Friday afternoon wine musings

It was exactly noon when the taxi deposited my husband in our driveway, fresh from the airport after a two-week business trip to Asia.

The twenty-hour flight had left him tired and disheveled and in need of a shower. While he cleaned up, I made us lunch. And because it was midnight in Japan or whatever, I figured we may as well have a drink with our meal. I opened a bottle of wine.

Three hours later, he’s napping. (Ill advised, I know…but I can’t bear to wake him.) And I’m left with a half-finished bottle of wine on a Friday afternoon. Hmm. What to do…?

Remember when I used to blog about wine all the time? Yeah, me neither. It’s funny that nearly a year ago, I went to the Wine Bloggers Conference, at which I received that freebie glass. I can probably count on one hand the times I’ve done a wine review on this blog since then.

What happened?

Regular wine drinking ceded to a growing love of craft beer. Growing love of craft beer resulted in growing love handles. Which is how I’ve found myself in the current situation, savoring a (second) glass of Sauv Blanc on a Friday afternoon after abstaining from beer-slash-wine all freaking week.

I won’t lie: it’s been hard to get used to not having a pint of beer or a glass of wine with dinner. I’ve always said (and probably said here, on this blog, more than once) that having a drink or two each day was my version of a small daily indulgence. I’ve said things like: I can live without cookies or chocolate or ice cream, but you’ll pry my daily drinks out of my cold, dead hands.

Well, get me some mittens and a defibrillator, I guess.

It’s sad, but with each passing year, it seems I am less able to get away with minor dietary indiscretions. Through most of my early twenties, I ate whatever I wanted. Then, as thirty approached, I found that in order to maintain my weight, I had to start eating somewhat healthy food…but I could still drink whatever I wanted.

(This is evident in reading the first year of posts on this blog, written by a spritely 29-year-old. Although I don’t recommend it, because the earliest entries on any blog are always horrible, and mine are no exception.)

(On a related note: over the three years I’ve been blogging here, I’ve received several emails accusing me of being a raging alcoholic for posting beer/wine reviews with such frequency. These emails tend to be pretty entertaining in that they are the closest thing I get to hate mail. But of course such accusations always make you think a little about your life habits. And, as I reflected, I never thought I had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. So I find it kind of amusing that pure vanity is what eventually led me to curb my drinking a little.)

Anyway. In a month, I’ll be thirty-two. If the last year has been any indication, I realize that I’m going to have to make a permanent change in my eating habits if I don’t want to gain weight. That sucks, but I also acknowledge that I’m very fortunate to be in a situation where cutting out shitty carbs or eliminating (or, realistically, limiting) weeknight drinks to stave off the five-pound scale creep is the worst of my health concerns.

But still. It sucks.

So until Monday, I’ll enjoy my drinks. With temperatures creeping into the low-100s this weekend, it would be criminal not to enjoy a few cold beers. Or a bottle of summery white:

My local Trader Joe’s has been beating its customers over the head with this Trellis Sauvignon Blanc for the last couple of months. As in: huge pyramid display up front, another huge pyramid in the wine section. Okay, okay, TJ’s. You have a bunch of this wine to offload.

Yesterday, I finally caved. Okay, I’ll bite and pick up a six-dollar bottle.

It’s…alright. For a Sauv Blanc, I think it’s a bit heavy-handed. Thick and fruity, it attacks you with intense honey and floral flavor before settling in to a sweet-and sour finish. There’s even a bit of oak. This wine comes across like a lightly-oaked Chardonnay.

Bottom line: It’s not bad, but if I’m drinking a Sauv Blanc I want light and refreshing, not floral honey and oak. But for the price, you could definitely do worse, and I could see stocking this wine as the type of bottle you open at the end of the night, when no one is really tasting it anyway. (Purchased at Trader Joe’s, $5.99)

See? I can still do semi-snobby wine reviews.

And now, I have a spouse to wake up before he naps himself into a wicked jet lag. Have a great weekend!

7 responses to “Friday afternoon wine musings

  1. LOL You are SUCH an alcoholic! But I totally get what you mean. Sometimes reading old posts it sure does look like I drink a lot. But I’m a one glass kinda girl. Hardly alcoholism in the making.

    In the summer time I drink more beer than wine. I just associate summer with a nice local brew.

    But seriously, it’s crazy how much cutting out la booze during the week helps you keep off those pesky extra lbs. Not only do I drink an extra 200-400 calories, but I always end up giving into the munchies too. Great timing considering I just bought half a case of a delicious little sauv blanc, myself, but I have to just not put it in the fridge as to not be tempted. Stay strong, sister friend.

  3. This is a timely post, as I just gained 5 pounds in Chicago. Yesterday. And if you’re a raging alcoholic, I should be face down in a gutter somewhere.

  4. I usually stick to Fri & Sat, but now that I have Fridays off in summer months, it’s hard not to throw back a couple brewskies on Thursday night too. Of course, that also leads to a couple extra chips or something. Sigh. Stupid metabolism.

    That’s crazy about the hate mail too. And by “crazy,” I mean both rude and comical.

  5. I am in total agreement. Alcohol and summer time go together SO well, and yes, alcohol and love handles do too (plus, to mirror what your other commenters said…..alcohol and munchies…). Yet it’s just too great to give up completely:-)

  6. Oh, girl, I hear ya. I’ve been trying my damndest not to drink on weekdays. It’s pretty tough during the summer, though, isn’t it? It’s hot. People are out and about…La Croix just won’t cut it sometimes. I do love your wine/beer reviews, but you’re still plenty entertaining without ’em. 😉

  7. When alcohol interferes with your life, you may be an alcoholic. When life sometimes interferes with your drinking, you’re just someone I’d like to hang out with.

    If you can find Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc/Viognier blend, buy it and drink chilly. Had it in a restaurant while traveling and bought a case when I got home…perfect summer wine. $11 at Total Wine…cheers!