Pool problems

Swimming. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, but…okay, I don’t really enjoy it.

Especially at my gym’s pool, which seems to disproportionately attract weirdos in snorkel masks and floating band-aids and such.

But: today I swam, and…

…my goggles didn’t leak.

…I didn’t have to share a lane.

…my cap kept my hair dry. (Mostly.)

…there were no creepers lurking underwater.

…I didn’t brush up against any disgusting floating things.

It was almost fun. 

My shins are still stabby so I’ve been laying off running this week. I’ve been hitting the weight room, but felt like I could use a little cardio. So I hopped in the pool for 37 minutes and covered 1500 yards. Not exactly setting any speed records, but it was nice to get my heart rate up and stretch out my chest and shoulders, which were sore from lifting.

And so I’ll say to myself: Hey, that wasn’t so bad, you should get in the habit of swimming as cross-training on a regular basis!

But then I won’t until I’m hurt again.

Oh well.

On another note, I had the awesomest salad for lunch today.

I eat some sort of salad for lunch most days, but I never blog about it because that’s boring. Usually it’s leftover whatever-meat with some cheese and nuts and fruit. Today’s combination, however, was worthy of the internets.

I guess that is still just leftover meat and cheese and nuts and fruit, but this ribeye-chèvre-walnut-pear combo was delicious.

I seared the pears in the same pan I’d used to reheat the steak, which made them extra soft and sweet and delicious. And this dressing from Stonewall Kitchen is amazing:

…especially for a dressing that has no sugar.

Anyway. So I went swimming and didn’t totally hate it, and I ate a great salad.

Not a bad Wednesday.

But I’m hoping to be back to running tomorrow.

11 responses to “Pool problems

  1. My sentiments exactly with the swimming…..it never grew on me, and I guess I always associate it with being injured. :( I totally admire those that do it, and love it. It’s great exercise.

  2. I wish my gym had a pool. That doesn’t necessarily mean I”d ever use it. But I’d like the option so I could pretend to consider it.

  3. I hate sharing lanes. Try it with a slow whale!

  4. Gym pools bring out the weirdos, seriously. Also, that salad looks awesome… chèvre in a salad is my jam.

  5. I love your pool illustration. I hate swimming though. Go figure.

    We were all ordered out of the pool the other week so the girl could fish out what she later admitted she feared was “fecal” but which turned out to be a piece of rubber.
    I always get stuck sharing a lane with this creepy old man who takes up the whole lane and I think is trying to touch me.

  7. I started swimming this summer for real to have a bit more variation in my daily routine without having to take classes at odd times of the day. When I began, I would spend the whole workout thinking “kill me now, kill me now,” but now I look forward to swimming more than any other exercise, because it just feels so good. The great thing about swimming is that it is hard to wuss out. By the time you’ve shown up and gotten all your crap on and are mostly naked, you’re probably going to go through with a decent workout. By contrast, I have been known to let my weak tired legs take too many walk breaks…

  8. Swimming isn’t for everyone. I just happen to be a fanatic about it! Yeah, it makes a huge difference if the pool is crowded, dirty or people are annoying. I’m a fast swimmer and I can’t tell you how many times an old lady with a big noodle thing will join my lane and take up the whole thing. Really? Can’t you go to the slow lane to do that?

    Oh, and my hair never stays dry in the cap. Ever.

  9. Mmmm salad. I’m enjoying the fruit in salad thing lately, too. You are a brave woman for using the gym pool…they definitely freak me out a little.

  10. Stonewall! I love that brand, I find it only in the oddest of places. Like a holiday store. They have a vidalia onion sauce that I will pay $7 for. Stonewall Kitchen dressings are $$$.

    I need to take a break from running I think. My hips have HAD IT with running. I am verrry hesitant to try swimming. It would involve buying a lot of stuff (a new gym membership…a bathing suit…) but I hear that ellipticalling is just as bad for your hips. bleh.