Home…for now

Monday was a long day, but I can’t complain too much. Everything went smoothly and the cats and I rolled out of Raleigh at 4 PM. After six hours of practicing the art of calculated lawbreaking (read: driving exactly 9.9 MPH over the speed limit), we arrived in Atlanta.

I guess I haven’t really explained our living situation here. As you may recall, my husband moved down in January and took up in a small furnished apartment. The hope was that by the time I joined him in March, we’d have the keys to our permanent digs and move right in.

Well, that didn’t happen. We’re currently in the process of buying a home (exciting!) but that’s a long process. So here we are in the little apartment for a few more weeks, and our stuff is in storage (in a Pod) until we’re ready for it.

Not complaining, though! It’s so nice to have our “family” all together again, even if we’re still in transit.

The cats are adjusting extremely well! They were really good through the whole moving ordeal. They didn’t destroy anything when I locked them in the bathroom for four hours when the movers were there. They didn’t howl or claw or pee or poop during their six-plus hours in the car. They didn’t freak out when unloaded in the new place.

Naturally, I take full credit for this, as if I raised them up so well or something. I guess we’re just lucky to have such easygoing and adaptable cats!

Fearless as ever, Emmy walked confidently out of her carrier and proceeded to inspect every horizontal surface of the apartment within her jumping range. And Parker, usually more cautious, only spent about five minutes under the bed before he was out and about with her.

Within an hour of our arrival, it was business as usual: everyone had eaten dinner and both cats were curled up on the couch with us. So proud, I tell ya.

(One thing that made the pet move less of a hassle: Amazon. A week ago, I ordered a new litter box, litter, a case of food, a new scratcher, a couple of toys and a Feliway diffuser to be delivered to the new apartment. Shipping was free. It was so much easier to have all of that stuff ready to go, rather than having to dig it out of the packed car or make a trip to the pet store.)

Anyway. I’m so glad that the move is over (this stage of it, anyway) and I’m looking forward to getting settled in a new job (soon, I hope!) and routine here. Starting with: NO MORE TAKEOUT.

I’ve pretty much been living on pizza, fast food, take out, and other garbage for the last week. I can’t even look at a Chick-Fil-A waffle fry right now…and for me, that’s saying a lot.

Making a real dinner was the highlight of my day yesterday. This is my favorite quick and easy way to prepare salmon: sprinkle with salt and a squeeze of lemon juice, smother with dijon mustard, pat down with brown sugar, and bake in a foil-lined pan at 400* for 10-15 minutes.

And finally, last week’s running recap:

It’s not the 60-70 miles I should be running to get in marathon shape, but with packing and moving physically taxing my body, I feel like it was the best I could do last week.

24 days until Gansett. Yikes…

17 responses to “Home…for now

  1. I love how furnished apartment furniture always looks like furnished apartment furniture. Good luck with everything coming up, and hi kitties.

  2. those are some adorable little travel companions you have there. Glad you’re getting settled in!

  3. Glad the felines did so well! Very exciting that you’re planning to buy a house. Hopefully setting up camp for awhile in Atlanta?

  4. Oh wow Shelby, buying a home? You guys are really throwing down roots now.

    I wouldn’t let this weekend’s half marthon time shake you confidence. Sounds like it was a trail race, not a true road race. It’s not fair to compare your times.

    Hopefully we can arrange a run sometime soon. Heh heh. You’re a Georgia Peach now.

  5. You are running Gansett? How exciting! I am hoping to run it in 2013 since they will honor my 2011 time!

  6. I’m so jealous of your cats! Mine has been pooping on the floor lately, and I’m not sure why. Because she’s an a-hole is my guess. Glad to hear your move went well! Good luck on buying a house and getting a job! :)

  7. Yay – happy house hunting! Just so you know, it’s EXACTLY like the show House Hunters. It’s so real. 😉

    But in all seriousness, it’s a great time to buy. We bought when prices were near their highest in our market and interest rates were around 6%. Guess who will be living in their house for longer than expected?

  8. I’m glad the move went well! You raised those cats right damn it. Be proud!

  9. I’m glad getting to ATL wasn’t too much of a hassle. Hope all the home buying stuff goes smoothly! Your cats are pretty damn cute, too. You must’ve spent a large part of their education on grooming. :)

  10. I feel like we are living parallel lives a few months out of sync. I HATED constantly eating takeout while moving, and we are going to look into buying a house once I find a (hopefully permanent) job.

  11. Glad you made it safely! Good luck with the house buying process…

  12. Just discovered your blog and it’s great: honest, fun, and very well written. Good luck with your move to Atlanta.