Eight weeks to go

Actually, seven and a half now. Not that I’m counting down or anything!

But I am. I’m just not sure whether I want time to speed up or slow down. One part of me wants to press fast-forward right to baby’s due date because I am tired of carrying around this extra weight and turning down booze and burping or farting every time I move. The more rational part of me would like to buy a few extra weeks, please, because holy shit are we really ready for this?

(Answer: no, not even a little bit. But we did assemble a Pack-n-Play and a swing this weekend. So that’s something….


…and with that, the inevitable pile of baby crap taking over the living room begins.)

Aside from being a bit tired and uncomfortable these days, things are going fine. Still running, although I’ve noticed that 3-4 miles has become my new default. And my pace has slowed down even more, and walk breaks are becoming a regular thing. Also, I need new running shoes badly but I’m hesitant to buy them because what if my feet decide to suddenly expand? When I worked in running stores I remember pregnant ladies complaining about this. I don’t think my feet have grown at all, but I’m sure the second I decide to plunk down cash for new shoes they’ll spread out like pancakes.

At 32+ weeks, I am still squeezing in to most of my old running clothes too. Um, sort of.


Because who needs fancy maternity workout clothes when you can look perfectly ridiculous in your regular ones? (On a related note, I’m sorry to everyone in Piedmont Park this evening who glimpsed the bottom of my pasty, vein-y, and slightly hairy belly. Hey, at least I wasn’t running around in a sports bra!)

I don’t even want to talk about how absurd my swimsuit is starting to look. Let’s just say there will be no locker room selfies.

Anyway. Other baby happenings:

– The fetus got her final TSA pat-down last week when we flew home from visiting my family for Christmas. We traveled a ton this fall and I’ve enjoyed all of it, but I’m also glad to be done with planes for a while. (In case you were wondering how to make a 5-hour flight in a cramped seat even less pleasant, set a 15-pound weight directly on your bladder, then proceed to drink every drop of water you can get your puffy fingers on because every doctor and midwife you’ve ever spoken to has harped on the importance of hydration when flying while pregnant. And hope you have an aisle seat.)

– According to my Mayo Clinic book, the last couple of weeks have been baby’s peak movement weeks, and I believe that! Sometimes I really wonder what the hell she is doing in there that requires so much thumping and squirming. Chill out, baby. And kindly unhook your wiggly little foot from the bottom of my ribcage, please.

– (But really, it’s pretty cool to feel her move around and see my stomach churn and twitch from the outside. It makes me smile. I have an anterior placenta and didn’t feel movement at all until quite late, like 23-24 weeks, so I’m enjoying it!)

– We had our childbirth class a couple of weeks ago. Yikes.

– We have our infant care and CPR class coming up this Thursday. Double yikes.

– Remember those icky Lovenox injections I blogged about a while back? Well, I have gotten used to them and now they are no big deal. Most of the time I barely even feel the needle and I am lucky in that I’ve only had a few small bruises so far. I still make my husband do it when he’s around, but mainly because I can barely reach across my belly to get both hands to the fatty part of my side where the shot needs to go.

And just so this post is not completely pregnancy-related, behold one of my favorite Christmas gifts of 2013.



Technically, I guess this is a gift I bought for myself. Did anyone else sign up for the 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit? I thought most of it was sort of meh but this personalized card alone was worth the $12. I can’t wait to have my name attached to porn jokes and Holocaust quips next time we play!

Have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve, and will someone please drink a couple of glasses of bubbly for me? Ringing in the New Year with that crappy sparkling juice that people pretend is Champagne is going to be a little sad.

Sigh. Eight more weeks. (Seven and a half….)

14 responses to “Eight weeks to go

  1. Maybe it’ll be less than 7.5 weeks if she decides to show up early? I won’t say the alternative because the extra waiting sucks, but I wouldn’t mind more of that extra sleep.

    Happy new year!

    • I think a little early would be OK with me, as long as she waits until she’s fully cooked. There was a girl in my prenatal yoga class a while back who was almost 42 weeks – yikes!

  2. Awww you look so cute :) For realz. Also, did you see this? http://cardsagainsthumanity.com/donorschoose/

    • I just saw that they did the donation, but not the breakdown, and I hadn’t really focused on the fact that 100K people did this so that’s actually a nice chunk of money. Very cool!

  3. You look great, first of all. I think I twice that size (or at least it feels that way) with practically the same due date. I am still in reg shorts but if I tried a non maternity shirt it would be obscene.

    I say absolutely get new shoes. My feet did not change size last time and you neeeeeeeed fresh cushioning!

    • Um, I feel enormous. And I don’t think you’re bigger than me, I’ve seen your recent pics! I think we all feel larger than we look at this stage? IDK.

      You’re probably right about the shoes. :)

  4. By my third trimester I felt like I was gestating a pissed off cat, so violent were the movements.

    • Haha! Sometimes I have an actual pissed off cat trying to lay on top of me. They are like, where did your lap go? Move this thing out of my way please.

  5. I’ll be the lone non-drinker at the party tonight too, wolfing everything at the food table. Cheers!
    My awesome mom bought me some maternity running pants for Christmas, I don’t even want to know how much they cost. And I must be carrying low (yeah, that’s what I’m telling myself) because all my running tights/shorts are already uncomfortably tight.

    • Tights work way better than shorts for me…I only have a couple pairs of shorts that still work at this point. Where does one even find maternity running pants? I looked for some a while back but could only find standard bootcut yoga pants, which are comfy but not so great for running.

      From what I have been told, I am carrying high, so maybe that’s why I have enough room down there to just squish the waist of my tights down. It will be interesting to see how that changes if/when she “drops.”

      Anyway. Cheers to ringing in 2013 with junk food instead of booze!

  6. Glad to hear things are going well for you and baby!

    That is a totally awesome Cards Against Humanity card. We got 4 expansion packs for Christmas. Can’t wait to play with them!

  7. So close! The last few weeks were freaking torture. Every pain analyzed and re-analyzed. Try to enjoy it.. because it ain’t no picnic when that kid comes out. good gawd, babies are scary!

  8. Kudos girlie. I ran until 3 weeks before I had our little dude, 5 years old now. I then just walked. Bottle up the sleep :) I enjoy reading your blog!