If you want to follow along

…with my 9-minute miles and every-water-stop walk breaks:

boston bib

Should be a thrilling ride. See you on the other side.

27 responses to “If you want to follow along

  1. Good luck! Whatever happens, I’m looking forward to the race report.

  2. Whishing you an enjoyable experience Shelby!

  3. Go get ’em Shelby! No shame in 9 minute miles either. 😉 Don’t forget to load up your iPod with some fighter music in case things get rough. Sometimes I feel like it’s shameful to bring music to a race with great crowd support, but usually I have it with anyway for a tough patch.

  4. I <3 U. Have a good time!

  5. My dream to run Boston, sometime in the future. Do it for all of us who wish we were there.

  6. Have fun Shelby! I’ll be thinking of you & cheering you on in my head…enjoy it!

  7. tracking you – looking good!!! Job Well Done!

  8. tracked you based on your bib number… two minutes before? one minute after? are you okay?

  9. Shelby…..saw the notice of this post in my inbox and thinking of you – hope you and any family/friends that you have in Boston are safe and sound!

    • …..and I just looked up your finish time online and am a little more worried about you….fingers crossed that you cleared out of there as soon as you finished. Looking forward to hearing that you are safe and uninjured.

  10. You probably didn’t know I was following your blog. But I hope you’re alright.

  11. Hoping you are safe.

  12. Shelby, Just want you to know your readers are thinking of you… anxiously refreshing, hoping for good news.

  13. Thinking of you and hoping you’re safe!

  14. Please be safe.

  15. I’ve been quietly following your blog for a while. Hope you, your family, and your friends are all safe.

  16. Shelby, Drew and others are safe. You can see more on Shelby’s FB page.

  17. Thank you very much for the update. That is wonderful news in this terrible time.

  18. Glad to hear you’re safe.

  19. Glad you’re ok!

  20. So glad to hear that you are safe!

  21. Been a quiet blog-stalker of yours for a while. Thrilled to hear that you’re safe.

  22. So thankful that you are ok. So thankful.

  23. So glad you are ok. Have been thinking of your journey.

  24. So glad to hear you are ok. Words can’t express the emotions.

  25. Glad you’re ok, so sorry for all of you racing/watching/volunteering/working that you had to experience that.