Under pressure

So this is the point where I open my blog posts by stating that I’m still pregnant, yes? Okay. I’m still pregnant.

In a few days I’ll be “full term” (according to the new 39-week definition) which is crazy. This seemed so far away back in June. We are going to have a real live baby soon. Yikes.

Still waiting for baby to “drop” (I think). You tell me. This was last week at 37.5 weeks:


And today, at 38.5 weeks:


Her feet are still firmly engaged in my ribcage, so I’m thinking no.

Otherwise, things are going well…ish. I feel fine, but my blood pressure has been creeping up at my last couple of appointments. My BP tends to run a little high normally (when I’m not pregnant), so while this doesn’t strike me as particularly alarming, it causes justifiable concern among my doctors and midwives due to the dreaded (and potentially dangerous) pre-eclampsia. So far, all of my labs have come back normal and I have none of the other signs of pre-e (no headaches or vision problems or swelling – still wearing my wedding rings!) but I am currently in the middle of another round of indignity with the 24-hour pee-collection jug, so we shall see.

In the meantime, I have been instructed to “take it easy.” Not bed rest exactly, but no more formal exercise or unnecessary exertion. This is…well, if I’m being honest, it’s a little frustrating because I feel fine. But I understand the reasoning and am doing my best to comply. No more gym, no more swimming. (Sorry if you came looking for bare-bellied weight room selfies! No #fitpregnancy inspiration here.)

As for baby, she seems to be doing well, passing last week’s non-stress test in just a few quick minutes on the monitor. She continues to look a little runty, so my MFM advised me to make sure I’m eating enough (I’ve still only gained about 20 lbs, which is so surprising to me – because, um, I’ve never had trouble putting on weight) and suggested milkshakes as a good, easily-digestible snack. (Okay, he actually said smoothies. My sweet tooth is painting his recommendation with a broad brush because do you know how delicious McDonald’s strawberry milkshakes are?)

So basically, I am under medical orders to be a lazy ass and eat as much as possible. This is probably the only time in my life that this will ever happen, so I’m just going to enjoy it. (#fatpregnancy? <– TM Marie!)

I guess that means that someone else will have to deal with this disaster:


That would be the nursery. Clean your damn room, baby! No allowance for you.

Oops, I guess I’m jumping ahead a few years there.

1.5 weeks to go.

17 responses to “Under pressure

  1. Have the midwives/doc given you tips on how to relax when you’ve got a lot of stuff to do?? I would help you w/ the nursery if I was anywhere near ATL. :)

    I don’t think your baby is runty. Maybe just petite. If there’s average, then there has to be bigger & smaller than average which is all ok, right?

    I’ll be watching for a birth announcement post soon!

    • Eh, other than “just relax?” not really. Running used to be my stress release!

      Thanks for the virtual nursery help. :) At this point I think it’s just going to have to wait until after she arrives, which is fine!

  2. eat, drink (milkshakes), and (don’t) run — sounds perfect :) unlike you i have completely FELT like being lazy for the last month and just followed my instinct – and regret none of it.

    my weight gain fell off at the end last preg and seems to be doing the same this time, too. i actually got an U/S after last visit b/c my bump didn’t measure very big but my guy measured 65% on U/S! honestly that terrifies me in terms of . . the journey OUT. i think i’d rather a peanut :)

    HOME STRETTTTTTTTTTTCH. i am pretty certain you will have yours first though. also i didn’t realize 39 was term – thought it was 38. damnit.

    • 65% isn’t so bad, that’s pretty close to average! My bump has been measuring a couple CM small too for a few weeks now. Our girl was at 14% at her last U/S…for however accurate those things are.

      38, 39, I don’t think it matters…close enough to pop out any day (or make you wait three more weeks). :)

  3. I trademarked #fatpregnancy weeks ago, you bitch. I agree there appears to be no visible droppage. But I don’t remember mine being all that noticeable. I guess the big question now is what will you choose as your first postpartum beer??


      Very good question about the beer. I have a Pliny the Elder in the fridge which would be the obvious choice, but it’s been in there since last year (I literally bought it on a trip out to CA like two weeks before I got knocked up). Not ideal, but I’ll bet it’s still pretty damn good. But then I’m like, should I ease back in to this with something a little less…intense? I don’t know. What did you do last time around?

      • <3
        It was a Three Floyds Pride & Joy mild ale.Pretty flavorful but only like a 5% ABV. And just thinking about it is making me drool.

    • Post partum? You guys should at least have ONE! Don’t want those girls to be lightweights! #craftbeerpregnancy

  4. Oh noes, not the 24 hour pee test! Nothing like keeping a cooler in your bathroom. I was so confused when they told me about what I had to do. When they said 24 hour test, I was just going to go back in 24 hours. Oh, right.

    I am so excited to “meet” the babe!

  5. I remember at the end of my pregnancy people always asking me (with the best of intentions), “Is your nursery all ready?” It was too difficult/self-pitying-sounding to explain that we lived in a one bedroom condo, and so our crib was in the living room, and the old TV armoire was holding his clothes. But babies don’t care. They want to hang out near you and have no idea whether their crib bedding is all set up or there are pictures on the wall. You know this. Once those construction guys are out of there, you can slowly get that nursery together! Wish I was closer to help with that phase.

    • I am thinking maybe (?) it will be a fun project to do once she’s a couple of months old and we are (hopefully) in the swing of things. Or maybe that’s delusional. :)

  6. Are you at the point where if you call someone they ask if it’s about labor?

    Also, I think you get a few more weeks of being allowed by society to sit on your ass and get fat (or at least not worry about the calories you’re consuming) in the early weeks post partum.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that there’s no pre-e and all stays okay.

  7. Hi Shelby! I am not sure I’ve ever really commented before but I’ve been reading your blog for a long time. I had a very similiar end of pregnancy experience – runty baby, spiked BP at the end, carried very high. I also normally have no problems gaining weight, so imagine my surprise when I couldnt pack it on during pregnancy. Good luck, drink those milkshakes, and dont worry about your baby girl’s size— it is hard to really estimate weight in utero (and smaller babies are easier on the mamma…).

  8. This is the first time that I read your blog. You are so beautiful. Enjoy taking it easy. You will be running around with the baby soon enough…

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