So hot right now

From my twentysomething years in Los Angeles, I can recall on one hand the number of times I spotted a celebrity:

– Michael Richards (aka Kramer) at a pizza place in Santa Monica (the hair…hard to miss the hair….)

– Kiefer Sutherland getting out of a car in Brentwood. (Actually I think a friend pointed this one out to me; I was never a 24 watcher.)

– Ben McKenzie (aka Ryan Atwood from The OC) at a bar in Venice (he was short!)

Maybe there were a couple of others, but regardless, it was pretty b-list stuff. I suck at recognizing famous people. There were many things I loved about living in LA, but rubbing elbows with A-listers definitely was not one of them.

So as we spooned sorbet after dinner last weekend and my husband spotted a certain shaggy head of blonde hair strolling across the patio of our neighborhood Midtown Atlanta restaurant and claimed a star sighting, I instinctively applied my celebrity non-recognition skepticism.

“That was not,” I said, eyes narrowed.

“Yes, it was,” he replied, leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms. “A hundred percent sure.”

“I have to pee, ” I announced abruptly and stalked off toward the entrance of the restaurant, through which the mussed golden mop had passed moments before.

And? And it was. 

Owen Wilson. Charmingly crooked nose and all. A thousand percent sure. I mean, Zoolander is my all time favorite movie of all time. And that was definitely Hansel standing there at the hostess stand.

There’s no way I’d ever do this, but part of me had a fleeting fantasy about making friends and inviting him over to our house (just a few blocks away!) so we could drink “tea” with Finnish dwarves and Maori tribesman. But obviously that would be like a vanity of self absorption that he’d try to steer clear of. So I pretended to visit the restroom and then scurried back to our table.

I mentioned this to our waitress and she confirmed that he was a regular. In town, apparently. Filming this movie, or so it seems likely. And “super sweet.”

There is no real point to this anecdote. Other than that I lived in L.A. for three years and didn’t see shit for celebrities, but I’ve lived in Atlanta for five months and have already practically had dinner and an orgy with one of the lead actors of my favorite movie.

I know. Cool story, bro.


I had a good track workout tonight. My legs felt heavy during the first couple of repeats, but I had no problem working through a solid set of 12X400, clearing the 90-second barrier easily on each one: 87, 88, 88, 87, 87, 86, 86, 86, 85, 85, 84, 82.

12X400 is one of my favorite classic track sets. Looking back on my workout log, I’ve done it two other times this year (on May 29 and June 26) and have gained speed along the way:

Speed work. It works. (Although…having slightly cooler and duskier conditions helps too. But it was still in the low 80s when I was driving home from the track tonight…relatively balmy!) And while I left tonight’s session feeling tired, I wasn’t nearly as on-the-turf drained as I’ve been previously after track. I ran a calculated workout and there was gas left in the tank. Hurrah.

It’s tempting to try to assign race goals based on workouts like this one (“I should be able to run a 5K at 5:44 pace!” <–umm…no, not likely) but honestly, the most helpful thing for me is just seeing an improvement. I have worked hard, gained a little strength, lost a little fat…and I’m little faster now. And I know that, no matter how hilly the course or inhospitable the conditions, that will only help me when I race.

That said…in my umpteen years of running, churning out quarters consistently and easily under 90 has always been my benchmark for being in good racing shape. I can count on one hand the number of times that this has happened post-college.

I guess, in a (completely non-Hollywood) way, I too am so hot right now.

I think I need to find a flattish 5K in the next few weeks.

24 responses to “So hot right now

  1. As I started reading this, I thought to myself “I never see any celebrities either, except for that one time we were in a hotel bar in Santa Monica and spotted Owen Wilson.” And then I scrolled down. That was a cool story. Perhaps Owen Wilson is just really recognizable even without the gobs of makeup.

    I spotted 3 of the 4 members of my favorite band at a small show once. I actually did talk to them, but being star struck made me flub my Spanish and sound like an idiot. Oh well.

  2. HANSEL.

    oh my god. i would have DIED. because of course zoolander is my favorite movie. ever. and i’m not being facetious. were you? :)

  3. I live over by Tech and I saw him the other day, too! He is super recognizable.

  4. I live in the LA area and only see celebrities when I’m with other people who recognize them and point them out. Exciting stuff. I think I would hate myself if I *did* recognize them, however.

  5. Freddie Prinze Jr. sat in front of me in HS Biology. Sometimes that impresses people.

  6. Nice job on the 400s. I am so not in speed shape right now. Not doing speedwork for over a month will do that. Although my 800s last night could have been worse. They also should have been better.

  7. I love Zoolander. That movie is way funnier than it has any right to be.


  9. “A school for ants?” As an architect, I will tell you this never gets old! I would have been excited if I spotted Owen Wilson out and about.

    My old roommate and I used to live in the same neighborhood that Josh Hartnett had a place (has? is he even relevant?). We heard rumors of people spotting him and Scarlett Johansson at Whole Foods when they were dating. Naturally, we started going to Whole Foods a lot as we both had girl crushes on ScarJo. Never saw her though.


      And yeah, ScarJo is smokin’. :)

  10. Haha, I’m so glad you got up for confirmation. I met a few celebrities when I was waiting tables (mostly musicians who came in when they were in town for Lollapalooza) and it never failed to turn me into a giddy, blubbering fool. You should obviously keep going back to that restaurant until you run into him again.

    • Or until we drain our bank account, haha! It’s a rather posh place. I would totally eat there several times a week if I were a movie star.

  11. How cool! He is from Dallas and comes back to visit fairly often. I have never been lucky enough to see him out and about but my sister ran into him shopping once. She was brave enough to talk to him and said he was super nice! I have heard the same thing about Luke, too. Love me some hometown boys!

  12. I read another ATL based blogger & they also recently saw him in ATL. I don’t think i’ve ever seen a celebrity. I’ve met a few football players, but that’s not exciting.

  13. OK, two things: 1) what restaurant was it? Enquiring minds want to know! 2) Never having seen the film, clearly, I now have to rent Zoolander!

  14. Love the story, Shelby. I like Owen Wilson too….seen all of his movies. And, yes you are “smokin hot”. Good for you on your training. HUGS!!

  15. Hey Shelby – catching up with your antics tonite – as for your camping adventure – definitely poisonous something, not skeeters … and to reveal my age, I remember all the Wilson boys as scruffy adolescents in Dallas – their Dad officed in the bldg where I worked in the late 70’s – HA!