Five and ten

I guess you could say it was a weekend of milestones in multiples of five.

It’s been five years since my husband and I married, and ten since we graduated (from the same) college. As bummed as I was to miss out on the second edition of Vodka Heist, these simultaneous anniversaries called for a trip out to California, where both began.

So on Friday afternoon, we jetted from ATL to LAX, rented a car, and headed inland to the good old 909, the home of our alma mater. Saturday, we spent bouncing between the open bar and the various corners of our tidy parklike campus, doling out hugs and handshakes to old friends and professors, and recalling four years of shenanigans: the time we jumped in that pool? when we had a hubcap throwing contest on that lawn? how study sessions under that tree would invariably become afternoon naps?

College. Life was good.

You’d think I might have taken a few photos that day, but somehow the only event that I managed to document was the Craft Beer Class I attended in the afternoon.

Although it’s a liberal arts college, Claremont McKenna’s curriculum focuses heavily on practical education: economics, finance, politics, leadership. So naturally our beer tasting was paired with a discussion of the economics of craft brewing.

We also tasted some “dorm brew,” courtesy of some enterprising CMC seniors:

Their IPA was actually pretty decent!

On Sunday morning, having honored the ten-year milestone, we headed up to Sonoma to celebrate the five-year one. Obligatory smattering of wedding photos here.

And with that, I’m off to relax with my betrothed, taste some good Russian River wine, and maybe even seek out a Pliny or two.

10 responses to “Five and ten

  1. Funny, I was at a college reunion this weekend, too! Twinsies! Hope you two have a very happy anniversary celebration.

  2. Fun! Happy Anniversary x 2 :)

  3. Ahhhh happy anniversary!

  4. Happy anniversary! I got married the weekend before you (4/21/07). Did you get any “wood” for your anniversary this year (har har)?

  5. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your time off celebrating! :)

  6. Happy anniversary!

    My 10 year anniversary of graduting from college is coming up in June (quarter system) and I have no clue if there’s some kind of reunion. Only a couple of the friends I started school with graduated in 4 years, most did 5. Hope you had a good time in the IE.

  7. omg I’ve been wanting to try Pliny the elder (or younger) for a while now. Is it everything it’s cracked up to be?

  8. Happy anniversary!

    Sounds like a great trip. My bro is graduating from college on Saturday and I am slightly jealous of all the fun he is having. College was full of great memories.

  9. I didn’t know that you went to CMC! I graduated from Pomona last May, and I’m already missing it. The scariest part for me, however, is that I’m coming on my 1 year graduation anniversary….I AM SO OLD!