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Atlanta Beltline 8K: A (Half-Baked) Race Report

On Saturday, I ran my first race since Boston. It wasn’t something I had trained for, exactly, but what the hey. It was a beautiful morning and some friends were running and there were rumors of free Chipotle, so I showed up for race-day reg.


(The tear-off at the bottom was the free Chipotle coupon, and it was taken at the finish line. The nerve!)

I’ll just go ahead and stick the scroll-down details here:

  • Finish Time: 49:something. That’s like 9:50 pace. And for me, a personal worst by about 15 minutes!

Some relevant contributing factors:

  • There were three water stops and I walked though all of them.
  • I also added some distance by traipsing across a park in search of a bathroom. I had to pee. Badly. (Fortunately it was unlocked.)

But while those things certainly affected my finish time, I’m going to place most of the blame on the extra weight I’m carrying around these days.


Not a beer gut – it’s a nearly-half-baked baby gut. Arriving February 2014!