Good to go

Final score: me – 1, escolar – 0. Whew.

And I’m all packed up and ready to head north…

(I’ve never purchased a home decorating magazine before. I think this means I’m officially old and boring. Hoping for some inspiration, since we’re going to be facing a very empty house in a couple of weeks…which is a fun problem to have, but overwhelming nonetheless!)

It’s funny. I ran my very first marathon in Rhode Island: the Ocean State Marathon in 2000. I was a junior in college and studying for a semester in Washington DC, and never having set foot on the East Coast before, I was somehow under the illusion that Providence was a mere stone’s throw from our nation’s capital.

Needless to say, I was not a geography major.

In the twelve years since, I’ve run ten more marathons, but I’ve never repeated a state. Until now! How weird and random that it’s Rhode Island, a tiny state in which I’ve never lived and have rarely even visited.

Gansett will also be, by far, the smallest marathon I’ve ever done. I am seed 26 in a field of 56 female runners. That is a SMALL race. And although the qualification standards make for a fast and tight field, I expect I’ll be running alone quite a bit…so although I don’t usually race with music, I’ve packed my iPod.

Anyway. If you happen to be out in Narragansett on Saturday morning, I’ll be in a royal blue singlet and black shorts.

Off to the airport! Time to get this thing over with so I can relax in Boston for the rest of the weekend!

17 responses to “Good to go

  1. Too funny about the Ocean State Marathon, and too bad it isn’t still running. The replacement marathon in Providence is nothing to write home about. I am definitely bringing my iPod too … planning on whipping it out halfway through but it could be earlier. Safe travels and see you out there!

  2. Have a great race! My boyfriend ran in last year and the weather sucked, but you’re forecast to have a beautiful weekend – enjoy!

  3. I hope you have a wonderful race! That IS a small field, even by my rural MN standards. Enjoy Boston this weekend too; I’m sure it will be hopping!

  4. Have a good race!! I guess the sushi didn’t give you a problem? Phew!!

  5. Have a great race and fun in Beantown! :) Too bad it’s this weekend b/c I’ll be there in a few weeks! Durnnit.

  6. Good luck! Have a great weekend.

  7. Kick butt! Have a great weekend!! And I am glad that your innards and your bathroom avoided any orange oily excretions!!

  8. Good luck with the race…be awesome! :)

  9. Good luck, Shelby! Will think of you tomorrow. And just in case you see me, I’ll be running in a red Atlanta Track Club singlet and hoping my IT band holds out OK! (85 in Boston on Monday, WTF??)
    See you soon, and if you´re going to become a boring, old house person we can definitely talk about that shit A LOT!

  10. So Rhode Island huh? Do you pretty much run across the entire state? (ba dum.)


  11. Good luck! I will be bringing my iPod too..see you tomorrow!

  12. Good luck!! Can’t wait to hear how it went!

  13. good luck Shelby!! Maybe I’ll see you in Boston! :)

  14. Good luck and have a save trip! :)