Me: On the verge of 32 years old. Recent transplant to Atlanta, GA. Grew up in the Pacific Northwest, went to college in California, and have lived in Ohio, Massachusetts, New York and North Carolina in the intervening decade. Good at packing moving boxes.

Likes: Track workouts, craft beer, cats, potato chips, MS Paint, working on my pretend novel, cooking fancy things.

Dislikes: Pickles, spiders, humidity, gin-based cocktails, packing moving boxes.

Email: eatdrinkrun [at] gmail.



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  1. Yes!! This is definitely a blog I can get behind. Cheers!

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog and love it! I am also a runner and just started clean eating in January. Looking forward to reading your blog!

  3. Whatever you do, DO NOT STOP WRITING THIS BLOG! After a lapse in my running life I am back on the trail and need the motivation. (PS: My life is all about food and TJs wine too).

  4. Just clicked through from Rachel’s blog…. and I love it. I read your inner-bitch’s rant on Hungry Girl and decided I needed more. Plus, I appreciate a girl that knows good beer! I’ve been pretty bad at keeping up on blogging but I’ll be commenting!

  5. I will now be stalking your blog for the following reasons:
    a) You like Trader Joe’s wine
    b) You like good beer
    c) You’ve been to Petra.
    and d) you run, albeit way faster and further than I do.

  6. Love your blog- found it through Cate on the run! I’m excited to read more about your running and food! My blog is about food and running as well.

  7. +1 all the above. I’m adding you to my blogroll: http://www.marathonorbust.wordpress.com I’m training for my first (and probably last) marathon. My blog is Marathon or Bust. 2 Goals: Run 26.2 Miles; Raise $26,200 when this is all said and done, your principles are the foundation of my running (I run because I like to eat!).

  8. just found your blog, and love it! i live nearby in chapel hill and am thinking of throwing a triangle blog-stravaganza (okay, more like a casual get-together) at some point and would love to meet you in person! also, you are fast!

  9. I am so thrilled that there are more and more of us that eat, drink, cook and run (read: cream, beer/wine, butter and run).

    I look forward to following your food and drink adventures, as well as running.

    PS- injuries suck, I have had 2 in the past year! I am still trying to get back from an ankle sprain.


  10. just found this blog and totally love it!
    hope i can be a runner and do daily run everyweek :)

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  12. I’m loving the MS Paint adventures! Not to mention that food and drink selections :)

  13. HA! I just found your blog through a blogroll I was perusing and love it…and not just cuz the name of your blog is similar to mine. OK, maybe that had *something* to do with it 😉

  14. Your blog is awesome (I found it through the post on pace-talk, which was re-posted somewhere or another). I take much inspiration from the fact that you a) run much faster than me and b) have a much better sense of humor about running than I do! Rock on.

  15. Hey! I’m not sure if I’ve left you a stalking / appreciative comment yet – but your blog is hilarious and awesome!
    Esp the Garmin / distance post. I was discussing the exact same thing with my friend and she sent me your blog link.
    BTW I PR’d in a 13.28mi race yesterday…. :)

  16. Apart from LOVING your blog, I had to tell you that I tried the “grilled pb&j” that you blogged about a while back. OH.MY.GOD I was on my own tonight and there were slim pickins in the fridge; so I opted to try your creation. That was the best comfort food I’ve had in a long time.

  17. I’m happy to have found your blog! I hear ya about the cats thing. My furry children are my life. I look forward to reading more posts!

  18. oh my, so glad courtney sent me here! i love you already.

  19. I am officially entertained! Bookmarking you 😉

  20. I came here looking at your cucumber dish (which is dreamy), but found a blog far more entertaining than just recipes. It helps that I’m also a beer lover, former home-brewer (in 1970s, 700+ gallons in mostly 5 gallon batches), and an aging outdoor exercise junkie. Thanks for sharing your fun times.

  21. I love finding blogs that love cats and alcohol as much as I do. That just sounds wrong and I’m OK with it.

  22. SO, I have just gotten into running…. and… I wish I was faster and could run longer! My inner calves hurt after about 3 miles(I run on a treadmill)… I rotate out shoes(reeboks zigs/ asics gel). Any suggestions? I LOVE that you love to eat and love alcohol, just like me! I look forward to following your blog :)

  23. So excited to bake for you for the swap! Not sure if baking beer into cookies is a good idea, but I hope to infuse some sort of alcohol into your treat! :)

  24. Oh my lord, I’m sitting here almost in tears on the couch because I’m cracking up so hard from reading your race reports. I think that is the purpose of your blog: to crack me up. Fabulous.

    From one enthusiastic eater / drinker / runner / snarky little wench to another, keep doin’ your thang and I will continue to read it. :)

  25. love your page!!

  26. Your blog is hilarious and it’s about my favorite things: eating, drinking, and running! Keep it up, your posts help me get through long, tedious days at work :-)

  27. This is a great blog! Keep up the posts and I’ll be reading/following them! I’m glad I found your blog.

  28. Your blog is cool! keep it up :)

  29. Your blog is cool! keep it up :)

    P.S. delete my above comment ;p

  30. This is going to seem the height of weird – a friend who reads your blog directed me to you because a) oh, hi, I live in ATL too! b) oh, hi, I run – a lot! and c) oh, hi, I love to cook, eat, and know where the good beer joints are!

    So – if you are feeling inclined for a ATL help, please let me know via email :-) Love the blog!

  31. Shebly,

    Good to meet you and Drew. Shoot me an email when you get a chance and I’ll get you the contact information for the interior designer we used for paint colors at our home. Also, if you guys have any questions about things to do, places to eat, etc don’t hesitate to ask.


  32. I just found your blog. I live in Atlanta too and also do not like gin based cocktails. Or gin at all. Tastes like trees.

  33. Im missing your posts.

  34. Good places/must see to suggest in Atlanta ? I’m coming late march, just in case you have time to write 2-3… Thanks.

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  41. Found your blog through a post from Facebook about your Boston Experience. Good to see you are okay. Brilliant blog!

  42. Hi Shelby,
    So glad to hear that you and Drew came away safely from that pandemonium. Hope your trip home goes well too–thinking of you guys.

  43. Love your blog! Are you on Twitter?

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