Our new holiday tradition

I know I shouldn’t, but I cannot help myself. The pumpkin shirt was so perfect.

If cats are in charge of hell (seems likely, when you think about it) I’m sure they have a special place for me there.

For the record, this ugly Christmas sweater is the same “Medium Dog” size from Target and, unlike the pumpkin shirt which was just a little too snug, it fits him much better. All 20 pounds of blubbery kitty are well-contained; no swaybelly oozing out here!

On that note: get excited about Valentine’s Day.

18 responses to “Our new holiday tradition

  1. I call vanity sizing! <3

  2. Sleep with one eye open. He’s gonna kill you tonight.

  3. Love!! He looks like he’s getting paid to model that sweater.

  4. Ah that is so cute! He looks so dapper too, even if he’s plotting revenge in his head…

  5. I like when you talk about running and stuff but man, this wins today. Especially since I’m back in a walking cast and I want to kick anyone who talks about running with it. :)

  6. Oh well SOMEONE is working it.

  7. you know how cats are with their dignity…
    he he, sleep with one eye open indeed………..
    Cat revenge will be sweet:)

  8. That’s hysterical, right up there with cats on leashes.

  9. I think he actually looks happily smug & handsome in his festive attire. :-)

  10. My in-laws gave us dog sweaters, and we put them on our dogs at least once a year, and it really makes us happy. They aren’t even holiday-specific sweaters, but to see our black lab mix in a pink sweater (did I mention the dog is male?) just cheers me to no end. Of course, he’s cute and really stupid, so he just wags his tail like an idiot when he’s sporting the pink fluff.

  11. Wow! I might need to get ome for our own little swaybelly kitty!

  12. LOVE IT! I wish Data would wear a sweater!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I so miss your consistent blogging! I’m certain it’s tiring and feels like a huge obligation, but know that your followers adore you, and miss you a lot. :)

  14. Nice. I jus t bought two new sweaters for a 26 ounce toy poodle puppy. I can’t stop myself.

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