A thousand random last times

Folks, I am at the point in the moving process where I find myself pausing constantly to reflect on the fact that it’s the VERY LAST TIME I’ll do some random meaningless thing here in Raleigh. Ever.

The thing is, I don’t consider myself a particularly sentimental person. And, really…I’ve only lived here for a couple of years, it’s not like my roots are that deep. But I still find myself pulling out the VERY LAST TIME card with disturbing frequency.

Saturday morning was the VERY LAST TIME I would ever run a 5K in Raleigh. If you recall, I wasn’t planning to race it. I stuck to my word, and cruised at 7:15 pace to a 22:25 finish, which is exactly the speed I’m hoping to run for 13.1 next weekend. And in the process, I paced a teammate to a PR, while reminding him that this was the VERY LAST TIME we’d ever run a race together, so therefore he’d better sack up and run faster. (I should be a coach…really.)

This morning, I headed out to Umstead for my VERY LAST TIME running in the park. It was a gorgeous morning and I was delighted to be out there in the crisp sunshine, even with the abrupt and crude removal of daylight savings time. I met Joe and we covered 13 easy miles. Oh yeah, it was probably my VERY LAST TIME running with him, too. So many goodbyes.

I also said goodbye to Bottle Revolution this weekend. I had damn well better be able to find a place to buy interesting beers in Atlanta.

Anyway. Here are a couple of weeks of pretty boring training data. First, two weeks back, which was Foot Injury Week:

And second, this past week, which was Flu Week:

On the bright side, hey: it’s the VERY LAST TIME I’ll ever have a strange foot injury that may or may not have been from something as silly as tying my shoes too tight! And the VERY LAST TIME I’ll ever have the Flu in North Carolina!

Knock on wood.

Maybe being sentimental isn’t such a bad thing after all…

14 responses to “A thousand random last times

  1. I was just in North Carolina! I went on an Alternative Spring Break trip with my school and it was my VERY FIRST TIME there (ha ha).
    I am actually a pretty sentimental person (I was the camp counselor who got weepy at the end of every session when all the campers went home) so I can totally imagine myself doing what you’re doing. I’m glad your race went well and your foot is feeling better!

  2. You sound like someone about to graduate high school or college.

    Hope all goes well with the last phase of moving and the foot doesn’t act up again.

  3. I always pull that phrase out. Even when I only moved from the Chicago burbs to the city. This is the LAST TIME I’ll sleep in this apartment/have easy parking at the grocery store/walk without fear of being at a crosswalk…

  4. Moving is rough, but think about all the firsts you have coming :)

  5. My husband and his craft beer buddies love this place in Decatur: http://www.aleyeahbeer.com/ This should definitely be your first stop once you get in town. Stop number two should be BrickStore Pub, also in Decatur. What area are you moving too? Happy last everything!

  6. I get way too attached to things, and am extremely sentimental. It’s a miracle I haven’t turned into a hoarder. (Just don’t look under my bathroom sink. Yes I need 27 bottles of body lotion.) Soak it all in!

  7. I do this with everything! The funniest is with cars. This is the last time, I’ll turn down this street, this is the last time I’ll have to finagle the trunk opener thingy, etc… Happy last other stuff!

  8. LOL – you know Joe!? Next time you talk to him tell him Micki says hi. :) What a small world.

    While you might have many ‘very last times’ think of all of the exciting ‘VERY FIRST TIME!!!’s you’ll have soon! Now that is pretty darn cool. :)

    • Joe and his wife Erin, and a couple of their other friends, have been my running buddies since I first moved to NC a couple of years ago! Small world indeed!

      I am definitely looking forward to many FIRST times…that’s a whole other post! :)

  9. Glad to see your foot seems better! Good luck with moving!!!

  10. I spent about three weeks saying “this is the last time…” when we moved from WI to CO. Sometimes I had to go so far as to say “this is the last time I’ll XYZ while LIVING in WI” but I did it!

    Great job on not racing, getting some miles in and have fun with the move and half marathon!