This is not going as planned

When August turned to September, I was all set to increase my mileage. November Half Marathon! 40 and 50 mile weeks! OMG!

That hasn’t happened.

I seem to be stuck at 20-something miles a week. Sure, there are reasons: busy weekends, a streak of poor sleep, those pesky “funjuries.”  But at the end of the day, if I wanted to run more, I would have. Because even with those minor setbacks, I certainly could have.

Here was two weeks ago (which I never posted because look how much it, with the exception of that track workout, sucks):

Partying it up at a music festival was more fun than going running.

Last week:

After five days off, my shins were feeling better (no more pain walking around) so I tried an easy run. That went well, so I jumped into a 10-miler with my running group on Saturday. Although it was sucky to get out of bed in the dark (and I almost bailed), I was so glad I went.

Looking back, it wasn’t like it was a horrible week of working out. It’s not like I spent the week on the couch or something. I just have a hard time getting over the fact that I only ran 21 miles.

For the last few years, my “low” weeks have generally been around 40 – not 20 – miles. After my last marathon last April, I deliberately decreased my running for a few months. 20 miles a week (along with lots of cross training and strength training) became the new normal, which was fine.

But I assumed it would feel easy and natural to bring the mileage back up once fall hit. For whatever reason, it hasn’t.

I’m not really worried about my short term plans. The Atlanta Half Marathon is still 8 weeks away, and although I want to run hard, I’ve never had my sights on a PR there. The course is hilly and, realistically, I’m NOT going to be drinking wine while prepping Thanksgiving goodies the night before? Unlikely. I’m running it because it’s supposed to be a fun race and to give myself something to focus on this fall.

And also to motivate myself to build up my base so I’m in a good spot going in to spring marathon training.

THAT is what I’m more worried about with this whole, “Oh, I’m running 25 miles a week but I feel like I’m in good shape and it’s fiiiiiiiiiine….” attitude.

An attitude adjustment will be needed. At some point. I’m not going to force it quite yet though. I’m still hoping it will happen on its own, especially as it starts to actually feel like fall. (We are still having highs in the 80s down here.)

Blah. Running is hard and all of that.

Anyway, since this post has been nothing but me whining about my lack of motivation, I’ll leave you with a picture of  my newest subcontractor:

Our concrete patching project is currently on hold due to rain. Sub is napping on a fleecy blanket. I hope she doesn’t think she’s getting paid for today.

15 responses to “This is not going as planned

  1. Shelby, if it´s any consolation, I am going through exactly the same thing, and with no decent excuse! Cannot seem to get above 25 miles a week, cannot seem to make it to track (and have never been able to swim a mile in under an hour!). See you, ummmm, one day when I make it to either Sat or Tues! : ) xLisa

    • Hahaha, I was totally thinking of this comment yesterday as I was bailing on track. If you went, I hope it was good! I’m out this Saturday, too. :(

      • Update: bailed on track, and Sat is day before the Allstate 13.1, which I sooooo regret having signed up for. :(

  2. We all go through burnout periods. You’ll be fine, you have Boston after all. Carefull with the shins, nursing them is a good idea. I thought I had a shin splint and turned out to really be a stress fracture.

    In other words, you’ll be fine, and you’ll still probably run pretty stinking fast.

  3. I’m a total mileage under-achiever. Not that I necessarily wear that label with pride, but it is something that I’ve accepted as a fact (mainly because my joints hurt when I try to run too much – the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak).
    I’m a big fan of attitude tweaking, especially when it happens in a more ‘organic’ fashion (is the weather finally nice?). I also like the idea of allowing other parts of life to take over at times and then shifting running/training as a priority when I can – both physically and mentally.
    I do think the whole “taking a break thing” is tricky – at what point do I turn into a big fat slob and at what point do I just need to relax a bit?

    • I always seem to get in the best shape when it happens “organically.”

      Now I just need to figure out how to force organically. :)

  4. The answer to the big fat slob question is “one month”. It takes one month of doing nothing to turn into a big fat slob. See: me after doing nothing during the month of September.

  5. Hope you can keep the “funjuires” at bay & keep building mileage. You’ll be fine, but I know it’s always hard for me to get back to a good routine when I’m in a (very low) mileage rut!

  6. New run blogger here! I totally screwed up my week last week and I’m really frustrated about it. Hopefully we can both improve this week!

  7. Hope everything’s going okay, I miss your blog! :)

  8. I don’t personally know you, but I have been reading your blog for a long while and I am legitimately concerned about you. Hope everything is okay.

  9. Shelby — where are you?? Hope things are okay. I’m also embroiled in a new house/moving/re-decorating/you-name-it crazy time, so I know how things can get. And… sometimes you just need a break from the web. I definitely hope you’re well. We miss you!


    But srsly girl, where you at? Hope everything is okay. We miss you!

  11. I am fine! Just haven’t really felt like posting lately. Thanks for your concern, and I will update soon!