony Kinvara (which is around 7 ounces).

Anyway. I like the feel of this shoe, but I know that I’m not going to wear it because it doesn’t fit me. So I’m going to give it to one of you guys!

Shoe: ASICS GEL-NEO33 / Size: Women’s 9B (runs big!) / Type of shoe: I’d call it a mild-stability lightweight trainer. It does have some support, making it appropriate for someone who is a mild to moderate over-pronater. If you wear the ASICS 2160/2170, ASICS Kayano, Brooks Adrenaline, Brooks Ravenna, Saucony Guide, etc…it would be a great shoe for you!

If you want it, just say so in the comments; I’ll compile them and pick a random winner on Monday. (Shipping’s on me, as long as it’s US/Canada.)

Anyway. I have tomorrow off of work, so I’m kicking back with a beer tonight:

I’ve had this one in my fridge for a few weeks, so I’m not sure if it still qualifies as a “catch & release” seasonal, but this Sweet Water Happy Ending is delightful.

Bright hops flirt with semi-sweet chocolate in this Imperial Stout, and a strong dose of carbonation gives this beer a surprisingly quenching quality. This is not a stout that harkens your morning cup of coffee, coating your mouth in creamy richness. Rather, it reminds me of a fun chocolate truffle with something fresh and tart inside: rich, but refreshing. 9% ABV.

Bottom line: I’m rather smitten by the hoppy, bubbly quality of this beer! Definitely a fun stout to try. (Purchased at Bottle Revolution, $2/12 oz)

Off to catch up on about seven more episodes of How I Met Your Mother (which I’m watching serially on Netflix – and loving OMG) before I call it bedtime.

Happy (almost) Friday!

73 responses to “Free Shoe Friday

  1. Um, w00t?! I’d love to try those new kicks!

  2. I’d love to have that shoe :)

  3. OMG. If they really run big, I could SO USE THESE!!!!! You rock by the way. I am getting excited to hear of your new adventures in your new state!!!

  4. I wear Brooks Adrenaline and would love to try those Asics!

    And, I heart HIMYM. S2E15, Lucky Penny, is a great episode :)

  5. i’m a somewhat new runner. so far, i’ve tried the adrenaline and saucony guide and neither has been quite right. i’d be happy to try these! either way, thanks for the background info on the shoes. v. helpful!

  6. I wear Brooks Adrenaline and wouldn’t mind giving those Asics a try! Good luck with the move!

  7. Ooooh I love Adrenalines and I normally wear a size 9 …

  8. I wear asics and sauconys in that size – I’d love to give them a try!

  9. Any chance you’re shipping the beer? That bad boy has some serious alcohol content in it.

  10. I would love to try out the neo33. I use kayanos as my trainers and run in kinvaras for shorter distances. But the kinvaras don’t have many more miles left in them. I wear a 9.5-10.

  11. Oooh, me! I usually wear 9.5 in aasics so it might be perfect.

  12. Hey! I usually wear a 9.5, so I’m thinking those would fit.

  13. I usually run in the Adrenaline or Guide, so I’d love to try these! They’re all 9.5s so I think the 9 would be perfect.

  14. I love that when you review a shoe you actually, you know, review it. I’ve seen reviews popping up round the blogworld lately that basically say “these are pretty!”
    Anyway these look badass and I feel bad delurking to enter a giveaway but these are my size and similar to what I’m looking for in sneakers so.. Free shoes hurrah!

    • It drives me nuts when shoe companies send bloggers shoes and the only “review” they can manage is “it’s so pretty!” or “there are super cute flowers on the inside!” or whatever. Uh…good work, full-time “professional” blogger.

      I don’t even consider this post a review since I haven’t actually run in this shoe, but I do try to at least provide some info/context about the product!

      Anyway…thanks for delurking! :)

  15. I LOVE my Asics. I usually wear a 9.5 or 10 in the 21xx series, but all my normal shoes are a 9, so these would probably be a great fit. I’d love to try them :)

  16. Those shoes sound perfect for me! I run in Kinvaras and I need extra room in the toe box because my toenails love to turn black and fall off otherwise. Sexy, I know. :)

  17. I wear a 9.5 or 10 in sauconys…think the size would work? If so, please count me in!!

    • Saucony and Asics tend to run pretty similar in terms of sizing, so there’s a chance they’d be a bit snug, but I’ll count you in! :)

  18. GooD luck with the move! I would like to try these shoes! I’ve been running in the asics 2170 line for close to 10 years. Time for a change!

  19. Ooooh, me me me!

  20. Dude. I think those may fit me!
    Happy Friday, Shelby!

  21. I have been DESPERATE to try the Mirages, but Asics is my first love and now I’m DESPERATE to try these shoes. In my size, too…

  22. Throw my name in the mix. I (used to before them screwed them up) wear the Ravennas and the PureCadence. I’d love to check these out.

  23. I would love to try these. :)

  24. Just my size. I want them!!

  25. i’ve been thinking of trying those and would love to have them–thanks! you rock!

  26. I’d love to have those shoes — perfect size for me!!!!

  27. I am a huge Asics fan and am I currently wearing the Asics 2170. I would love to give these shoes a try. Thanks!

  28. I’m usually a Brooks devotee, but have been wanting to try something with a slightly less built up heel!

  29. I wear the Brooks Adrenaline and would love to give a new pair of sneaks a try. I’m too afraid to branch out on my own. The size is perfect-o too!!!

  30. Have fun packing up! I’d love to try those pretty shoes. :)

  31. I’ll throw my hat in the ring – I’m a size 8, not sure if they’d fit but I’m not going to turn down a free pair of shoes!

    I just did the HIMYM marathon via netflix too – and kept wondering how I’d possibly waited so long? I found this season online somewhere and am all caught up….it gets ssssssssssssooooooooooooooo good.

  32. I’d try ’em out. I’m normally a 9.5, so maybe they’ll work for me.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the beer. I’m currently not enjoying my time in my cubicle.

  33. Aww, more gifted shoes!
    If you’d like an update, that pair of New Balances you sent me a few months back fits perfectly. Though I don’t run anymore, they are my go-to bumming around sneaker because they look so damn cool and are very comfy.

  34. I just watched HIMYM too and wtf took us so long? It’s like the Friends of our generation. I mean… the Friends was the Friends of our generation, too, but I was like 15 when they were supposedly “29” so I relate much more now. Could this comment BE any more confusing?

    • Totally. I mean…my husband and I pretty much are/were Marshall and Lily. Right down to the sometimes-single male roommate. I don’t know how I missed the boat on this one for the last five years but I’m making up for lost time now!

  35. Would love to try out these shoes!!!!! Have fun packing!

  36. I want those trainers!!! Those are awesome!

  37. Gosh there are a lot of us with size 9/9.5 feet! Add me to the list of those who want the shoes. And good luck with all the packing. That’s a lot of shoes you’ve got to find room for. Definitely #firstworldproblem :-)

  38. I’m interested! I love Asics and usually wear a size 9 in them.

  39. Sounds perfect. I run in Asics and wear a 9.5!

  40. Totally would love to try these…my feet never went back to their normal size after being pregnant so hopefully these would fit!

  41. These sound cool! I’d love to try them. Good luck with the moving :-)

  42. For once having big feet works in my favor. Those sneaks sound great! I’d love to try them.

  43. Pick me pick me! Those shoes look awesome! And they’re just my size =)

  44. I’d love to try these!

  45. oOOOO I want the shoe! I wear a 9 and I run in the 2170 (though actually I stocked up when the 2150 was out and am still on those)

  46. I’m in! Team big foot here, too.

  47. I’d love to try those shoes!!!! I’ll be like Cinderella – just my size! Thanks!

  48. Ohhhh, these would be perfect for me!

  49. I’d love them!

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  51. I’m about to wear out my latest pair of Mizuno Wave Riders and would love to try those! Size 9.5 represent!

  52. <3 asics! And I wear a size 9.5. Cheers!

  53. I would love a new pair of sneakers!

  54. I wear a 9.5 and would love to try these!

  55. I’m a 9.5 and would certainly not turn down a pair of free shoes! I usually wear Nike Frees but am looking to branch out!

  56. WOW, I just saw these in a magazine and was thinking about trying them.

  57. Recently discovered your blog and love it. I really need new shoes and would love to try these out!

  58. I’d love them!

  59. Shoooz! I love the colors and would love to try Asics. SOunds like they would fit me perfectly. Large 9’s…heyo.

  60. I’d love to try them out! I wear Asics and Brooks in that size! Thanks for the offer!

  61. I’ve been a Kayano girl for a long time – would love to try another Asics shoe. Thanks for the offer!

  62. Pick me! I need a new pair of shoes!

  63. Tracy O'Connor

    I’m broke!!!! Training for Boston and need new shoes!!! PLEASE & THANK YOU!!

  64. I would love the shoes! I’m starting to train again and need a new pair to wear in the gym. :-) Good luck moving and I hope your foot starts to feel better (I have been reading through the posts)

  65. just discovered your blog and am loving the mix of running/food adventures! I’d be more than happy to take those Asics off your hands if you choose me! :)

  66. Those look niiiiice. I’m in for the drawing, as long as you think a “9B” (what is B?) would fit an 8.5 girl.