Pink and sparkly

Today, my husband and I drove two hours to eat at an Arby’s.

It wasn’t entirely intentional.  I mean, I love curly fries, but I don’t make a destination out of them. We were trying to explore our new Georgia geography and ended up in an area where nothing is open on Sunday.

This is something about the South that I am, to phrase it tactfully, still getting used to.

Anyway. We found this big lake on a map. We looked it up online, reading that it was one of the “most popular recreational lakes in the country.” We headed adventourously out from our Midtown Atlanta home, thinking we’d be game for some boating and floating and whatever else the local scene had to offer.

You would think that one of so-called  “most popular recreational lakes in the country” would have some…restaurants? Ice cream shops? Something? Besides fast food?

You would be wrong. At least on a Sunday. And as much as I am a fast food apologist, this situation was not approved by me. For whatever that matters.

We stopped at a state park beach and tiptoed across the red clay beach to dip our toes in the warm water. We watched pontoon boats cruise by, circled periodically by speedboats pulling gleeful skiers and hearty tubers on inflatable rafts.

After a longish drive home, we were ready to spend the rest of our day relaxing on the roof deck. We’ve had several events at the house lately so I had absolutely every kind of wine ready to go.

So even on a Sunday night: a bubbly rose. Which should be rather light and tasty. And pink…and sparkly. Like a…uh, shit. I hate pink shit and I hate sparkly shit.

But this wine isn’t half bad.

Not a bad pick at all, actually,

Good night!

4 responses to “Pink and sparkly

  1. That’s the one thing I get all antsy about when I go home. In rural Mid-MO, you have to plan things like gas and going out to eat. Because NOTHING is open on Sunday. And there are no gas stations open past 11 at night. It’s a sad state of affairs.

  2. My husband also ate at Arby’s this weekend, and totally regretted it. BUT at least I got to quote this.

  3. I love your description of the people out playing on the lake, even if there wasn’t good lake food.

  4. Yeah, I get really uncomfortable when towns/regions completely shut down. I also get uncomfortable on road trips when you go for 10 miles between exits on the highway. I need civilization. The wine looks quite refreshing, though!