The low-mileage identity crisis

As I’m sure you are aware, it is July, which means it’s now halfway through the calendar year. And that means it’s time to check in with my New Year’s Resolutions!

Just kidding. I don’t have any resolutions. But here’s how much running I (haven’t really been) doing this year:

(That isn’t a typo, I really did log the same exact mileage in June as I did in May. Purely coincidence.)

In 2011, I ran approximately 2,000 miles. Obviously, I’m a little (a lot…) behind the ball if I want to do the same this year. And with no fall marathon, it’s unlikely that I’ll make up the difference.

To which I say: eh. Does it actually matter? Nope. I don’t think I’ll look back on 2012 and mourn my average weekly mileage.

Hopefully, I will look back and remember a summer when I actually enjoyed (!) the hot weather because, guess what? I didn’t force myself to go out and run a zillion miles in it.

I’ll admit that I’ve had a few moments of blog-induced panic during this whole lower-mileage period. For someone who has been logging 150-200 miles a month for the last couple of years, recording a 75-mile month can feel, at best, like a regression.

At worst, it feels like a total failure and an unpleasant contradiction of the very person that I am. Because twenty miles a week! That’s not me. I’m a forty-mile-a-week person.

That probably sounds ridiculous, and it is. But running is something that I’ve devoted several hours a week to for my entire adult life, so I think it’s understandable to have mixed feelings about cutting way back.

However: at the moment, I’m happier this way, and that’s what’s important. I mean, I’m actually liking summer instead of hating it! Life is too short to hate an entire season simply because it’s incompatible with your hobbyjogging.

I’m sure I’ll increase my mileage again in a couple of months, when it comes time to think about fall/winter races (half marathons, probably). In the meantime, logging lower mileage doesn’t make me any less of a runner or a running blogger or a person.

So anyway. Guess what I’m doing tomorrow?

Oh hey! I submitted for the Peachtree lottery months ago, before I even moved down here. I got the acceptance email and put the race on my calendar. Then I kind of forgot about it (which, I don’t even know how…this thing is a huge deal here) until a couple of weeks ago.

Needless to say, I’m not exactly treating this as a goal race. But a good hard tempo effort would be nice. It will be warm and the course is hilly. I’m sure it will be a little crowded, even with most of the 60,000 participants seeded in later starting corrals. If I can hang at 7:30 pace, I’ll be happy.

Assuming I can manage to actually finish this one, I’ll see you tomorrow with a race recap!

12 responses to “The low-mileage identity crisis

  1. Hobbyjogging is my new favorite word ever. NOW I DON’T HAVE TO CALL MYSELF A RUNNER. Ali the Hobbyjogger. It’s so much more accurate. So thank you for that.

    Glad you’re enjoying your lower mileage and aren’t hating summer because it’ll make you chafe during long runs. I assume that specific hatred was implied in this post.

    Good luck tomorrow!!

  2. Regardless, you’re still a badass.

    PS – I’ll be in Atlanta next weekend :)

  3. I think it’s great that you’re varying up your routine and enjoying it. Getting all hung up on how many miles I log kind of takes me away from my goals, if that makes any sense. I think it’s most important to like what you’re doing! Good luck tomorrow – that race sounds really fun!

  4. Totally with you! I have had an insanely busy summer that has turned my 40-50 weekly miles into 20-25ish at best. (I don’t even want to look up how many miles I ran in May because it was so depressing.) I have this instinct to tell everyone I talk about running with, “This isn’t me! No, really! I swear I normally run WAY more than this!” My goal was 2000 for the year & I’m now at ~740ish, so I’m also trying to come to terms with the fact that I’m probably not going to make it. Ah, well. You do what you need/have to do, I guess.

  5. What up Corral A….I’ll be there too, probably wearing a blue sparkle skirt and standing awkwardly by myself because I don’t know anyone else who is starting in that corral. Maybe I’ll see ya–Good luck!


  6. Good luck with the race!
    I’ve had a hard time with rescheduling myself at the new job. Not so much that my mileage is different, but my overall time dedicated to working out has decreased. It makes me anxious. Meh.

  7. In the long run (no pun intended) I’m sure enjoying the summer every once and a while is what you’ll remember. And I’m sure you’ll still kick the race’s ass. :) Don’t melt!

  8. How cool that you got into Peachtree for your first year in Atlanta! Hope it went well. Happy 4th. Lots of beverages & such to recover from a hot and hilly race are in order. :-)

  9. I nominated you for a beautiful blogger award. Hope you don’t mind. You are supposed to write 7 things about you and nominate 7 other bloggers.

    • Thanks! Of course I don’t mind, those things are great blog fodder for days when I don’t have anything else to write about. :)