Points for consistency?

It’s been just over a month since I stated that I wanted to spend my summer running less, cross-training/lifting more, and ridding my frame of the marathon chub that it had collected over two seasons of high mileage and little else.

So how’s that going?

Um…apparently, it’s going nowhere.

This isn’t so much upsetting as it is weird. Granted, I haven’t counted calories or anything but I have been making a major effort to eat healthy things instead of unhealthy things and I’ve pretty much nixed the weeknight boozing. I’ve been hitting the weight room faithfully and have seen tangible improvements there. I feel less bloated and I no longer need to do an elaborate ballet routine to get in to my favorite jeans.

Dirty filthy lying piece-of-shit scale.

Or, my body is just happy where it is, I guess. I’m going to keep at it for a few more weeks and see what happens. When it comes down to it, I’m not unhappy with my current weight, and I’m not willing to start tracking every morsel that enters my mouth – if that’s what it would take – for the sake of losing a few pounds.

I am also not willing to totally give up delicious food. Eating is one of my favorite hobbies. Some people like modern art or music or classic cars or porn; I like Pork Belly Banh Mi sandwiches from Star Provisions. I have no doubt that if I stopped enjoying food I would lose weight. But delicious food…it’s so delicious….

Anyway. That’s my non-progress report on that project. On to other meaningless statistics, such as workouts from the last two weeks while I was on my little blog hiatus*:

And mileage for May:

(The “days trained” stat includes lifting/XT days as well as running days.)

It still feels weird to be running so little, and my pace has definitely suffered from all of the other activity, but I’ve been pretty happy with my weight room adventures so far.

For instance, last Thursday, I talked Gesina in to doing this work out that I made up which involved 11 different leg and core exercises separated by sets of burpees for a total of 100 burpees. We were at the gym for almost two hours. But that’s mostly because we tend to get chatty between sets. But, hey – at least we’re being chatty at the gym instead of at happy hour, which is probably where we’d be otherwise. I know I’ve said this before, but having a workout partner makes weight lifting about a thousand times more bearable than doing it alone.

And I’ve been pleased with my track workouts too, especially given my lack of overall mileage. This week’s assignment was two sets of 2X800 + 2X400.

I went out hard.

I didn’t have a watch on and somehow missed hearing the 400 split of our first repeat, so I was a little surprised when I heard 3:08 as I finished. Crap, that is too fast, I thought.

So of course I went out and ran a second faster on the next one.

The 400s were a breeze by comparison, but that third 800 was hell. My lungs were burning and my stride was getting all flat and slappy. On the second lap, I let the group I’d been hanging with slip away from me. That pissed me off.

You started this, and you’re going to finish it, I told myself.

So despite the fact that I have no balls and the track has no walls, I put ’em there and finished it hard.

It hurt. In a good way.

Suck it, scale.

*Thank you to each and every one of you who left such flattering and supportive comments on my last post! I absolutely did not intend for it to be a fishing-for-SOMI thing; I just wanted to explain my insecurities about my life and my writing lately. It’s comforting to know that so many of you have had similar feelings and experiences. And of course, I’m glad that there are people out there who want to read this blog. As always, I welcome feedback – negative or positive – in the comments or at eatdrinkrun [at] gmail. <3

18 responses to “Points for consistency?

  1. When you say marathon chub what exactly do you mean? I have noticed that since increasing my mileage my weight has also increased- wicked discouraging.. and it has accumulated around my midsection, despite healthier eating. Is this common with high mileage?

    • I think this is pretty normal, actually. Certainly for me. When I run more, I do less of other activities, and running is probably the least efficient way for me to burn calories. Combined with an increased appetite, it can lead to weight gain. (Even if you’re eating healthy stuff – it’s a tricky balance trying to eat enough to sate yourself without eating more than you’re burning.)

      When I get up to running a LOT of miles (for me – like 60-70/week) it seems to even itself out, but in that in-between range, I tend to get a little soft.

      When is your marathon?

  2. Awww, we all love you Shelby! Thanks for writing – I really do look forward to your posts….and the gym workouts you drag me to. On that note…dirty lying piece of shit scale indeed. Stupid muscle weighing more than fat.

  3. You should give XT intervals a shot. It looks like most of your high intensity interval training is running…it could be beneficial for your weight loss to do bike, elliptical, swimming or circuity/bodweight training HIIT. While weight lifting is good, it’s not going to burn a ton of calories, your body needs to burn fat and a ton of HIGH intensity calories with the combination of weight training.

  4. Weight training will cause you to gain weight! For a while, anyways. Measuring is going to be a more accurate guide to how you are going.

    Also, unless you are short, 133 isn’t a bad weight to be at. Maybe focus on the strengthening and ‘toning’ instead of the scale. The scale can suck it!

    • I am 5’3″. It’s a healthy weight for me, although according to BMI scales I am at the higher end my healthy weight range.

      The thing that is confusing to me is that I know weight training can make you gain, because muscle weighs more than fat, but if that’s what is happening, shouldn’t my body fat % be going down? Maybe my consumer-grade scale just isn’t precise enough, IDK. Or maybe there really just has been no change. :)

      • If you haven’t seen it, you should take a look at the New Rules of Lifting for Women. Lots of great info about lifting, diet, nutrition, and exercise.

        Lifting won’t really make you gain weight, unless you’re like roiding up and squatting 800. Muscle weighs more than fat but also has a higher metabolic expenditure–if that makes sense? Muscle uses calories to maintain itself, fat just sits there.

        Be patient, How your clothes fit (in my opinion) is always a good indicator of your relative fitness (relative to yourself last week or last year or whatever.)

  5. Melissa R.

    Ha! I’m 5’3″ and 133 (just weighed myself this morning to check–the scale is a piece of shit in general) so…TWINSIES. Does 5’3″ count as short? Probably yes. Could I stand to drop a few? Definitely. But, like you said….food…it’s just too delicious to not eat it!

  6. You should try tracking your macronutrients just for a week or so to see if you are getting enough protein. This worked for me when I started lifting without seeing results. I was running long distances and I craved carbs, but to build muscle I had to decrease the carbs and increase the protein. And I didn’t even have to change it that much, just a slight tweak and the results have been great!

    • Interesting…I’ll keep that in mind! I’ve definitely cut down on the carbs since I dropped my running mileage, but I have no idea what kind of macronutrient ratios I’m eating these days.

  7. I’ve been a total unhealthy whore the past two weeks with my eating… Okay, well maybe not THAT bad, but there has been pizza & fried things & booze galore. So I decided to have a Come to Jesus moment with myself & get on the scale this morning. That lying bitch told me that I’ve actually lost half .8 since the last time I weighed myself.


    USUALLY, I find the only way I lose weight on the scale is counting calories & eating clean. It’s hard work, but it works.

  8. I was just thinking about this kind of thing this morning! I’m actively trying to lose the extra pounds I gained while recovering from hip surgery in the winter and it’s going well. I would love to try and get below where I was pre-surgery, but I know that would require some seriously strict eating (read: no more burgers and beers), and I just don’t think that I’m willing to make those types of sacrifices. In my book, as long as I’m healthy, and feel like I’m not compromising my running with my diet, tasty food will always win over six pack abs.

    P.S. Have you ever tried any Three Floyds’ beers? I thought of you this weekend when I visited their brewery because you can speak so intelligently about beer and I so cannot.

    Ok, tl;dr. Bye.

    • The only Three Floyds I’ve had is the Pride & Joy, which I had on a trip to Illinois last year…it was good! I have heard awesome things about some of their more creative offerings, though. Unfortunately we can’t get it down here. I’d love to visit their brewery!

      Marie (www.cheaperthantherapy.me) is pretty much a Three Floyds expert…she can speak much more intelligently than I can on the subject. :)

  9. Same thing is happening to me on the scale, too. I’m choosing to attribute it to the increase in strength training that I’ve been doing. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Glad you’re back! :)

  10. My weight hovers at 123 (5’4″) unless I actually restrict food. Running keeps me looking healthy, but getting lean is another science I think and I’m not willing to give up peanut butter toast or wine in order to look good in a bikini. If I get serious on the weights I always go up a pound or two! Go by the jeans I say…

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