Triple crown

This is really stupid, but I spent most of the last two weeks freaking out about my dentist appointment.

It had been…a while. Two years maybe? Not nearly as bad as the time I let it go 5+ years, but bad enough.

I hate going to the dentist. It’s irrational, because obviously they are trained professionals, but having people all up in my grill with their bright lights and pointy sticks makes my palms sweat. A couple of years ago when I had to have a root canal, they had to Xanax me because I was shaking and sweating and squirming so much. I just can’t help it.

What is actually happening at the dentist is this:

But what I see is this:

It’s beyond dumb, but try as I may, I cannot view those dental tools  – the sharp poky things and whizzy spinning things – as anything other than devices that could potentially maim me.

And then the sweating starts.

But I knew I had something wonky going on with one of my old fillings, so I finally sucked it up and made the appointment.

Of course, both the hygienist and dentist were nothing but warm, friendly, and professional. During the OMG WHAT IS THAT HORRIBLE SCRAPING NOISE HOLY CRAP IT’S COMING FROM MY MOUTH portion of the cleaning, I asked for a towel to rub against my clammy palms. I kneaded the towel like a cat, closed my eyes, and tried to imagine that I wasn’t in the middle of a limestone quarry. It sort of worked.

It’s funny how I have no problem inflicting discomfort upon myself (for instance, last night’s track set – more about that in a minute) but I cannot tolerate other people inflicting it upon me.

That’s going to suck when I have to go back next week for a(nother) crown. My third. I guess I am collecting them. Like some sort of imperial conquistadora.

At least I don’t have to have a root canal this time. The nerve of the tooth is fine; it’s just that the manky old filling is too big to repair or replace.

Ugh. Who wants to slip me some Xanax?

Anyway. Yesterday’s track workout was a fun one. (A million time more fun than a dental cleaning.) In a rare departure from 800s and 400s, we were assigned a medley-ladder of sorts: 800, 2X400, 3X200, 2X100, repeat.

100M! That’s like a game.

This workout flew by. Even though we were on the track for almost 90 minutes (between warm up and cool down, all the recovery time that comes with lots of intervals, and post-run stretch), it never felt like a grind.

That doesn’t mean it was easy, though.

By the time I got my butt halfway down that backstretch, Bolt would’ve been almost finished. Crazy!

The sprints were fun, but the 800s and 400s were the meat of the workout and I was happy with how I ran them. Of course, pacing was a little tricky on the second set. Fresh off an all-out sprint, I felt totally weird on that second 800. I was sure I was going way too fast or way too slow, but it turned out that I was right on. I guess my legs knew what to do, even though my lungs were still burning from the shorter stuff.

Between the last pair of 400s, one of my friends told me I looked like I was running strong. I thanked him and said that I felt like I was going to puke.

I love track work outs.

Recovery run this morning, then back to boot camp tomorrow. I’ve been in the habit of tacking an easy 2-3 mile run on to the end of boot camp classes, but now that it’s getting (slightly) cooler in the evenings, I want to start to increase the distance of those runs a little. I’ve been hanging out at 25 MPW for most of the summer; I’m ready to start building back up a bit!

21 responses to “Triple crown

  1. I have never commented here before but just popping in to say that I too have horrible dental anxiety and I finally, after 26 years of this crap, asked about being medicated (read: valium) for appointments. They were more than happy to give me a prescription for just a few pills because they’d rather deal with a loopy patient than someone who is freaking out. The only downside is that (at least at my dentist) they require someone drop you off and pick you up if you’re on medication. But if at the end of your post, you were serious about wanting xanax for your crown, call them and ask about it!

    • I think I might actually do this. It seems like admitting defeat in advance, but I’d rather plan a pill pop and a ride home than deal with freaking out and preventing the procedure from happening!

  2. Funny–I feel the same way about going to the dentist. One of the worst things ever. And when I do go, I have to change when I get home, because I’ve sweat through everything. Gross. I’ll never understand the people that say they enjoy going–seriously?!?

  3. The dentist is the absolute worst. WORST. I can’t stand the tooth scraping. That noise bugs me out. I have started bringing my iPod and headphones to the dentist, and I play my music as loudly as possible. That means I can’t hear when the hygienist lady tells me to spit, so I just drool everywhere. But I don’t care. That noise sucks and it’s terrifying. Also, when they use the sharp pokey tool to try and check for cavities, I swear THEY ARE GIVING ME CAVITIES by digging in so aggressively!

    Hey thanks for bringing all that up. I feel really relaxed now.

  4. As Ali says above me, bring your iPod! I didn’t even know it was an option till someone told me and it helped my fear so much. (And I have had a lot of work – 3 root canals and a tooth extraction in the last year and a half. )

  5. I am terrified of the dentist. UGH. Once I actually got up and just left….

    I want to try 100m sprint. It sounds fun!!! I really should go to the track more…

  6. I had to have dental work done a few weeks ago and I actually called Lee CRYING before the appointment. I just don’t get it – I’ve given birth and handled that well, yet the idea of a dentist appointment terrifies me.

    • I have definitely been there. There is something about someone messing with shit in your mouth that is terrifying. And you don’t even get a cute baby friend to take home with you. :)

      • Good point – although I was supposed to pick Avery up after that appointment and Lee had to do it because I was drooling and my mouth was all swollen. I didn’t want the daycare ladies to judge me!

  7. Soooooooo, my friend had a root canal the other day and she says they gave her music/noise cancelling headphones and laughing gas for it. They also gave her the option of watching a movie. Call me crazy, but this is definitely different than the stone and chisel dentist that I keep avoiding. She almost made it sound fun.

    I’m stealing that track workout :) I went yesterday and couldn’t help but think “Bolt would have lapped me by now”. Details, details.

  8. I actually just had a cleaning this morning…and I was nervous about it for a week. I’ve had a lot of dental work…yeah, I’m one of those people who has cavity prone teeth, so there is always something going on in there. I made it through ‘alive’ this time, but the last time was so bad with the ‘auto-scraper’ hitting sensitive spots, I made sure to tell them to be gentle or I would cry! Getting a filling is much easier with the laughing gas and novocaine.

  9. I feel your pain. I’m the same way. I’ve been through so much crap with my teeth–root canals, old fillings that have fallen out. UGH! I hate the dentist so much. The current headache? I have to have an old root canal redone. I can’t take it.

    • WTF, how is that even possible? Isn’t the whole point of a root canal that they kill the damn thing so you never have to deal with it again? Yuck, I’m sorry you’re dealing with that.

  10. I think the perfect solution is to forget going back to the dentist and order a pair of grillz ;).

  11. I can’t remember if we talked about this when we were drunk, so forgive me if you’re hearing it twice, but I had to have an old filling done up too and it was AWFUL. It freaks me out how little of the tooth is left when they’re done. I touched it with my tongue and it felt a little chunk of gravel in there. I know we’re supposed to be thankful for modern dentistry and not living in the pioneer days, but fuck that. No matter how much they numbed it, I could STILL FEEL IT. And the dentist even kinda got all huffy, like I was exaggerating or something. I’m thinking of quitting her for a new dentist. Anyway, I feel you. Hope you have some good beer to help you forget.

  12. I’m a dentist, and I don’t even like having any work done on me. I always recommend headphones.

  13. The dentist I can handle. The gynecologist, not so much. I am absolutely phobic about going and it’s been over 3 years and my mom had breast cancer so that’s not too smart.

    I do agree that the new auto sonicating scrapers are just disgusting. They hurt and they smell (gag). I miss a good old fashioned scraping. My mouth never felt cleaner.

  14. I’m right there with you on hating on dentists! After 7 years without a visit I sucked it up and went back. Not fun. Mainly all of my old silver fillings were going bad and I had to have them removed and redone. So far I’ve had one crown and am due to go in for another. Its the anticipation of pain that does me in, not the pain.

    Good luck… :)

  15. When I saw the title of this post, I definitely didn’t associate it with the dentist. Mostly because I once hooked up with three different guys in three consecutive days and one of my guy friends referred to this as the “triple crown.” Perhaps non-sluts are reminded of the dentist when they see it. Damnit.